The following players on these list were either submitted by their Coaches with their info or evaluated by me or a contributor of Magnolia Hoops. College Coaches contact me for additional player info. Players are listed in alphabetical order. Coaches can also add players by getting in contact with me at the following:

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Updated Monday April 30, 2018

Player Rankings

Note: These rankings are not accurate or correct due to the impossibility to see every player in the state. However, these are as accurate as I could possibly get from what I’ve seen and info I’ve gathered. These are always subject to change at any moment and should just be a gauge of how the student-athletes compare with their peers.

  1. Jeffries, DJ 6-8 G Olive Branch HS
  2. Collum, Antavion “Dude” 6-8 G Tenn Prep Academy (TN) (Olive Branch/Yazoo City)
  3. Crowley, Austin “AC” 6-5 G Sunrise Christian Academy HS (KS) (West Point)
  4. Smith, Earl 6-5 PG Lanier HS
  5. Cooper, Joseph “Joee” 6-2 PG Olive Branch HS
  6. Temple, Calvin “Shorty” 6-1 PG Center Hill HS
  7. Wash, Damerius “Dee” 6-4 SG Sunrise Christian Academy HS (KS) (Canton)
  8. Forbes, Jaylen 6-4 G/F Florence HS
  9. McCorvey, Jayden “PB” 6-5 G/F Pascagoula HS
  10. Grimes, Kevin 6-3 G Bay Springs HS
  11. Weatherspoon, Brandon “Phat” 6-5 SG Canton HS
  12. Rawls, John “Big Bill” 6-8 F/C East Marion HS
  13. Clark, Darrius “Chip” 6-5 G/F Gentry HS
  14. Black, Diwun 6-4 G/F Forest HS
  15. Washington, Danny “DJ” 5-11 PG Greenville HS
  16. Hall, Derick 6-5 F Gulfport HS
  17. Evans, Marc “Ken” 6-4 PG Forest Hill HS
  18. Hill, Tucker “Tuck” 6-8 G/F Tishomingo County HS
  19. Orr, Jaxon “Jax” 6-6 G/F Itawamba AHS
  20. Wilkens, Jariyon “Young Bull” 6-5 G St. Martin HS
  21. Phillips, Markevius “Phillo” 6-4 G/F Coahoma County HS
  22. Stanfield, Jacorrius “Tudy” 5-9 PG Okolona HS
  23. Wilkens, JaRonn “Twin” 6-6 G/F St. Martin HS
  24. Bogan, Lafollette “Follie” 6-3 G Brookhaven HS
  25. Fort III, Lerenzo “Trey” 6-3 G Madison-Ridgeland Academy HS
  26. Moore, Jamal “JM3” 6-4 G Okolona HS
  27. Booker, D’yasmond “Dee” 6-4 G/F Pascagoula HS
  28. Linzy, Hogan 6-6 G/F Phillips Andover Academy HS (MA) (Oxford)
  29. Beene, Jalon 5-11 G/F Wheeler HS
  30. Booker, Keandre “Book” 6-4 F/C Moss Point HS
  31. Breland, Dalan “Dayday” 6-0 PG Stone HS
  32. Pittman, Traemond “Traedai” 6-2 PG Meridian HS
  33. Smith, Jakorie 6-5 F Raymond HS
  34. Jefferson, Kenneth 6-5 F North Panola HS
  35. Farmer, Dillon “D1” 6-4 G/F Choctaw Central HS
  36. Jones, Deonta “Dinky” 5-11 PG Strayhorn HS
  37. Shannon, Dewey “Dewbaby” 6-5 G/F Copiah Academy
  38. Magee II, Johnny “Johnny Ringo” 6-5 F Hillcrest HS
  39. Stevenson, Josh 6-3 G Olive Branch HS
  40. Ratliff Jr, Anthony 6-3 G/F Jim Hill HS
  41. Pringle, Vontrel 6-6 F Meridian HS
  42. Weathers, JaMarie “Gotti” 6-3 G Leake County HS
  43. Wheaton, Damien “P-Willie” 6-7 F/C Bay Springs HS
  44. Miller, Deveon “Big Jelly” 6-6 F/C Holly Springs HS
  45. Talley, Tyler 5-9 G Starkville HS
  46. Johnson, Tyrin 6-3 G Columbus HS
  47. Henry, Kevin 6-1 G Center Hill HS
  48. Moore, Gabriel “Gabe” 6-5 G/F Desoto Central HS
