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Updated Monday April 30, 2018

Player Rankings

Note: These rankings are not accurate or correct due to the impossibility to see every player in the state. However, these are as accurate as I could possibly get from what I’ve seen and info I’ve gathered. These are always subject to change at any moment and should just be a gauge of how the student-athletes compare with their peers.

  1. Brakefield, Jaemyn “J-Boogie” 6-9 G/F Huntington Prep HS (WV) (Jackson)
  2. Matthews, Cameron “Mook” 6-6 F Olive Branch HS
  3. Smith, Treylan “Trey” 6-4 G Petal HS
  4. Okpomo, Emmanuel “Ema” 6-9 F/C Huntington Prep HS (WV) (Jackson)
  5. Hughes, Rondarius 6-5 G Heidelberg HS
  6. Arrington, Damarion “Dee” 6-4 G/F Wingfield HS
  7. Montgomery, Keondre 6-7 G Forest Hill HS
  8. McGill, Caleb 6-5 F Petal HS
  9. Gross, Ankerion 6-6 F North Panola HS
  10. Chest, Kelvin 6-0 G Grace Baptist Academy HS
  11. Taylor, Wes 5-10 G Olive Branch HS
  12. Hannah, T.J. 6-5 F Saltillo HS
  13. Patrick, Isaiah 5-11 G Richland HS
  14. Acker, Eli 6-6 C Heritage Academy HS
  15. McIntosh, Michael “Mike” 6-5 G/F Muscle Shoals HS (AL) (Corinth)
  16. Martin, Alijah 6-2 G/F North Pike HS
  17. Sanders, Jaylon 6-3 G Southaven HS
  18. Fountain, Derek 6-7 G Holly Springs
  19. Berry, Da’Shun “DB” 6-0 G Houlka HS
  20. Long, Jared 6-4 G/F Heritage Academy HS
  21. Mackey, Matthew “Matt” 6-1 G Northwest Rankin HS
  22. Mays, Jalen 5-9 G Calhoun City HS
  23. Johnson, Dillon 5-11 G Greenville St. Joseph HS
  24. Bell, Cori 5-10 G Holly Springs HS
  25. Howard, Asa “Lefty” 6-2 G Ripley HS
  26. Samuel, Cowandric “Dric” 6-3 G Callaway HS
  27. Steen, Bryantavious “Bryan” 6-6 F/C Charleston HS
  28. Hatten, Antwan “Twan” 6-3 F Laurel HS
  29. Williams Jr, Thomas 6-4 F/C Coahoma Early College HS
  30. Tyes, Ralph “Lil Ralph” 6-1 G Durant HS
  31. Council, Nicholaus 6-0 G Vicksburg
  32. Paymon, Demarkius “Slim” 6-8 F Education Center (Jackson)
  33. Gray, Demarcus 6-7 F/C Leake Central HS
  34. Payton, Decorion 6-5 C Center Hill HS
  35. Anthony, Makeem “Dream” 6-0 G/F Meridian HS
  36. Grimes, Holden 6-5 G/F Madison Central HS
  37. Hoard, Riley 6-6 F/C Baldwyn HS
