Mid Season 6A Division and Playoff Projections

6A Division and Playoff Projections

Here is a playoff projection just for the fun. Could some of these match ups come true? Only time will tell. This is just a wild guess. Division playoff locations figure in with this. Winner in bold.

Here is a list of 20 6A teams that I’ve seen at this point in the season:

1-6A: Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Southaven

2-6A: South Panola, Hernando, Columbus

3-6A: Starkville, Madison Central

4-6A: Clinton, Greenville, Murrah

5-6A: Meridian, Brandon, Petal

6-6A: Forest Hill

7-6A: Ocean Springs, St. Martin

8-6A: Harrison Central, Gulfport

Projected Division Finish


  1. Olive Branch
  2. Southaven
  3. Horn Lake


  1. Tupelo
  2. Columbus
  3. South Panola


  1. Callaway
  2. Starkville
  3. Northwest Rankin


  1. Clinton
  2. Murrah
  3. Warren Central


  1. Meridian
  2. Brandon
  3. Petal


  1. Forest Hill
  2. Terry
  3. Pearl


  1. George County
  2. St. Martin
  3. Ocean Springs


  1. Gulfport
  2. Biloxi
  3. Harrison Central

First Round

South Panola @ Murrah

Petal @ St. Martin

Northwest Rankin @ Southaven

Harrison Central @ Terry

Horn Lake @ Starkville

Pearl @ Biloxi

Warren Central @ Columbus

Ocean Springs @ Brandon

Second Round

Murrah @ Olive Branch

Petal @ Forest Hill

Southaven @ Clinton

Terry @ George County

Starkville @ Tupelo

Biloxi @ Meridian

Columbus @ Callaway

Brandon @ Gulfport

Third Round @ Jackson State

Olive Branch vs Forest Hill

Clinton vs George County

Tupelo vs Meridian

Callaway vs Gulfport

Semifinal Round @ Big House

Olive Branch vs Clinton

Meridian vs Callaway


Olive Branch vs Meridian

State Champ


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