2018 Southern Springs Invitational Results

2018 Southern Springs Invitational

hosted by BB&T Bank

presented by Team Carroll Premier Results

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex

Carver HS

Parker HS

Birmingham, AL

April 6-8, 2018

Team Carroll Premier had another outstanding tournament. You will rarely hear me say basketball overload but this pushing the limit. 20 courts under one roof! I could never sit in one spot. I had to keep making circles around the BJCC catching all the action. If you can’t find something worth watching here then you just can’t be pleased. They had top players, top teams from all the major shoe circuits, plenty of hard fighting teams wanting to make a name for themselves against the shoe teams and competitive level games. Thanks to Ty and Darrell Quarles for everything they do putting this event on for basketball nuts like me.


Notes: Team Thad was dominant in rolling undefeated. They have some really great pieces. I didn’t get a chance to see Team Carroll play but I heard they were really strong this season. Starkville Elite had a very good showing. JSI Elite has a very strong looking team and will be very competitive in any tournament. Starkville Swish came to play and almost knocked off MEBO in bracket play. The underdogs took the EYBL team down to the wire and only lost by 3. MEBO has all the top ranked players in MS while Starkville was playing the game with no ranked players. The Swish players are making their cases to be in the rankings and will be a solid team for all scouting services to keep an eye on over the summer.


Team Thad (Under Armour) (TN) 5-0

Team Carroll Premier (Adidas Gold) (AL) 4-1

MEBO (Nike EYBL) (MS) 3-1

Starkville Elite (MS) 3-1

Port City Stars 3-1

Team Elite Heat (MS) 3-1

Elite Stars (AL) 3-1

JSI Elite (Adidas) (AL) 2-1

Birmingham Bluedevils (AL) 2-1

Pro One Select Grey (AL) 2-1

Starkville Swish (MS) 2-1

Bama Sting (AL) 2-1

Quinn/GBED 3-2

Alabama Flames (AL) 2-2

Pro One Select Navy (AL) 2-2

Alabama Thunder (AL) 2-2

Montgomery Suns Elite (AL) 1-2

Birmingham Blaze (AL) 1-2

PCBC Stars 1-2

Team Ferg 1-2

Pro One Select White (AL) 1-3

Mississippi United (MS) 1-3

Defenders 0-3

Jackson Tigers (MS) 0-3

Team GRIND 0-3

Warriors Elite 0-3

Wild Card Basketball 0-3

17U Platinum Champs

Team Thad (Under Armour) (TN)

17U Gold Champs

Elite Stars (AL)

17U Bronze Champs



Team Carroll Premier (Adidas Gold) (AL) 5-0

Alabama Fusion Jones (AL) 4-0

Starkville Swish (MS) 5-1

TCF Jayhawks (MS) 4-1

We All Can Go (Nike EYBL) 3-1

JSI Elite (Adidas) (AL) 3-1

MEBO (Nike EYBL) (MS) 3-1

Steel City Gators Red (AL) 3-1

Birmingham Thunder (AL) 2-1

G3 Elite 2-1

Living Our Dream 2020 2-1

Team Elite Heat (MS) 3-2

Alabama Fusion Shannon (Nike EYBL) (AL) 2-2

(S*O*S) Saving Our Sons Warriros 2-2

Birmingham Bluejays (AL) 2-2

Tuscaloosa Heat (AL) 1-1

Pro One Select White (AL) 2-3

UWIN SERVENTZ Travel Ball 2-3

Team Carroll Premier Jones (AL) 1-2

Team Carroll Premier Campbell (AL) 1-2

North Alabama Flames Elite (AL) 1-2

Elite Strong Black 1-3

Pro One Select Navy (AL) 1-4

Team GAB 0-3

Defenders 0-3

Warriors Elite 0-3

Steel City Gators Blue (AL) 0-3

Port City Stars 0-3

Bama Boys Elite (AL) 0-3

16U Platinum Champs

Team Carroll Premier (Adidas Gold) (AL)

16U Gold Champs

16U Bronze Champs

Starkville Swish (MS)


Notes: I didn’t get a chance to see Team Carroll play but I heard they were a strong team. We All Can Go 15U might have been the best team there on all levels. They were extremely talented.