  38. Blackmon, Jeff 5-9 G Ridgeland HS
  39. Ellis, Azerious “Ellis” 5-7 PG Meridian HS
  40. Frost, Martavious “Tay” 6-4 F Potts Camp HS
  41. Galmore, Bentavious “Ben” 5-10 G Coahoma County HS
  42. Cook, Edzerick “Zeke” 6-4 F/C Starkville HS
  43. Ruedas, Jesus 5-9 PG Ripley HS
  44. Montgomery, T.J. 5-7 PG Jackson Academy HS
  45. Bowie, Kenard 6-5 F Callaway HS
  46. Moreland, Walker 5-11 G New Site HS
  47. Putt, Carter “Putt-Putt” 5-11 PG Heritage Academy HS
  48. Studaway, Quandarius 5-10 PG Lanier HS
  49. Rhines, Willie 6-3 G Gulfport HS
  50. Campbell, Ashton 5-10 PG Forrest County AHS
  51. Wooten, Kavan 6-5 F Senatobia HS
  52. McMillan, Jacob 6-1 G Neshoba Central HS
  53. McCarty, Caleb 6-6 C Biloxi HS
  54. Thompson, Isaiah 6-3 F Amory HS
  55. McGowan, Jy’Quise 6-6 F Petal HS
  56. Storm, Justin 6-6 C Madison Central HS
  57. Landis, Logan 6-5 C Madison Central HS
  58. Armstead, Ke’Edrick “Ked” 6-4 F Meridian HS
  59. Housen, Evan 6-5 C Vancleave HS
  60. Foley, Grayson 6-6 PF Madison St. Joseph Catholic HS
  61. Buffkin, Trace 6-3 SG Magnolia Heights HS
  62. Carr, Harrison 5-10 SG Hillcrest Christian HS
  63. Bennamon, Tequavion “Tae” 6-6 F Meridian HS
  64. Bowman, Jabari “JayBee” 6-4 F/C Warren Central HS
  65. Crumley, Johnathan 6-7 C Callaway HS
  66. Georgetown, Arness 6-4 C St. Andrews Episcopal HS
  67. Hudson, Nate 6-5 F/C Gulfport HS
  68. Wallace, Darien 5-10 G Ocean Springs HS
  69. Vance, J.T. 6-3 F Union HS
  70. Pendleton, Ro’Darien 5-6 PG Provine HS
  71. Stimage, Kearius 6-5 C Raymond HS
  72. Dew, Daniel “D.H.” 6-0 G Madison-Ridgeland Academy
  73. Tarvin, Jaque’vias 6-3 G Brandon HS
  74. Newsome Jr, Rodney 6-5 F/C Briarcrest HS (TN) (Olive Branch)
  75. Evans, Devante 6-5 F Wilkinson County HS
  76. Holly, Keyshawn 6-5 F Broad Street HS
  77. Collins, Tycarious 6-5 F/C Charleston HS
  78. Jones, Dylan 6-5 F/C Desoto Central HS
  79. Montgomery, Jeremiah 6-6 C Stone HS
  80. Gosa, Levi 6-6 C Calhoun Academy HS
  81. Douglas, Deshawn 6-6 Vicksburg HS
  82. McClesky, Cooper 6-5 SG Caledonia HS
  83. Washington, Emom 6-5 PF Yazoo County HS
  84. Powe, BJ 6-5 F Hillcrest Academy
  85. Thompson, Yohan 6-4 PF Adams County Christian
  86. Walker, Nickalos 6-5 Hattiesburg HS

