2018 MHSAA Volleyball State Championships

2018 MHSAA Volleyball State Championships

Most of you know that I have an addiction. My addiction is fed from October to March every year and it comes in the form of hardwood and hoops. It’s time to admit that I have also found a way to feed my addiction leading up to the hoops season. It all started with a simple trip to a college volleyball game with my daughter and it has turned into another crazy addiction. Yes, I like college basketball but it’s just not like going to high school games. I’ve found the same to be true with volleyball also. Please keep in mind that I am a new fan of the game so I am still trying to learn stats, concepts and lingo. To all the hoops fans, go out and catch a volleyball game. It is fast paced. It will keep you on the edge of your seats. It is extremely exciting. You will not be disappointed with the heart and determination these ladies put into every match. The following is my take from what I saw at the MHSAA State Championship Tournament. Again, please keep in mind that these stats are unofficial (seeing I’m new to the volleyball stat game) and these notes are from a casual fans eye. Look for more volleyball in the future.

The tournament was dominated by three regions of the state; Gulf Coast with 5 teams, Jackson metro with 3 teams and Desoto county with 3 teams out of 12.

Class I


3 (25, 25, 20, 26, 15) Our Lady Academy Lady Crescents (25-16)

MaxPreps #15 in MS, #1 in Class I

2 (15, 27, 25, 24, 10) St. Andrew’s Episcopal Lady Saints (18-15)

MaxPreps #26 in MS, #3 in Class I

Margaret Walk 6-1 ’20 MB/OH/DS led the way in the victory with 38 kills and 6 blocks. Alma Hearin 5-7 ’20 DS/OH/L had 7 aces and 10 digs. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Mirandy 5-7 ’19 OH/RS/DS added 11 digs. Ashley Bulot 5-6 ’22 OH/S/RS managed 50 assist. In the losing effort for St. Andrew’s, Sarah Sullivan ’22 OH/L/DS was a bright spot for years to come. She played multiple spots on the court and kept the games close with her competitiveness.


3 (25, 25, 25) Resurrection Catholic Lady Eagles (22-11)

MaxPreps #18 in MS, #2 in Class I

0 (12, 15, 15) Hickory Flat Lady Rebels (20-7)

MaxPreps #31 in MS, #4 in Class I

Resurrection Catholic had a strong showing from Kadaja Cowan 5-8 ’19 to help advance the Lady Eagles to the championship game. Hickory Flat was led in kills by Emma Wilson 5-6 ’22 with 4. Grace Gray ’19 S had an impressive showing in her final high school game with 15 digs, 10 assists, 3 kills and 2 aces.



3 (25, 25, 25) Our Lady Academy Lady Crescents (25-16)

MaxPreps #15 in MS, #1 in Class I

0 (19, 15, 16) Resurrection Catholic Lady Eagles (22-11)

MaxPreps #18 in MS, #2 in Class I

Our Lady Academy continued to dominate Class I as they won their 7th straight state championship in a row and their 13th since 2002. That’s a dominating stretch. Margaret Walk 6-1 ’20 MB/OH/DS continued her strong performance in the victory with 20 kills and 8 blocks. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Mirandy 5-7 ’19 OH/RS/DS had 13 digs and 10 kills. Ashley Bulot 5-6 ’22 OH/S/RS added 33 assist and had 3 aces. Resurrection Catholic was led by Zorria Sanders 6-0 ’20 with an unofficial 9 kills.

Who will try to step up and stop Our Lady Academy next year? OLA will be losing two very valuable pieces in Elizabeth “Lizzy” Mirandy 5-7 ’19 OH/RS/DS and Margaret White 5-8 ’19 OH/RS/S but they will bring back an extremely strong team.

Class II


3 (17, 25, 27, 25) Vancleave Lady Bulldogs (40-2)

MaxPreps #1 in MS, #1 in Class II

1 (25, 16, 25, 17) Lewisburg Lady Patriots (32-9)

MaxPreps #6 in MS, #2 in Class II

Vancleave really didn’t stand out as an impressive team in this game but it’s plain and simple, they just continue to win. It’s hard to get balls to drop on them. Payton Mckerchie ’20 MB totaled 11 kills, 3 aces 7 blocks and 7 digs. Cheyenne Strickland ’20 OH had 10 kills and 12 digs. Paige Davis 5-6 ’20 S had 27 digs to go with her 29 assists. Vancleave defeated a very powerful team in Lewisburg. The Lady Patriots were led by Noa Parks ’19 OH/RS with 21 kills and 13 digs. Micah Swift ’21 MB added 10 kills. The digs were evenly spread between Erin Sutten ’19 L/DS with 14, Tori Howton ’19 DS with 12 and Morgan Lee ’20 S/RS with 10. Lee added 18 assists while Caroline Aldridge ’19 S/RS had 29. One key note was the student section from Lewisburg. They showed up and was very loud with their school spirit.


