The following players on these list were either submitted by their Coaches with their info or evaluated by me or a contributor of Magnolia Hoops. College Coaches contact me for additional player info. Players are listed in alphabetical order. Coaches can also add players by getting in contact with me at the following:

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Updated Monday April 30, 2018

Player Rankings

Note: These rankings are not accurate or correct due to the impossibility to see every player in the state. However, these are as accurate as I could possibly get from what I’ve seen and info I’ve gathered. These are always subject to change at any moment and should just be a gauge of how the student-athletes compare with their peers.

  1. Ruffin, Daeshun 5-9 PG Callaway HS
  2. Saulsberry, Mitchell 6-4 F/C Potts Camp HS
  3. Lee, Joshua “Josh” 6-2 G Velma Jackson HS
  4. Sims, Vashon 6-2 G East Marion HS
  5. Laws, Kaeden 6-4 SF Center Hill HS
  6. Anderson, Jamal 6-5 F West Tallahatchie HS
  7. Williams, Carlous “CJ” 6-6 F/C Harrison Central
  8. Crosby, Marquis 5-10 G Seminary HS
  9. Bolden, Rashad “Shad” 5-7 G St. Andrews Episcopal HS
  10. Rawls, Caleb 6-4 F East Marion HS
  11. Robinson, Anthony “Ant” 6-4 PG West Harrison HS
  12. Yates, Jai’Sheldon “Jai” 6-4 F/C Coahoma County HS
  13. Parker, Donavon “D” 6-0 G Heidelberg HS
  14. Dupree, Joseph “Joe” 6-5 F/C Murrah HS
  15. Robinson, Rock 6-4 SG Pontotoc HS
  16. Shugars, Zach “Shugar Bear” 6-4 F/C Ingomar HS
  17. Marks, Khaleb “KZ” 6-2 SG Long Beach HS
  18. Martin, Jamerison “Jay” 5-9 G Itawamba AHS
  19. Luss, Omarion “O” 5-10 PG Clinton HS
  20. Wimsatt, Quamarzriea “Q” 6-3 G/F Corinth HS
  21. Smith, Cameron 6-4 F Falkner HS
  22. Carter, Devin 5-8 G Florence HS
  23. Allen, William “Will” 6-6 G/F Bonnabel HS (LA) (Bogue Chitto)
  24. Keys, CJ 6-5 G Quitman HS
  25. Brown, KeShawn “Bird” 6-4 G/F Vicksburg HS
  26. Roberson, Tyrese “Ty” 5-10 G North Pontotoc HS
  27. Esco, Jamaal 5-11 PG Murrah HS
  28. Williams, Jaden 6-5 F/C Vicksburg HS
  29. Clark, Reggie 5-10 G Holmes County Central HS
  30. Keyes, Ty 6-0 G Taylorsville HS
  31. Hampton, Keondra G Tupelo HS
  32. McKinney, Trey 5-10 G Booneville HS
  33. High, Arteveion 6-2 G/F New Albany HS
  34. Phillips, Jarmarvious 6-4 F Starkville HS
  35. Merritt, Sean 6-5 C Winona HS
  36. Singletary, Brannon 6-3 G/F Northwest Rankin HS
  37. Haynes, Damon 6-3 G Wingfield HS
  38. Jones, Jamarcus “Mark” 6-5 F/C Union HS
  39. Wilder, Davon 6-5 F/C Itawamba AHS
  40. Summeral, Clifton 6-6 F Hattiesburg
  41. DeMarco, Dylan 5-10 G Grace Baptist Academy HS
  42. Green, Eric 5-11 G McAdams HS
  43. Nugent, A.I. G Myrtle HS
  44. Williams, Cameron 6-5 C Leflore County HS
  45. Thompson, Elijah G Myrtle HS
  46. Lucas, Johnathan 6-5 SG Madison
  47. Thompson, Rahmil 5-8 G Rosa Fort HS
  48. Woods, Ke’Andre 6-4 F Pearl HS
  49. Roberson, Jequann 6-5 PF Greenville HS
  50. Thomas, Cornelius 6-5 C South Delta HS
  51. Skipper, Jaylyn 6-4 G/F West Tallahatchie HS
  52. McKenzine, Abraham 6-4 F Laurel HS

Other players to watch:

Agnew, Shann Jumpertown HS

Averett, Maurice 5-9 PG

Barnes, Jay 5-11 PG Oak Grove HS

Bender, Cedric 5-10 F West Jones HS

Bingham, Boogie 5-10 SG Philadelphia HS

Bolden, Jaylen 6-0 G Murrah HS

Bolton, James 6-2 G/F Perry Central HS

Bridges, Omarion Stringer HS

Brown, Michael 6-3 F Lanier HS

Brown, Shaun 5-11 PG Lanier HS

Brumfield, Dylan 5-11 PF Oak Grove HS

Buchanan, Destaan “Jeremiah” 6-1 F Shannon

Bullock, CJ 6-0 F McComb HS

Burk, Kelton 6-0 SG Forest Hill HS

Bush, Tyler G Lumberton HS

Campbell, Jimmy “EJ” 5-11 PG Union HS

Campbell, Juwayne 6-1 G Wingfield HS

Carson, Omarion 6-4 PF Petal HS

Carter, Dylan 5-6 Enterprise Lincoln HS

Casey, Aden G Smithville HS

Chambers, Ira “IJ” 5-11 SG Philadelphia HS

Coker, Logan 5-7 G Lewisburg HS

Coleman, Reid 5-9 G Clarkdale HS

Cooper, Tyvoris “Ty” 6-4 PF Louisville HS

Corban, Zack 6-0 G/F Hebron Christian HS

Corley, Emmanuel 5-9 SG Oak Grove HS

Crawford, Melvin 5-10 G West Lowndes HS

Crawford, Shemar 6-3 Houston HS

Credit, Joshua 5-10 PG Natchez HS

Crum, Daylen SG Falkner HS

Daily, Ethan 5-10 G Nanih Waiya HS

Daniels, Tynerious 6-0 PG Jefferson Davis County HS

Dehenre, Alujah Raleigh HS

Dixon, Kentavious 5-10  Leflore County HS

Dixon, LaKevin G Madison Central HS

Edwards, Jason 5-6 G Wesson HS

Evans, Xavier “Zay” 5-6 PG Laurel HS

Fairley, Anthony “AJ” 6-2 F Ridgeland

Fisher, RJ 6-2 G/F Wilkinson County Christian HS

Franks, Xavier 5-9 G Magee HS

Frederick, Roderick “RJ” 4-8 PG Harrison Central HS

Garner, Cannon 6-2 SF Presbyterian Christian HS

Garrett, William Laurel Home School HS

Glover, Malik 5-11 G Byers HS

Gonzalez, Ariel 5-9 G Clarkdale HS

Granger Jr, James 5-10 Kemper County HS

Griffin, Jy’Quantis “Unka” 5-7 G Meridian

Grizzard, Zion 5-9 G/F Falkner HS

Hall, Vaccerius 5-9 G Magee HS

Harmon, Antonio Kosciusko HS

Harris, Jackson “Jelly” 5-8 PG Tupelo Christian Prep HS

Hartfield, Dontavious 6-0 F Perry Central HS

Haynes, Jamar “Kiddo” 6-0 SG Louisville HS

Henry, Davion “Fatt” 5-7 G Harrison Central HS

Henry II, Daon Terrill 5-10 G Yazoo City HS

Hilliard, Rashad 6-1 SF St. Martin HS

Hodges, DeKell “Kell” 6-0 G/F Washington School

Hodo, Will Wayne Academy HS

Hogan, Kentavian 6-4 G Wingfield HS

Holloway Jr, Joseph 6-2 PF North Forrest HS

Holmes, Justin 6-0 G/F Temple Christian HS

Hughes, Jalen 6-2 SG

Hughes, Phillip 5-11 PG

Hunter, Tray 5-7 PG Philadelphia HS

Hurst, Cohen 6-0 G West Lauderdale HS

Ingram, Elijah G Myrtle HS

Inshetski, Christian 6-0 F/C Clarkdale HS

Jessie, Trevon 5-9 G Lumberton HS

Johnson, Andrew 5-8 G Clinton

Johnson, Billy Booneville HS

Johnson, Deonta G Leake Central HS

Jones, Carson 6-0 G/F Clarkdale HS

Jones, Josh 5-10 F Park Place Christian HS

Jones, Josiah “Joe” 5-4 PG Meridian HS

Jordan, Alex 5-9 PG Hattiesburg HS

Judge, Dontavious 6-2 C Hickory Flat HS