Other players to watch:

Agnew, Caleb 6-2 F Saltillo HS

Altnyer, Steele 5-11 G Heritage Academy HS

Armstrong, Kourtland 5-8 G Pontotoc HS

Atkins, Lakeswick 6-0 West Bolivar HS

Bacon, Kenny 5-11 McLaurin HS

Baker, Keshaun 5-11 SF St. Martin HS

Ball, Isaiah 5-10 G New Albany HS

Ball, Jonathan 6-0 SG Hattiesburg HS

Banks, Calvin 6-0 G Kosciusko HS

Banks, JaMichael 5-9 G/F Leake County HS

Barnes, Rakeem 5-9 D’Iberville HS

Barron, Hunter 6-1 SG Neshoba Central HS

Beasley, Keontae 5-4 PG Biloxi HS

Bizot, Kenner 6-3 PF Wesson HS

Blackmon, Kylan 6-3 G Oxford HS

Boler, Tanner 5-6 Philadelphia HS

Boose, Isaiah 5-10 G Gulfport HS

Bordelon, Brandon SF St. Stanislaus HS

Borst, Adrian 6-0 G Hebron Christian HS

Brown, Cameron Hattiesburg HS

Brown, Elijah 5-9 G East Marion HS

Brown, Jakalan G Lumberton HS

Bruster, Ian 5-7 G Wilkinson County HS

Buckley, Kendarius 6-2 G Callaway HS

Burrage, Karltavis 5-5 G Broad Street HS

Butts, Nic 5-9 G Park Place HS

Byrd, Karlton 6-0 West Lincoln HS

Byrd, Keshon 6-2 West Lincoln HS

Byrd, Kevin 5-8 PG Northwest Rankin HS

Byrd III, Freddie 6-0 G Wilkinson County HS

Bynum, Hunter PG Ingomar HS

Bynum, Keshon 5-11 Houston HS

Callicutt, Sam 5-8 G West Union HS

Campbell, Seth 6-0 PF Lee Academy HS

Carraway, Michael 5-10 G/F Jefferson Davis County HS

Castle, Joseph 6-2 McLaurin HS

Castle IV, William 6-2 SF

Christian, Omor 5-10 G Gulfport HS

Cole, Keith 5-10 South Panola HS

Coleman, Trenton 6-4 SF Ridgeland HS

Colom, Dallas 5-11 G/F Victory Christian HS

Conner, Zach 5-4 G Temple Christian HS

Cosby, Derick 5-5 G Amite County HS

Coxey, Brian 5-10 G Smithville HS

Credit Jr, Charles 5-9 PG Natchez HS

Crosby, Tydarius 6-1 Seminary HS

Crouse, Anthony 5-11

Culberson, Vasedrick “Buck” 5-9 PG Louisville HS

Daniels, Colston 6-1 G/F Jefferson Davis County HS

Daniels, Devin 5-8 G East Marion HS

Daniels, Jalen 5-11 PG Montgomery County HS

Davis, T.J. 5-9 G Charleston HS

Dixon, Joshua 6-4 PF Forest Hill HS

Doss, Dontavious 5-8 G/F Okolona HS

Dotson, Corte 6-2 F McAdams HS

Drake Jr, Deon 5-6 PG Gulfport HS

Dunn, Justin Wayne Academy HS

Earls, L. 5-7 G Wilkinson County HS

Eiland, Iverson 5-9 G Philadelphia HS

Elliott, Luke 5-10 Hickory Flat HS

Erving, Akeem 5-11 Ethel HS

Evans, Christian G Pisgah HS

Ezell, Harold 5-10 G/F Perry Central HS

Faulkner, Kedavian 5-9 G Potts Camp HS

Favre, Dylan 5-11 G Richton HS

Franklin Jr, Marcus 6-2 SF Cleveland Central HS

Franklin, Ty Water Valley HS

Fruge’, Don 6-0 F Oxford HS

Fulgham, Ladarius “Duke” 5-10 G/F Pisgah HS

Galloway, Kyren G Bay HS

Gardner, Graham “Buzz” 6-2 G Nettleton HS

Gibson, Darrion 5-10 G/F Wesson HS

Gibson, Trevon 6-0 G/F Brooks HS

Gilbert, Kent 6-0 G/F Oak Grove HS

Griffin, Deonta 6-2 G Jim Hill HS