  49. Thompson, TraDavis “Pooh” 6-1 G Raymond HS
  50. Washington, Jaylen “Young Bull” 6-1 PG Durant HS
  51. Richardson, Conner 6-7 F/C St. George’s HS (TN) (Lewisburg)
  52. Arnold, Marvun “Mo” 6-2 G Picayune HS
  53. Carrol, D’Ante 6-7 SG Poplarville HS
  54. Brown, David 6-5 F/C Madison Central HS
  55. Moore, Ja’Corrieous 6-2 G Bay Springs HS
  56. Flowers, Dawson 6-4 G/F Brookhaven Academy
  57. McGrath, Cole “Marquez” 6-0 SG Booneville HS
  58. Ryder, Tate 6-0 PG Oak Grove HS
  59. Brown, Cade 6-4 F Brookhaven Academy
  60. Isom, Stephon “Steph” 6-7 G/F Lafayette HS
  61. Jenkins, Xyshan “Shan” 6-6 G/F Clinton HS
  62. Lacy, JonQuavious “Jon” 6-6 C Quitman HS
  63. McElroy, Timothy 6-7 F/C Kemper County HS
  64. White, Michael “Big Mike” 6-2 G/F McNairy Central HS (TN) Corinth
  65. Pickering, Nathan 6-5 F/C Seminary HS
  66. McCarty, Cortez “Skeet” 6-5 F Stone HS
  67. Fenner Jr, Mario “Yo” 6-4 F/C North Panola HS
  68. Pounds, Shawn 6-1 G Nettleton HS
  69. Richardson, Malik 6-5 C Bogue Chitto HS
  70. Caldwell, Marquez “Quez” 6-6 F/C Water Valley HS
  71. Broome, DeTravian 6-2 G/F Northwest Rankin HS
  72. Newsome, Elijah 6-2 G East Central HS
  73. Montgomery, Jordan 6-2 G Biloxi HS
  74. Nicholson, Jared 6-5 SF Greene County HS
  75. Ladner, Luke “Lucky” 6-3 G St. Stanislaus HS
  76. King, Greg “Dee” 6-2 G Columbus HS
  77. Johnson, Calvin “CJ” 6-3 G/F Long Beach HS
  78. Pritchard, Braxton “Brax” 6-0 PG Tishomingo County HS
  79. Proby, Dontavius 5-10 G Biloxi HS
  80. Cotton III, Leroy “Lee” 6-3 PG Cleveland Central HS
  81. Patterson, Makaylon “Bam” 6-1 G Eupora HS
  82. Jones III, Simmie “Sim” 6-2 G Whitehaven HS (TN) (Southaven)
  83. Gordon, Demarcus “Big G” 6-6 F/C Rosa Fort HS
  84. Thurman, Javo 6-4 G Magee HS
  85. Newchurch, Darien 6-0 PG Hillcrest Christian Academy HS
  86. Givens, Donovan 6-5 SG Hillcrest Christian Academy HS
  87. Bell, Cameron “Beno” 6-6 F/C Starkville HS
  88. Hemphill, Stephon G/F Washington School HS
  89. Anderson, Tailor 6-4 G/F Clinton HS
  90. Kyles, Quenton Tyreek “Quen” 6-6 G/F Rosa Fort HS
  91. Gibbs, Treyvon 6-6 G/F Rosa Fort HS
  92. Drake, Cameron “Cam” 6-5 G/F Murrah HS
  93. Moore, Kolby 6-4 G/F Clinton HS
  94. Mitchell, Shermontis 6-5 G/F Wingfield HS
  95. Porter, Antwan “Twan” 6-4 F Byhalia HS
  96. Credit Jr, Charles “TJ” 5-7 Natchez HS
  97. Walker, Jamarius 6-6 F Pearl HS
  98. McClendon, Leslie 6-4 F Northwest Rankin HS
  99. Russell, De’Monte 6-5 PF Provine HS
  100. Deloach, D’Antonio 6-4 F Noxubee County HS
  101. Hill, Solomon “Solo” 6-6 F/C Victory Christian Academy HS
  102. Harris, Shontaveous 6-7 F/C Holly Springs HS
  103. Smith, Noah “Stick” 6-5 F/C Victory Christian Academy HS
  104. Ryals, Matthew 6-6 C Purvis HS
  105. Lawerence, Dylan 6-5 C George County HS
  106. Hayes, Tyreek 6-7 F/C Germantown HS
  107. Parks, Ta’Bias “TJ” 6-7 F/C O’Bannon HS
  108. Drummond, Jayden “Jay” 6-5 SG St. Martin HS
  109. Herndo, Isaiah 6-8 C Itawamba AHS
  110. Despenza, LaDerrick 6-5 C Hamilton HS
  111. Ransom, JD 6-4 F Hillcrest Academy
  112. Fernholz, Dakota 6-6 C Magnolia Heights
  113. Holbrook, Zach 6-6 C Simpson Academy
  114. Grays, Rodrick 6-6 Columbus HS
  115. Jefferson, Frederick 6-6 C Terry HS