Team Carroll Premier (Adidas Gold) (AL) 5-0

MEBO White (Nike EYBL) (MS) 5-1

We All Can Go (Nike EYBL) 4-1

JSI Select (AL) 4-1

Birmingham Blaze (AL) 3-1

JSI Elite (Adidas) (AL) 3-1

Team Carroll Premier Quarles (AL) 2-1

Capitol City Clipper 2-1

MEBO Blue (Nike EYBL) (MS) 2-1

Alabama Fusion (Nike EYBL) (AL) 2-1

Auburn Raptors (Adidas) (AL) 2-1

JSI Gold (AL) 3-2

Metro Storm 3-2

TCF Jayhawks (MS) 2-2

Pro One Select Navy (AL) 1-2

(S*O*S) Saving Our Sons Warriors 1-2

First Class Game 1-2


Pro One Flight 1-2

Team Tuff (Adidas) (GA) 1-3

MAD Thunder 1-3

Elite Stars 1-3

PCBC Stars 0-2

Steel City Gators (AL) 0-2

Alabama Thunder (AL) 0-3

JSI Silver (AL) 0-3


Alabama Flames (AL) 0-3

15U Platinum Champs

Team Carroll Premier (Adidas Gold) (AL)

15U Gold Champs

MEBO White (Nike EYBL) (MS)

15U Bronze Champs

Metro Storm



MCW 2022 (AL) 4-1

We All Can Go 4-1

Auburn Raptors 4-1

MEBO White 4-1

Warriors Basketball 4-1

Elite Strong Black 3-1

LA Premier II/For Christ Disciples (LA) 3-1

TCF Jayhawks (MS) 3-1

Team Carroll Premier (AL) 3-1

OFW Stars 4-2

Pro One Select Navy (AL) 2-1

JSI (AL) 2-1

Steel City Gators (AL) 2-1

Pro One Select White (AL) 2-1

First Class Game-Tone 2-1

Iron City Huskies (AL) 2-1

Team Platinum 3-3

PCBC Stars 2-2

Mississippi United (MS) 1-2

Pensacola Elite (FL) 1-2

MEBO Blue (MS) 1-2

Quinn Anvils 1-2

North Alabama Stars (AL) 1-2

Athens CAVS 1-2

Birmingham Wildcats (AL) 1-3


Alabama Fusion (AL) 0-3

Team Tgand 0-3

First Class Game-Rob 0-3

Starkville Swish (MS) 0-3

Rocket City Elite (RCE) (AL) 0-3

Bama Boys Elite (AL) 0-3

Warriors Elite 0-3

14U Platinum Champs

MCW 2022 (AL)

14U Gold Champs

14U Bronze Champs

OFW Stars



Steel City Gators (AL) 4-0

GCPC Stars 3-0

River Region Raptors 3-0

Elite Strong Black 4-1

Georgia Kings (GA) 3-1

MEBO White (MS) 2-1

Georgia Stars South (GA) 2-1

Alabama Fusion (AL) 2-1

Team Platinum 2-1

Starkville Swish (MS) 2-1

North Alabama Stars Elite (AL) 3-2

MCW 2023 (AL) 2-2

MEBO Blue (MS) 2-2

Peach State Pelicans (GA) 2-2

Iron City Huskies (AL) 2-2

V4KWK 1-2

Birmingham Razorbacks (AL) 1-2

Bama Cavs Elite (AL) 1-2

Georgia Stars (Team Columbus 2023) (GA) 1-3


Quinn Anvils 1-3

Birmingham Wildcats (AL) 0-3

Alabama Steel (AL) 0-3

Athens CAVS 0-3

MAD Thunder 0-3

13U Platinum Champs

13U Gold Champs

Elite Strong Black

13U Bronze Champs



V4KWK Wildcats 4-0

Auburn Raptors (AL) 4-1

North Alabama Stars Elite (AL) 3-1

ABA 3-1

Steel City Gators (AL) 3-1

Alabama Rens (AL) 2-1

Alabama Dream 2024 (AL) 2-1

RCE 12U Exposure (AL) 2-1

Team Javion 2-1

Elite Strong Black 3-2

Alabama Fusion (AL) 3-2

North Alabama Warriors (AL) 2-2

Georgia Kings (GA) 2-2

MEBO (MS) 2-3

Team Platinum 1-2

HCBC 2024 1-2

Athens Outkast Elite 1-3

Pro One Select (AL) 1-3

Alabama Steel (AL) 0-3

Chelsea Hornets 0-3

MCW (AL) 0-3

Team GAB 0-3

12U Platinum Champs

V4KWK Wildcats

12U Gold Champs

North Alabama Stars Elite (AL)

12U Bronze Champs

Elite Strong Black



Steel City Gators (AL) 5-0

ABA Navy 4-1

Team Open Court 3-1

Big Dau 2-1

Hoover Havoc (AL) 3-2

Birmingham Blaze (AL) 2-2

Iron City Huskies (AL) 2-2

Auburn Raptors (AL) 2-2

Athens Outkast Elite 0-3

MEBO (MS) 0-3

ABA White 0-3

MAD Thunder 0-3

11U Platinum Champs

Steel City Gators (AL)



Athens Outkast Elite 5-0

Steel City Gators (AL) 4-1

HCBC 2026 3-1

ABA 2-2

North Alabama Stars (AL) 1-2

Pro One Select (AL) 1-2

GBA Elite 1-3

Dream Team Elite 0-3

Auburn Raptors (AL) 0-3

10U Platinum Champs

Athens Outkast Elite

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