Griffin, Will 5-10 G Morton HS

Hall, Deon 5-9 PG Oak Grove HS

Hall ,Jalen G Picayune HS

Harrell, Jayden Hattiesburg HS

Harris, Ethan Laurel Home School HS

Harris, J.C. 5-10 G Hillcrest Christian HS

Harris, Kevon G/F Leake Central HS

Harvey, Micah Lee 6-0 SG St. Martin HS

Hill, Chardarius 5-7 G Calhoun City HS

Hobson, Caleb 6-0 G Pontotoc HS

Holmes Jr, Larry 6-0 PG Callaway HS

Holmes, Markevious 5-5 G Coahoma County HS

Hubbard, DeJuan G East Union HS

Hughes, Carter 5-10 G Alcorn Central HS

Hughes, Dannarious Lake HS

Isaac, Deveonte South Pike HS

Jackson, Jaylin 6-1 PG McComb HS

Jackson, Jonavon George County HS

Jackson, Treminski 5-6 G Brooks HS

James, Jacob 6-0 G/F Wheeler HS

James, Phameko 6-2 SF Hazlehurst HS

Jenkins, Michael Laurel Home School HS

Johnson, Cedrick F Coldwater HS

Johnson, Da’Nay PF Richland HS

Johnson, Dedrick 5-8 G Nettleton HS

Johnson, Jamonte 6-0 PG Provine HS

Johnson, Kris 6-1 SG Vancleave HS

Johnson, Ladarius “Lil O” 5-8 PG Gentry HS

Jones, Alexander 6-2 PF MS School for the Deaf HS

Jones, Jermy 6-4 PF Humphreys County HS

Jone, Kobe 5-11 G Picayune HS

Kaleb, Trae 6-1 F Kemper County HS

Kesler, Braxton 6-1 SF Saltillo HS

Keys, Austin 6-0 Seminary HS

Kiesel, David 5-11 PG Lewisburg HS

Kincaide, Jadarrius 6-3 G/F Coffeeville HS

Kitchens, Ryan 6-0 PG

Lacy, Marshall 6-3 PF Lake Cormorant HS

Latham, Willie 5-10 Starkville Academy HS

Leavy, Tyrek 6-2 SF Collins HS

Lee, Henry 5-11 G Jackson Academy HS

Lee, Hunter 6-2 Taylorsville HS

Lee, Zavian F/C Coldwater HS

Lewis, Chris 6-2 PG Hattiesburg HS

Lewis, Markeese 5-10 G Charleston HS

Lilly, Garydon “Zane” 6-0 G/F Neshoba Central HS

Magee, Javon 5-10 PG Jackson Prep

Malone, Deshontin Bruce HS

Marshall, Jacob 5-7 PG Kings Court Christian HS

Marshall, Jordan 6-2 SG Raymond HS

Mason, E.J. 6-2 F Jackson Academy HS

Mattix, R.L. 5-10 PG New Hope HS

McCall, Rasheen Wayne Academy HS

McDonald, Antonio “Duke” 5-9 PG Canton HS

McDonald, JaQuon Florence HS

McDonald, Jerod 6-2 G/F West Union HS

McDonel, Jacquan 6-2 G Florence HS

McGee, Malique West Tallahatchie HS

McKeller, Cade 6-1 G Oxford HS

McLaurin, Mar’Ques “Hershey” 6-3 G/F Collins HS

McMillan, Cody “Rod” 6-1 G Neshoba Central HS

McWilliams, Martavin 6-3 SG Raymond HS

Miller, Fred 6-2 SF Gautier HS

Miller, Reggie 6-2 G Amanda Elzy HS

Miller, Willie 6-0 F Brandon HS

Mills, Jackson “KD” 6-1 G Tupelo Christian Prep HS

Moffett, Andrew 5-11 G/F Pass Christian HS

Moffett, Shamar 6-0 SG

Montgomery, Zaveon Forest Hill HS

Moore, Julian 5-8 G Byers HS

Moore, Logan 6-0 G/F Pisgah HS

Muse, JaQuives 5-10 G Potts Camp HS

Nickson, Manoj 5-9 G Pontotoc HS

O’Banner, Roland 5-10 F Lumberton HS

Odom, Luke 6-0 F Sacred Heart HS

Owens, Tykel 6-1 G Oxford HS