Other players to watch:

Adams, James 6-3 G/F Hillcrest Christian Academy HS

Adams, Tevarrius 6-2 G Meridian HS

Alberts, Terrence F Baldwyn HS

Allen, Jaymen “Jay” 6-3 F Thrasher HS

Allen, JD 6-0 G Wesson HS

Anderson, Myric 6-0 Choctaw Central HS

Armstrong, Calvin 5-10 G Water Valley HS

Ashford, Rakeim 6-2 Choctaw County HS

Avilla, Don 6-2 G Petal HS

Baker, Jashon “Shon” 5-11 PG Tylertown HS

Ball, Zack 5-9 G New Albany HS

Bankhead, Kiminski 6-1 G Hamilton HS

Barnes, Chris 6-2 Hattiesburg Home School HS

Barnes, Orlasko 6-0 F Long Beach HS

Barnes, Xzavier 6-0 G North Forrest HS

Bayne, John 5-11 G/F McAdams HS

Beach, Nicholas 6-0 PF East Marion HS

Beans, Jervais 6-0 F Brooks HS

Bell, Erik “E” 6-0 G/F Ashland HS

Bell, Kieem 6-0 Eupora HS

Bell, Robert 6-2 F Gentry HS

Benford, Micah F/C Morton HS

Berry, Treylyn 5-9 F South Pontotoc HS

Bilbo, Antonio 6-0 G St. Martin HS

Bishop Jr, Andrew 5-10 G Victory Christian HS

Black, Jermaine 5-7 PG Bogue Chitto HS

Boatman, Kendrioun 6-3 PF McAdams HS

Bolin, Breck 6-2 G Pillow Academy HS

Bolton, Juwan 6-1 F Richton HS

Bolton, Mason 6-0 G/F Pisgah HS

Bolton, T’Caivan 5-5 G McAdams HS

Bouldin, Shadrick “Shad” 6-4 G/F Callaway HS

Bowens, C.K. G Lumberton HS

Bowling, C.J. 5-10 G Calhoun Academy HS

Bracely, Marcus 6-1 G Callaway HS

Bradley, Trent 5-5 PG Ingomar HS

Bragss, TeQuavious “Katdawg” 5-8 PG Louisville HS

Brown, GeMarcus 5-9 G Clarkdale HS

Brown, Jamarrion 6-0 G Starkville HS

Brown, Jermiyah 5-9 G Vicksburg HS

Buchanan, Brennan 5-11 SG Riverside

Buford, Keilan 5-10 G Lafayette HS

Burcham, Gabe 6-0 PF Hamilton HS

Burney, Jy 5-9 G Vancleave HS

Burns, Austin 5-8 Enterprise Lincoln HS

Burton, Akiva 5-8 G Northeast Lauderdale HS

Calcote, Jett 5-11 G Loyd Star HS

Caldwell, Cedricus “Fuzzy” 5-10 G Canton HS

Campbell, Anfernee 5-10 G Calhoun City HS

Campbell, Cedrick 5-9 G Brooks HS

Campbell, Mark Allyn 5-10 G MS School for the Deaf HS

Carmichael, Ethan 5-10 G Baldwyn HS

Clay, Marcquz “Quz” 6-0 G Harrison Central HS

Cochran, Tyree 5-10 G Brandon HS

Cockream, Anthony Brooks HS

Coleman, Jon-Micah 6-1 F/C West Jones HS

Collins, Jaydon 5-10 G Ocean Springs HS

Conley, Keyshawn 5-9 SG Grenada HS

Conners, Kylan Potts Camp HS

Cook, Jay G Myrtle HS

Cooper, Isaiah 6-1 SG Columbus Christian HS

Covan, Jonathan 6-0 G/F Moss Point HS

