Mid Season 1A Division and Playoff Projections

1A Division and Playoff Projections

Here is a playoff projection just for the fun. Could some of these match ups come true? Only time will tell. This is just a wild guess. Division playoff locations figure in with this. Winner in bold. Here is a list of 14 1A teams that I’ve seen at this point in the season:

1-1A: Wheeler, Biggersville, Thrasher, Jumpertown

2-1A: Myrtle, Ashland, West Union, Blue Mountain

3-1A: Kennedy, Simmons

4-1A: Tremont, Houlka, Coffeeville, Hamilton





Projected Division Finish


  1. Wheeler
  2. Biggersville
  3. Pine Grove
  4. Thrasher


  1. Ashland
  2. West Union
  3. Hickory Flat
  4. Myrtle


  1. Kennedy
  2. Shaw
  3. Simmons
  4. Brooks


  1. Houlka
  2. Coffeeville
  3. Hamilton
  4. Smithville


  1. Durant
  2. Montgomery County
  3. McAdams
  4. Ethel


  1. West Lowndes
  2. Leake County
  3. Sebastopol
  4. Nanih Waiya


  1. Salem
  2. Bogue Chitto
  3. Mount Olive
  4. MS School for the Deaf


  1. Piney Woods
  2. Sacred Heart
  3. Stringer
  4. Lumberton

First Round

Brooks @ Wheeler

Hickory Flat @ Coffeeville

Ethel @ Salem

Stringer @ Leake County

Thrasher @ Kennedy

Hamilton @ West Union

MS School of the Deaf @ Durant

Sebastopol @ Sacred Heart

Smithville @ Ashland

Pine Grove @ Shaw

Lumberton @ West Lowndes

McAdams @ Bogue Chitto

Myrtle @ Houlka

Simmons @ Biggersville

Nanih Waiya @ Piney Woods

Mount Olive @ Montgomery County

Second Round

Coffeeville @ Wheeler

Leake County @ Salem

West Union @ Kennedy

Sacred Heart @ Durant

Shaw @ Ashland

Bogue Chitto @ West Lowndes

Biggersville @ Houlka

Montgomery County @ Piney Woods

Third Round @ Jackson State

Leake County vs Wheeler

Durant vs Kennedy

West Lowndes vs Ashland

Piney Woods vs Biggersville

Semifinal Round @ Big House

Wheeler vs Kennedy

Ashland vs Biggersville


Ashland vs Kennedy

State Champ


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