Page, Celeion 5-9 G West Jones HS

Patterson, Tameron “Tam” 5-10 G Corinth HS

Payne, Dallas 6-2 St. Stanislaus HS

Peace, Nathan 5-11 G Potts Camp HS

Pegues, J.J. 6-3 F/C Oxford HS

Perkins, Timothy 5-11 G Grace Baptist Academy HS

Powell, Seth 6-1 PG Magnolia Heights HS

Price, Davion “DayDay” 5-6 PG Booneville HS

Pulliam, Kentorius PG Shannon HS

Reeves, Will F South Pontotoc HS

Rhyan, KaDerious 5-10 G/F Byers HS

Rice, Jalin “Jay” 6-1 G Madison Central HS

Richardson, Jonathan “Dooley” 5-11 G/F Riverside HS

Roberts, Blake 6-0 SG Oak Grove HS

Robertson, Tanner Laurel Home School HS

Sanders, Keaston 5-6 PG Forest Hill HS

Shaw, Jayvion 6-2 F Calhoun City HS

Sheffield, D.T. 5-9 G Corinth HS

Sheffield, Isaiah 6-3 G/F Lewisburg HS

Shells, Charles Deiondre “Deion” 5-9 PG Itawamba AHS

Shepherd, Reginal “Reggie” C Sebastopol HS

Short, Rashad 6-2 SG Jefferson County HS

Shumaker, Bryandrea “Drea” 6-0 SG Louisville HS

Smith, Brady 6-4 F/C Wilkinson County Christian HS

Smith, Damien 5-8 G Wesson HS

Smith, Jytireus 6-3 F/C Gulfport HS

Stacy, Hunter 6-1 G Biggersville HS

Stanford, Clayton 6-3 F Ingomar HS

Stallings, Ivory 5-7 G Hattiesburg HS

Stampley, Kedarius 6-2 SG Natchez HS

Stephens, Kena 5-11 G Vancleave HS

Stewart, Mitch 6-3 F/C Winona HS

Studdard, Lawson Columbus Christian HS

Taylor, Lamadryon 5-8 Houston HS

Terrell, Christian 5-5 PF Horn Lake HS

Thomas, Josh 6-2 SF Bogue Chitto HS

Thomas, River 6-0 Sylva Bay Academy HS

Thompson, Ahmad 6-2 F Franklin County HS

Thompson, Caden 5-7 G Pearl River Central HS

Thompson, Jason 6-1 Taylorsville HS

Thornton, Jaywill Forrest County AHS

Torres, Eric Belmont HS

Townsend, Bobby 5-9 Houston HS

Townsend, Kody 5-5 PG Vardaman HS

Tucker, Jawyn 5-10 Calhoun City HS

Upkins, Zach 6-3 F Bogue Chitto HS

Vannoy, Thomas 5-11 G/F Wilkinson County Christian HS

Vaughn, Latres 6-3 F Pontotoc HS

Virges, Xavier 5-10 Houston HS

Walker, Bryson 5-11 G Calhoun City HS

Walker, Charles 6-1 SG

Walker, Jamarion G/F Shaw HS

Walker, Wenton 6-3 F Jackson Academy HS

Walls, Courtney 6-1 PF Horn Lake HS

Walton, Jamarcus 6-1 F Falkner HS

Warren, DeAndre 6-0 D’Iberville HS

Weathersby, Xzavian Collins HS

Weber, Octavious 5-8 PG Moss Point HS

Wells, Brandon 6-1 Temple Christian HS

West, Jasavion 5-9 G Morton HS

Wheaton, Anthony 5-9 PG Bay Springs HS

White, Jordan PG Shannon HS

White, Louis PG Collins HS

Wiggins, Jah’Quez 6-0 SG Lanier HS

Wilder, Cade 6-0 PF Falkner HS

Wilder, Dashawn 6-0 SG Itawamba AHS

Willard, Luke 6-1 G/F West Union HS

Williams, Javion 5-8 G Kemper County HS

Williams, John Rilee 6-2 C Alcorn Central HS

Williams, Justin 5-8 G South Pike HS

Williams, Marquis 6-2 G Magee HS

Williams, Toby 5-11 PG Hazlehurst HS

Wiygul, Jake “Wig” 6-1 SF Mantachie HS