2018 Magnolia Classic Results

2018 Magnolia Classic Results

presented by Mississippi Bobcats


Jackson, MS

May 25-27, 2018



Mississippi Bobcats 2019 (MS) 5-0

Starkville Elite (MS) 4-1

Gulf Coast Magic 3-1

Meridian Jayhawks (MS) 2-2

Mississippi Bobcats (MS) 1-2

Mississippi Bobcats 2020 (MS) 1-2

New Orleans Bulls (LA) 1-2

MS United (MS) 1-3

Houston Knights 1-3

Mount Olive Knights (MS) 0-3

17U Champs

Mississippi Bobcats 2019



MEBO Elite Blue (MS) 4-0

Thibodaux Express (LA) 4-0

SR1 All-Stars (MS) 2-1

MEBO Elite White (MS) 2-2

Meridian Jayhawks (MS) 2-2

Alabama Cobras (AL) 2-2

Jackson Wolfpack (MS) 1-2

Starkville Bulldogs (MS) 1-3

Jackson Knicks (MS) 0-3

Brotherhood Basketball 0-3

15U Champs

MEBO Elite Blue (MS)/Thibodaux Express (LA)



MEBO Elite White (MS) 4-0

MEBO Elite Blue (MS) 3-0

Tri-State Ballers Blue (TN) 3-1

Tri-State Ballers Grey (TN) 2-2

MS United (MS) 0-3

Meridian Jayhawks (MS) 0-3

Mount Olive Knights (MS) 0-3

14U Champs

MEBO Elite White (MS)/MEBO Elite Blue (MS)



NEA Alpha Dogs (AR) 3-0

MEBO Elite White (MS) 3-0

P5 Skills 2-2

Bulldogs Elite 1-2

Jackson Wolfpack (MS) 1-3

MEBO Elite Blue (MS) 0-3

13U Champs

NEA Alpha Dogs (AR)/MEBO Elite White (MS)



P5 Skills 4-0

LLBC Elite 3-1

Mississippi Splash (MS) 3-1

LA Cobras (LA) 2-2

Alabama Cobras (AL) 1-2

Louisiana Jaguars (LA) 1-2

MEBO Elite White (MS) 0-3

Thibodaux Express (LA) 0-3

12U Champs

P5 Skills/LLBC Elite



MEBO Elite White (MS) 4-0

SME Primetime (MS) 3-2

Jackson Wolfpack (MS) 1-2

Alabama Cobras (AL) 1-2

Thibodaux Express (LA) 1-2

MS Sharks (MS) 1-3

11U Champs

MEBO Elite White (MS)



LLBC Elite 4-0

SME Silver (MS) 3-1

Mississippi Bobcats (MS) 1-2

Thibodaux Express (LA) 1-3

2nd to None Warriors 0-3

10U Champs

LLBC Elite

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