Crisler, Kadadrius 6-3 G/F Crystal Springs HS

Croft, Madison PG East Union HS

Crumpler, Hayes 6-3 SG Germantown HS

Culpepper, Cameron 6-0 Eupora HS

Cummings, Cameron 6-0 PF Tishomingo County HS

Curry, QuinDario “Skeetie” 6-0 G Charleston HS

Cutshall, Tyler SG Tishomingo County HS

Daniels Jr, Nakia “Pooh” 5-10 PG Biloxi HS

Daniels, Tykevious 6-3 F/C Jefferson Davis County HS

Davis, Dylan Jumpertown HS

Davis, Qua 6-2 F Biggersville HS

Dempsey, Noah 5-5 PG Winston Academy HS

Dennis, Kendrick 6-4 C Stone HS

Dickerson, Shemar 5-10 G Wesson HS

Dodds, Ethan 5-8 G Thrasher HS

Dotson, Daquannay 5-11 Ethel HS

Duckett, Tayvius SF Tishomingo County HS

Dunn, James Wayne Academy HS

Edwards Jr, Jason “Jake” 6-2 PG Hartfield Academy

Edwards, Victavion “Vic” 6-0 G/F Wesson HS

Eichelburger, Marquell 5-9 G Kings Court Christian HS

Eiland, Shemar 5-11 SG Louisville HS

Ellis, Zayveon “Zay” 6-0 SF Meridian HS

Ellzey, Demarcus 6-1 SG South Pike HS

Elmore, Jay 6-0 G/F Victory Christian HS

Enochs, Drew 6-3 F Calhoun Academy HS

Etheridge, Brett Washington School HS

Evans, Dretavious 6-3 F/C Coahoma Early College HS

Evans, Kevin PG North Pike HS

Fayard, Braden 6-2 F St. Patrick HS

Fisher, Jeffrey 6-0 G/F Coahoma County HS

Forrest, Ocorya “YaYa” 5-8 SG Kosciusko HS

Fracchia, Owen 6-3 F Jackson Academy HS

Franklin, Jayce 6-1 SG St. Martin HS

Franklin, Jeric 6-3 F Oak Grove HS

Frost, Tionne 6-2 G/F Pass Christian HS

Funchess, Jakario 5-11 G/F Northwest Rankin HS

Gadson, Querrion 5-11 G/F McAdams HS

Gage, PJ 5-10 G/F Union HS

Gamble, Dallas “DG” 6-1 G Booneville HS

Gann, Evan Myrtle HS

Gardner, Shun Potts Camp HS

Gardner, Veontae 6-2 South Pike HS

Geno, Austin Jumpertown HS

Gentry, Haden 6-3 George County HS

Gentry, Thomas 6-0 G/F East Union HS

Giles, Jaylon 6-2 F Leake County HS

Gillespie, Delance “Lance” 6-2 PG Kemper County HS

Gillespie, Vincent 6-3 C Booneville HS

Glaze, Joshua 5-5 PG Collins HS

Godine, Triston 5-7 G Gulfport HS

Goodwin, Cameron “Cam” 5-9 PG Center Hill HS

Gordon, Jamond 6-4 F/C Meridian HS

Gordon, Kedarrius F Lawrence County HS

Gray, Dawson Washington School HS

Greer, Latura 5-11 Holmes County Central HS

Greg, Hayes 5-7 G Lee Academy HS

Guidry, Gavin 6-0 G Ocean Springs HS

Guy, Jordan 6-0 Calhoun City HS

Haas, Andrew 5-10 G Calhoun Academy HS

