1990-91 Basketball

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7 card lot David Robinson $3.00

Over $5.00 book value

In this lot are as follows with book value:

1990 Hoops 100 Superstars

#88 David Robinson $2.00

This 100-card standard-size set is a partial remake of the 1989-90 Hoops set. The pictures used are the same. This set was primarily sold through the Sears catalog. The backs have a head shot in the same format as the front, as well as biographical and statistical information (only up through the 1988-89 season) on a pale yellow background. However, they differ from the Hoops issue in the yellow coloring on the card fronts and a new card numbering system. The cards are numbered on the back and arranged alphabetically according to teams

1988 Olympian

#NNO David Robinson $NA

1988 Naval Academy

#NNO David Robinson $NA

(4)1992-93 Upper Deck Award Winner Holograms

#AW7 David Robinson Defensive Player of the Year $1.25

The 1992-93 Upper Deck Award Winner Holograms set features nine holograms depicting league leaders in various statistical categories. The set also honors 1991-92 award winners such as top Sixth Man, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player. Card numbers 1-6 were randomly inserted in all forms of low series packs while card numbers 7-9 were included in all forms of high series packs. The card numbers have an “AW” prefix. The fronts feature holographic cut-out images of the player against a game-action photo of the player. The player’s name and award are displayed at the bottom. The backs carry vertical, color player photos. A light blue plaque-style panel contains information about the player and the award won.