3 (25, 25, 25) Lake Cormorant Lady Gators (31-10)

MaxPreps #7 in MS, #3 in Class II

0 (20, 13, 16) East Central Lady Hornets (13-10)

MaxPreps #23 in MS, #8 in Class II

Lake Cormorant had a very good team game to get into the finals over East Central. Isabella Beasley 5-11 ’20 RS and Olivia Williams 5-7 ’19 OH had 9 kills and 3 aces each. Angela Gonzalez 5-3 ’20 L had  a team high 24 digs while Madison Stevens 5-4 ’19 L/S dished 32 assists.



3 (25, 26, 25) Vancleave Lady Bulldogs (40-2)

MaxPreps #1 in MS, #1 in Class II

0 (19, 24, 22) Lake Cormorant Lady Gators (31-10)

MaxPreps #7 in MS, #3 in Class II

This was a match for the ages. It had ups, downs, huge momentum swings and pure determination all over the court. Vancleave ended up winning back-to-back state titles but they sure knew Lake Cormorant was there. Even so much that Coach Haley Chatham and her Lady Bulldogs gave the Lady Gators a very well deserved round of applause during the final ceremonies. Every time Lake Cormorant hit a big momentum swing Payton Mckerchie ’20 MB was there to interject herself to to save the day. She had 14 kills, 2 aces, 5 blocks and 10 digs. Julianah Overstreet 5-11 ’21 S had 11 kills, 3 aces and 7 digs. Paige Davis 5-6 ’20 S handed out 35 assist to go with her 15 digs and 3 aces. Sydney Salter ’20 L helped with her 23 digs. As for Lake Cormorant, Madison Stevens 5-4 ’19 L/S was everywhere on the court and I mean on the court. She gave everything she had in her last game as a Lady Gator. She ended up with 25 assists, 16 digs, 2 aces and 4 kills in the loss.  She was helped by Isabella Beasley 5-11 ’20 RS with 12 kills and 7 digs. The whole Lady Gator team was all over the floor also as they combined for 80 digs. Angela Gonzalez 5-3 ’20 L accounted for 16 of them while Olivia Williams 5-7 ’19 OH and Anna Marshall 5-3 ’21 DS/L had 15 and 10 respectively.

Class III


3 (26, 25, 25) DeSoto Central Lady Jaguars (35-7-1)

MaxPreps #3 in MS, #2 in Class III

0 (24, 20, 13) Hancock Lady Hawks (22-10)

MaxPreps #8 in MS, #4 in Class III

DeSoto Central got 5 aces, 8 kills, 8 digs and 8 11 assists from Kennedy Schritenthal ’19 S/OPP in the win. Gracie Tucker ’21 S added 11 assists and 6 digs. Megan Harris ’21 L accounted for 18 digs in the win. Harleigh Lafontaine 5-2 ’18 S set up 21 assists to go with 5 digs for Hancock. Kacey Lear ’21 DS/L led with 15 digs. The senior duo of Chloee Swilley 5-10 ’19 OH/OPP and Maleah Austin 5-8 ’19 RS dropped 10 kills apiece.


3 (25, 25, 25) Brandon Lady Bulldogs (34-7)

MaxPreps #2 in MS, #1 in Class III

0 (19, 22, 18) Madison Central Lady Jaguars (29-10)

MaxPreps #5 in MS, #3 in Class III

Brandon started the title run with the win over Madison Central. Callie Minshew 5-11 ’19 OH/DS had an all around performance with 18 kills and 14 digs in the win. Kate Bass 6-3 ’19 MB slammed down 14 kills and added 3 blocks. Kennedy Jordan 5-8 ’19 S managed 21 assists and 9 digs. Jordan Sullivan 5-8 ’22 L contributed with 12 digs.



3 (25, 25, 25) Brandon Lady Bulldogs (34-7)

MaxPreps #2 in MS, #1 in Class III

0 (22, 21, 12) DeSoto Central Lady Jaguars (35-7-1)

MaxPreps #3 in MS, #2 in Class III

The Brandon Lady Bulldogs continued to be the Jaguar slayers in the championship as they beat the second Lady Jaguar team in as many days. They continued the carbon-copy championship games as they went back-to-back just like the other two classification winners. Callie Minshew 5-11 ’19 OH/DS was not going to be denied in this contest as she destroyed it with 27 kills and 10 digs. Trust me, I was on the receiving end of one of her many spikes as it rocketed off the ground at me. I tried to catch it but I really think I pulled something in my arm in the process. I think she can play anywhere on the next level with her versatility, speed and power. Kate Bass 6-3 ’19 MB had another solid performance with 9 kills, 3 aces, 3 blocks and 6 digs. Kennedy Jordan 5-8 ’19 S compiled 15 assists and 12 digs for the double-double. Kennedy Schritenthal ’19 S/OPP had another all-around performance with her 6 kills, 6 digs and 8 assists for DeSoto Central. Gracie Tucker ’21 S set up 14 assists and 7 digs. Megan Harris ’21 L had a team high 13 digs for the Lady Jaguars.

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