Hales, Jevon “Von” 6-4 PF Hattiesburg HS

Hall, Keelon 6-2 G/F Ingomar HS

Hall, Takias “TK” 6-3 G/F Grenada HS

Hamm, Atlee 6-3 Sylva Bay Academy HS

Hammond, Bud 5-10 G Nettleton HS

Hardy, Javantae 6-3 F/C Kings Court Christian HS

Harkless, William 6-2 G St. Andrews Episcopal HS

Harper, Emmanuel 6-2 SF Madison Central HS

Harper, Dylan 5-9 G D’Iberville HS

Harrell, De’Vonta South Pike HS

Harrell, Markevion 6-0 G Oak Grove HS

Harris, Calvin “Smurf” 6-2 F Saltillo HS

Harris, Jiovanni 6-1 Desoto Central HS

Harrison, Kiland 5-11 G Madison St. Joseph Catholic HS

Hawkins, Ashton G West Harrison HS

Hayes, Jatavion PF Scott Central HS

Haynes, Trey 6-2 F Magee HS

Henderson, Jontarious 6-0 Laurel HS

Henderson Jr, Lawrence 5-10 PG Pass Christian HS

Hester, Josh 6-0 F/C Baldwyn HS

Hilbert, John 6-0 F Brookhaven HS

Hodges, Shamarvious “Chocolate” 6-0 Gentry HS

Hopkins, Christian “Hop” 6-2 SF Clinton HS

Horn, Peyton “Horndaddy” 6-4 C Bayou Academy HS

Horton, Jarvis “Jay” 5-10 G West Tallahatchie HS

Howard, Tae 5-10 G Hamilton HS

Hunter, Zabin “Zabo” 6-2 PF Philadelphia HS

Hurley, Kevin 6-3 F/C Walnut HS

Hutton, Tillian “Tee” 6-0 G Canton HS

Isaac, Josh G/F Leake Central HS

Ivy, Eddie 5-6 PG South Pontotoc HS

Jackson, A.J. Hernando HS

Jackson, Kadarius 5-9 G Calhoun City HS

Jenkins, Gregory 6-3 G Vicksburg HS

Jergins, Peytin 5-9 Enterprise Lincoln HS

Johnson, Ajani 5-6 PG Richland HS

Johnson, Darrall 5-8 G Greene County HS

Johnson, Darius 6-4 F Vickburg HS

Johnson, Jahmeir 5-10 PG Grenada HS

Johnson, Javaris G Sebastopol HS

Johnson, Jaylon Florence HS

Johnson, Terre F Pass Christian HS

Johnson, Tyring 6-3 PF Columbus HS

Jones, Atavious G Starkville HS

Jones, Axavian 5-11 G Brookhaven HS

Jones, Brian Simmons HS

Jones, Caleb 6-0 PG Center Hill HS

Jones, Cameron 5-10 PG Laurel HS

Jones, Camron “Cam” 6-2 G/F Moss Point HS

Jones, Everette 6-2 G/F Marshall Academy

Jones, Malik 6-3 F Grenada HS

Jones, Malik 6-3 G Crystal Springs HS

Jones, Stanley F Shaw HS

Jones, ZaTyrusious 5-8 PG Horn Lake HS

Jones Jr, Roshaun “Buddy” 6-4 G/F Biloxi HS

Keys, Brandon 5-8 G Ingomar HS

Kirk, Antoine 5-9 SG West Jones HS

Land, Fred 6-1 C Stone HS

Law, Elijah 5-9 PG Hancock HS

Lay, Kyree 5-11 PG Forest HS

Lee, Marlon G Sebastopol HS

Lemoine, Landry 5-10 SG St. Stanislaus HS