Kelly, Thomas 5-6 G Loyd Star HS

Keyes, Deon Raleigh HS

Keys, Trey G Ingomar HS

Langley, Jackson 6-1 F/C Hebron Christian HS

Lard, Munsumi 6-0 SG

Lewis, Larson 6-1 G/F Wesson HS

Linzy, Brenton 6-4 F/C Lafayette HS

Lipford, Montarrious 5-9 G/F Coldwater HS

Loden, Doug 6-2 F/C Hebron Christian HS

Lofton, Ben Belmont HS

Lofton, Dashun 5-9 PG Forest HS

Lowe, Jon 6-3 F/C Hebron Christian HS

Lumpkin Jr, Anthony “AJ” 5-8 G Vicksburg

Mack, Jeremy 5-10 G Clinton

Madlock, TJ G/F Oxford HS

Marshall, Myles Simmons HS

Maury, Clayton “Clay” 5-8 PG Louisville HS

McClendon, Qavion 5-9 G Kemper County HS

McCullough, Will Loyd Star HS

McDougle, Jaquavion 6-2 G McLaurin HS

McIntyre, Jack 6-2 PF Temple Christian HS

McMath, Robert 5-9 G Winona HS

Meaders, Jordan “J-Bird” 6-1 G/F North Pontotoc HS

Merritt, Sacarrio Ethel HS

Miller Jr, Keith 6-0 SF

Mills, Stroud G South Pontotoc HS

Mitchell, Jayme 6-2 G Forest Hill HS

Moffet, Shamar 6-0 G Lanier HS

Murray, Noah 5-9 G/F Clinton Christian HS

O’Neal, Chaddrick 6-3 PF

Owens, Jarvin Seminary HS

Parker, Coben 6-0 G/F Calhoun Academy HS

Perkins, Margro Raleigh HS

Peterson, David “DP” 5-10 PF Blue Mountain HS

Phillips, Josh 6-2 F Grenada HS

Phillips, Tyler Salem HS

Pittman, Jeffery Taylorsville HS

Powell, Donovan 6-0 F Temple Christian HS

Ramsey, Dakari 5-7 G Jackson

Randolph, Tajrick 6-0 G/F West Jones HS

Redmond, Bryson 5-2 G Jackson

Reed, Brandon 5-7 PG Leake Central HS

Reed, Bryce 6-0 SG Leake County HS

Richards, Cole 5-10 G/F Clarkdale HS

Robinson, Shutezz 6-3 C Morton HS

Rowe, Quashon 5-9 G Holmes County Central HS

Russell III, Curtis Wayne Academy HS

Scott, Bradley 5-10 F Hebron Christian HS

Scott, Dajerious 5-9 G Pontotoc HS

Sessions, Ben 5-9 F Wilkinson County Christian HS

Shaw, Corterious 6-3 PG Provine HS

Shelby, Marco 5-11 SG

Sims, Antrelle 5-11 F Wesson HS

Sims, Jaylon 6-0 G Magee HS

Smithey, Tyson 6-0 G/F Ingomar HS

Spurlock, Edric 5-11 G McComb HS

Standifer, Khieri G Smithville HS

Stroupe, Bricen SF Falkner HS

Sumner, Juwan 6-1 SF Oak Grove HS

Thames, Tyrell “Butta” 6-1 SG Louisville HS

Thrasher, La’Darius 5-11 G Brookhaven HS

Torrance, LaTayvien 5-7 PG Coffeeville HS

Toy, Ahkeem 5-8 SF Oak Grove HS

Triplett, Braden 5-9 G/F Hebron Christian HS

Tucker, Jacob 5-9 G Alcorn Central HS

Turman, Dash 5-6 G Hebron Christian HS

Wade, Shawn Hernando HS

Walker, Brandon 6-3 SF Grace Baptist Academy HS

Ward, Corey 5-7 G Coldwater HS

Watson, Leon Seminary HS

Wigley, Marcus 5-7 G Humphreys County HS

Williams, Blake F Smithville HS

Williams, Jalen 5-10 G Canton

Wilson, Caleb 5-9 PG Madison St. Joseph Catholic HS

Wilson, Dave G Clarsdale HS

Windom, Kito 6-1 G Corinth HS

Wooldridge, Ethan 5-9 G Clarkdale HS

Young, Coltie 5-6 G Starkville

Young, Gabe G/F Purvis HS

Zizman, Michael “Max” 6-3 F Lewisburg HS