Sneak Peak 2018 Rankings

MagnoliaHoops has taken a turn recently and is not just limiting the rankings to MHSAA players. I had considered changing things up with am outside-the-box approach to my rankings and then I was talked off the ledge. After this weekend at the Nike Elite100 Camp I am now going to jump. Most people just have MHSAA players and some people add MAIS guys in with theirs. I am adding a twist to my rankings from here on out to the following: If you play high school ball in Mississippi, live in Mississippi and play out of state or if you play for an in-state AAU team you are now eligible to be in my rankings. I watched three players that have no real connections to our state other than AAU go and participate in the Nike Camp. They proudly represented Mississippi as well as their home state. I heard several people even referring to them as the three Mississippi kids. I know that is way out of the norm from what everybody does and recognizes but as long as they play for “us” I will recognize them. As far as Mississippi kids playing out-of-state, college players are still recognized from their home state so prep kids should be too. Most people reading these rankings will not have a clue who some of these kids are but they are worth finding out about. This is just a little sneak peak at to what it will look like with my top 10. I will complete the rankings after summer ball and camps are completed. As always, rankings are subject to change over this time. These rankings are based on many factors with the most important being “college ready.”

MagnoliaHoops 2018 Top 10


  1. Kenneth Nwuba 6-11 225 lbs F/C Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA) MBA Hoops (MS): He has the most experience playing with the best players in the country on a night-out-night-in basis. Oak Hill is continually a top 5 nationally ranked team and they travel and play just like college teams. His strong body has him ready to play the post for many high major programs right away.
  2. Javian Fleming 6-9 230 lbs F/C Canton HS (Canton, MS) Team Thad (TN): I was recently watching a pro game on tv out of the corner of my eye, no volume on because I was listening to videos on the IPad. I saw a player and I was like, who is that? That looks like big Jay playing. It was Zach Randolph. His game is so much like Zebo. That showed me and answered a lot of questions I had to how well he can do on the next level. That, plus he scored with ease at the NBAPA Top 100 Camp also. Big Jay has blown up with college offers and he will soon be narrowing it down to a top 10 around the first of August. He will make some high majors happy when he does that.
  3. Dewayne “D.J.” Stewart Jr 6-6 190 lbs G Riverside HS (Avon, MS) MS Express (MS): Who? What? Where did he come from? Go back and take a look at my post season rankings and I had this phenom #2 in the state. He came out of nowhere, well not nowhere because he is representing the delta nicely on the national level. Nowhere I mean as in nobody knew about him. The big secret had his opportunity to step out and play with the big boys and he made the best of it. His hard work and newfound exposure has him as the buzz of all the national recruiting guys. Recently going from a no star guy to a 4 star guy, he has entered the top 100 rankings on a few sites and exploded in offers. The JUCO guys were hoping this stud went unnoticed but he now holds several high major offers and is the top priority for some major programs. He could eventually be the best player in the long run after he gets to college and gets time in the weight room.
  4. Robert Woodard III 6-6 222 lb SF Columbus HS (Columbus, MS) MS Express (MS): What happened to Robert is what most of you are probably saying. Nothing happened to the reigning top player in the state since 6th grade. This is just a testament to how hard our guys are working to improve. Robert is still the same high major he’s always been and could even be looked at as a perfect pro shooting forward. A foregone conclusion over the years of Robert going to play at State is now longer the case as he has recently reported that his recruitment is open to anybody and everybody. MS State might eventually win out but other high majors need to be knocking on his door to see if they can land this super smart player.
  5. Jared Butler 6-3 180 lbs PG Riverside Academy (Reserve, LA) MS Express (MS): The very competitive guard is fun to watch play. He is very quick and runs his team perfectly. Did I mention that he was competitive. He will go to a high major and step in and play right away. He is the most college ready point to represent the Magnolia and the Bayou states.
  6. Daquan Smith 6-2 165 lbs G Holly Springs HS (Holly Springs, MS) MBA Hoops: The explosive guard has really come on this summer. He is picking up some high major offers and interest. He can run the point if needed but he is really built to score. And he can score in bunches on any level you want him to. More high major offers should be coming in as he goes though his senior season.
  7. Tyron “Ty” Brewer 6-6 178 lbs G/F Meridian HS (Meridian, MS) MBA Hoops: One of the most athletically talented players in the state. His long lanky frame helps him play with speed and elusiveness. He plays defense at a very high level and can score around the basket. If Ty could solidify his ball handling and be more consistent with his outside shooting, he could be a steal for a high major. That’s something within easy reach for him.
  8. Garrison Wade 6-6 195 lbs G/F St. Andrews Episcopal HS (Ridgeland, MS) MBA Hoops: The hottest Mississippi player over the summer might even be 6-7 now. He has probably worked the hardest out of any player over the summer and it is showing big time. He started the summer as an undersized 4 and he played that position very hard. He scrapped for loose balls and crashed the boards. Most pf his points came from offensive boards and put-backs. His motor and attitude was perfect for a 6th man. Well, the next time I saw him he was playing a 3. He gained a little bit of range and you could tell his confidence was growing. The last time I watched him he was playing a 2 and was knocking down 3’s from extended range consistently. I watched him go against some of the better players around and he handled business. His offensive skills and scoring have caught up with his defensive game. This should make him a very high target for mid majors. He also would qualify to play in a high academic institution such as Ivy League schools to where he could be an All-Conference guy.
  9. Kamarian “Kjay” Williams 6-8 216 lbs F Cleveland Central HS (Cleveland, MS) Da House: Big, strong body with great athleticism. He runs the court going both directions. He runs to finish on the break and he runs to defend the break. His shooting comes in spurts and his range is suitable for the next level from beyond the arc. He is also a quarterback for his football team so that lets you know what his athletic frame can do. A little fine tuning on his game and he could be a mid major gem.
  10. Onyinyechi “Brown” Eyisi 6-9 205 lbs F/C Prolific Prep Academy (Napa, CA) MBA Hoops: Brown has a 7-6 wingspan and he can cover some ground on defense. His motor is high to go with a powerful stature. He rebounds and contends shots on a regular basis. He also gets the advantage of being in this spot by playing a national schedule that will have him college ready. Here comes a short plug but hey I pay the advertising bills so why not. You can catch Brown play in Corinth this year at the Lighthouse Classic. A few Ivy League schools have offered so expect him to be a defensive force on the mid major level.

Other rankings will be coming soon.


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