Lewis, Brandon 6-1 G/F Bogue Chitto HS

Lewis, Kenny 6-1 G Lake Cormorant HS

Lewis Jr, Wayne 6-1 SG Florence HS

Lofton, Elijah “Pete” Raleigh HS

Lucas, Derrione 6-2 G Cleveland Central HS

Luker, Gavin 5-10 G Strayhorn HS

Luter, Rapheal 6-1 F Columbia HS

Magee, Tevis 6-4 G Florence HS

Mallory, Cory 6-1 G/F Itawamba AHS

Martin, Timothy Laurel Home School HS

Martin, Tyler 6-0 F Vanvleave HS

Mathis, Chris 6-1 Raleigh HS

Matthews, Jared Laurel Home School HS

Mayes, LaQuonn “Quonn” 6-1 G Biggersville HS

McClay, Jeffery G Simmons HS

McCray, Rashad “Shad” 6-2 G/F Coahoma Early College HS

McDonald, Cameron 6-2 G Stone HS

McDonald, Jalen “Jay” 5-6 G Meridian HS

McDowell, Chaz 5-9 G Grenada HS

McFarland, Jalen 6-1 C Okolona HS

McGee, Malique “Lique” 6-0 G/F West Tallahatchie HS

McGee, Milton 6-3 F Amanda Elzy HS

McGreger, Ty 5-10 Hickory Flat HS

McKenize, Tyson 5-8 G Saltillo HS

McLaughlin, Jalone 5-9 G Stone HS

McLaurin, Orlandus 5-11 PG Collins HS

McLin, Flenard “Mac” 5-11 G/F East Marion HS

McSwain, Chandler 6-4 G/F Perry Central HS

Meadows, Sam 6-2 Madison Central HS

Meeks, Charlie 5-11 G Kossuth HS

Meeks, Kenmarkis 6-3 SG MS School for the Deaf HS

Merritt, D’Ayres Ethel HS

Methvin, Noah 6-3 Starkville Academy HS

Miller, Alex 6-1 PG Natchez HS

Miller, Ron 5-9 George County HS

Mills, Collin 5-11 G/F Winston Academy HS

Mitchell, ZaDarius 6-0 G Richton HS

Monroe, Tajarius “TJ” 6-2 G Columbia HS

Moody, Alex 5-10 G/F Alcorn Central HS

Moody, Avery 5-7 G Vancleave HS

Moody, Nekylyn 6-1 G/F Perry Central HS

Moore, Tyron 6-4 G/F Vicksburg HS

Morgan, Damon 6-4 PF Purvis HS

Morgan, Kahlil 5-10 PG Northwest Rankin HS

Morrison, Quenton 6-0 C Corinth HS

Mosley, Martavin 6-2 PF Hamilton HS

Mumphrey, Kendrick 5-9 G Charleston HS

Murphy, Jay 5-7 G Saltillo HS

Naylor, Jared 5-7 G West Jones HS

Needham, Cole 5-8 PG Lamar Christian HS

Needham, Kemondrae “Kemo” 5-8 PG Meridian HS

Nelson, Jacob 5-10 F Greenville St. Joseph HS

Newell, Carson 5-11 G South Pontotoc HS

Newsome, Darrell 6-0 F Lawrence County HS

Nichols, Anthony 6-1 F Tupelo HS

Nichols, Coleton 6-3 Hattiesburg Home School HS

Nickens, Nathan 5-11 G Madison St. Joseph Catholic HS

Nix, Mardarius 6-0 G/F Brooks HS

Nobles, KJ G/F North Pike HS

Noblitt, Max 5-6 PG George County HS

Nolan, Daniel 6-3 F West Harrison HS

Norfleet Jr, Clinton “CJ” 6-0 PG Northpoint Christian Academy HS

Norfort, Jamison 6-4 Vicksburg HS

Norris, Landon 6-0 G Oxford HS

Odum, Keegan 5-11 Forrest County AHS

Oliver, Will 5-10 G Wilkinson County Christian HS

Owens, CJ 5-11 SG Olive Branch HS

Owens, Mark “Yoda” 6-1 G/F Ridgeland HS

Owens, Nygel 6-1 F Nettleton HS

Page, Zachhues 6-0 F/C West Jones HS

Parker, Horatio 6-2 G/F St. Patrick HS

Pascascio, Krash 6-1 F New Hope HS

Patterson, Cooper 5-8 G Pisgah HS

Patterson, Jarrean “Snootie” 6-0 SG Eupora HS

Patterson, Keevon 6-0 G East Webster HS

Patterson, Patrick 5-10 G Saltillo HS

Payne, Troy 6-4 F New Albany HS

Pedigo, Walker 6-3 C Jackson Academy HS

Pegues, JaBryan 5-11 SF Potts Camp HS

Pendleton, Ro’Darien 5-10 PG Provine HS

Perry, Kris 5-10 G/F Walnut HS

Peterson, Blake 6-1 G Winston Academy HS

Petro, Markell 6-0 PG West Bolivar HS

Phillips, Cole 5-11 G West Union HS

Phillips, Keon 6-0 Calhoun City HS

Pickens, Derrell 6-0 G Hernando HS

Pippins, Jacob 5-10 G Callaway HS

Pittman, Markyell 6-3 F/C Grenada HS

Plummer, Ryan 5-11 G Quitman HS

Porter, Darius 6-1 F Bogue Chitto HS

Poster, Odarius 6-0 F Houlka HS

Pratt, Patrick 6-0 G/F Vardaman HS

Price, Chico Greenville St. Joseph Catholic HS

Price, Deaundre 5-9 G Purvis HS

Price, Zabian 6-0 F Loyd Star HS

Primer, O’Shunte 5-6 G Calhoun City HS

Prince, DeAntre 6-2 G/F Charleston HS

Purvis, Javeious 6-2 F Pelahatchie HS

Ratliff, Kelbrico “Brico” 6-3 G Canton HS

Redmond, Dequarrious Salem HS

Redmond, Jaylan 5-11 SF Oak Grove HS

Reece, Willie 6-0 G Pearl River Central HS

Richards III, James 6-1 PG Southaven HS

Richey, Haygen 6-0 G East Union HS

Ricks, Pierre 5-11 Simmons HS

Robinson, Antonio F North Pike HS

Robinson, Byrion 5-9 PG Brookhaven HS

Robinson, Jacob 6-2 SF Raymond HS

Robinson, Jordan Pascagoula HS

Robinson, Kendarius G Tylertown HS

Ross, Cole 6-4 PG Hernando HS

Sack, Timothy 5-5 G Coahoma County HS

Sanders, Romeo “Rome” 6-2 SG Caledonia HS

Scott, Daiquan “Quan” 5-7 G Southeast Lauderdale HS

Shelby, Howard 6-3 F Bay Springs HS

Shelton, Overton 5-8 West Bolivar HS

Shields, Kendrick “Kenny” 6-4 F/C Harrison Central HS

Shinault, Rasheed “Sheed” 6-1 PG Thrasher HS

Short, Rashad “Shad” 6-1 G Jefferson County HS

Sibley, Darrius C Yazoo City HS

Skinner, Terry “Jr” 6-3 G/F Kosciusko HS

Spiller, Jeremy “Red” 5-10 PG Clinton Christian Academy HS

Smith, Dane 6-2 F Loyd Star HS

Smith, Jamarcus 6-0 F Saltillo HS

Smith, Jontavious 6-3 F Wesson HS

Smith, Kelly 5-11 Hernando HS

Smith, Stefon 6-1 Indianola Academy HS

Sorrell, Zach 6-4 F Marshall Academy HS

Stapleton, Keyon 6-4 F/C McLaurin HS

Steen, Xavier “Zay” 6-2 F/C Coffeeville HS

Stigger, Tavionne “Tezzy” 6-1 SF Ashland HS

Strahan, Aaron 5-10 Hattiesburg Home School HS

Strickland, Shammodd SF Kennedy HS

Swetman, Winfield 6-2 F St. Patrick HS

Taylor, Kaleb 5-10 G/F Coldwater HS

Thomas, Stephon 6-0 SG Wingfield HS

Thompson, Oren 5-10 SF Purvis HS

Thompson, Tavaris Treyvon “Trey” 5-7 PG Southeast Lauderdale HS

Thompson, William “Will” 6-4 F/C Shannon HS

Thoms, Jack 5-10 Madison Central HS

Tilley, Brandon 6-2 SG Oak Grove HS

Tolbert, Quaterrius 6-2 G Water Valley HS

Toliver, Jacorrian 6-1 West Bolivar HS

Tyler, Jonovan 5-8 G Riverside HS

Vanlandingham, Nash 5-10 F/C Winston Academy HS

Walker, Christian 6-0 G Southeast Lauderdale HS

Walker, Jacob 6-2 SG Florence HS

Walker, London 6-0 G/F Madison St. Joseph Catholic HS

Wall, Isaiah 5-7 G Brookhaven HS

Wallace, Darien 5-11 PG Ocean Springs HS

Wallace, Malik 6-2 PG Hernando HS

Ward, TyQuarius “Ty” 6-0 F Shannon HS

Watkins, Jalen “Jay” 5-7 PG Wingfield HS

Watson, Douglas 5-9 G Madison St. Joseph Catholic HS

Watson, Jaylen “Jay” 6-2 G Hattiesburg HS

Watson, Joquarius 6-0 F Grenada HS

Watts, Evan 6-0 F Lee Academy HS

Weathersby, D’Mario 6-0 G/F Wilkinson County Christian HS

West, Austin Wayne Academy HS

White, Ladavion 5-11 G Sebastopol HS

Wicks, Cameron 5-10 G Baldwyn HS

Willard, Ryder 6-0 G/F West Union HS

Willett, Hunter 6-5 Salem HS

Williams, Charlie Simmons HS

Williams, Claudio Kardell “Claud” 6-2 F Lumberton HS

Williams, Daterrious “Toot” 6-2 SF Montgomery County HS

Williams, Jermarius 5-7 G Leake County HS

Williams, Michael 6-1 G/F Vardaman HS

Williams, Trey 5-10 G Belmont HS

Willis, Dede 6-0 Indianola Academy HS

Wilson, Ca’Darrius 5-11 G Heidelberg HS

Wood, Jake F East Union HS

Woodall, Ja’kyus “Ky” 5-10 G Lafayette HS

Wyatt, Steven “Steve” 6-3 G/F Jackson Prep HS

Yaeger, Joseph 5-8 G East Union HS

York, Jacobi “Cobi” 5-11 G Neshoba Central HS

Young, Cameron 5-6 PG Booneville HS

Young, Daylan “Dayday” 6-0 G Lumberton HS

Young, Quincy C Tylertown HS