Bank of Pontotoc Classic

Before I empty my notebook I would like to share a little of why parts of this site is up and going. Saturday as I entered the bleaches at Pontotoc, I went to center court, very top row behind scorers table. I made my nest up high in between several older gentlemen, not having a clue who they were nor were there with due to no school colors. Two guys to my left were from around Marshall county I assumed because they were there most of the day before heading to watch someone up toward Marshall county play. The gentleman on my right, an 82 year old from Oxford by way of MN, sat with his note cards and gym bag under his feet. Two guys past him, have no clue where they were from either but they was there from first tip to last whistle. Six strangers as the day began. By mid-day, you would have thought they were lifelong friends. Telling stories of teams in the past, players they had seen and even sharing opinions on the current players on the court. That’s what high school basketball is to me. These guys will probably never see each other again but you couldn’t tell it Saturday. And amazingly so, the Oxford resident watches more games than I do. He kept notes and stats from every game that day. I can only hope to get as lucky as he is one day.

A few more notes from Friday night action

Blue Mountain

Devahn Englund 5-10 Sr PG: 31 points; this man can play; smooth guard with really long range; makes playing basketball look easy he is so smooth; plays the passing lanes very well on defense; good free throw shooter 11-13 against Tremont. David Mason got a steal with him leaving the coast, where he was a Gulf Coast All Star last season, and coming back home to Tippah county. Coach Mason has the workings for a dark horse team going on


Walker Adams 6-1 Sr G: 23 points, 9-10 free throws, 4 3’s; if you would like to see a text book video on how to shoot the ball, you would see a video of Walker shooting the ball; one of the nicest shots in high school basketball

Bank of Pontotoc Classic

There seems to be a theme going on with these notes and it keeps falling back to free throws and leadership. I would like to thank Coach Vandiver and the Pontotoc staff for their hospitality at this event. Special thanks to the nice lady (didn’t get her name) that was doing the books, she was more than gracious to share them with me so I could gather information. It was great to meet Coach Linzy, Lafayette County girls coach, another high school basketball “geek” like myself and it was also a pleasure to meet Coach Kyle Heard, Pontotoc assistant coach. He really has a feel for what is going on around the state in high school basketball and I could pick his brain for hours. Hope to chat with these Coaches again soon.


Kelton Hall 6-1 So F: 28 points, 10-13 free throws, 4 3’s; smooth shooter; shoots with ease

Cade Hall 5-10 Sr PG: this guy is one of the main keys to the Falcons success; he is the steering wheel that makes the team go


DeAnthony Tipler 5-9 SO G: 32 points, 8-11 free throw, 7 rebounds, 5 steals; fast; smooth; shifty; great shot;


Madarius Hobson 6-0 So F: 30 points; the sky this the limit for him; he has potential to be as great as he wants to be; watched him play last season and he played more of a guard style, Saturday he played down low and played more of a post role for the team


C.J. Brim Jr PG: 23 points, 7-8 free throws including the game tying and game winning free throws; that’s clutch; didn’t lead his team in scoring but he assisted on probably half the shots that Rance Champ made (28 points); great penetration and finding the open shooters when he drew the defenders to him; one of the best true point guards in north MS; he is an old school point guard


Jacques Townsend 6-4 Sr F: 0000000 points; no my finger did not hit the key too many times, he didn’t score; in fact, he didn’t even play; out with an injury/illness; LEADERSHIP.  He was not pouting at the end of the bench because he wasn’t playing; he was the last man on the court before the ref threw the ball up for tip, actually I think the ref was waiting for him to move so he could tip it off; the was encouraging and coaching his team and his replacement; he was coaching from the bench and in timeouts; he was being a leader; when your team leader is also a garbage man that can grow on the rest of the team; that is a good thing for this young Pontotoc team; college coaches not only watch what happens on the court but also on the bench and in the stands before and after games. Ques, I think that’s what they call him, was a perfect example of a LEADER

Ty Jones 6-6 Jr G/F: 30 points, 12-17 free throws, 15 rebounds; last weekend at Tupelo Ty played more of a guard role and he even guarded Aberdeens best player, Queshod Young PG (29 ppg, 8 rpg, 7 apg, 5 spg). Saturday he played a post type roll with the absence of Ques. I was really wondering if he could get down low and bang, was he too fragile to play with the big boys because he is tall and slender build. He put that thought to rest against Myrtle because they have about 4 big horses they keep around the goal and Ty pulled down 15 boards. He is playing versatile wherever his coach or team needs him; he is a match-up nightmare; It was confirmed by watching him Saturday that he is D1 material with him showing all aspects of his game; I have always said that players make a jump between so and jr year and I think it is proving to be the same with Ty


Myrtle: WOW, where to start with them? They got bigs and ballers. They have about 4 or 5 guys that can go off for 30 on any given night. This team played under control and 1A might be in trouble with Myrtle this year. They will get chemistry together and find their way around the court together. Coach Browning could potentially have a very special unit forming in Union county

Abiram Frazier 6-4 Sr F: 6-4 seems a bit undersized for him; he is a beastly looking monster on the court; no way I would take a charge for him; big muscular guy

Chris Hill 6-3 Sr C: again another big that they maybe did’t stretch the tape measure out all the way

Jonathan Scales 6-3 Jr F/C: didn’t play much due to foul trouble but major potential and upside; his 6-3 size seems more like 6-5/ 6-6 to me; long and lanky with great reach; could be a shot blocking machine

Dee Johnson 5-8 Jr G: Ok, I saved the little guy for last. Heart, heart and more heart. He can also jump out of the gym. He would lead most teams in rebounds but its kinda hard with all the big beastly bodies Myrtle has. He uses his speed wisely; timely moves; not full speed all the time. LEADERSHIP, again coaches watch what happens before and after games, in the stands and on the way to the bus. He was encouraging he teammates to shake off a tough loss and put it behind them and was already talking about the next opponent. Main point, he was encouraging his team, not pointing fingers or laying blame. I could tell at one point during the game he was willing to learn from Coach Browning; he was wanting to learn and wanting to get better.

Bank Of Pontotoc Classic Results

Thursday games

(G) North Pontotoc (1-2) 50 Baldwyn (1-1) 43

North Pontotoc: Merritt 17 pts

Baldwyn: LaJayla Turnage Jr G 13 pts

(G) New Albany (4-0) 60 Walnut (0-1) 53

New Albany: Tashonda Caviness Jr SG 20 pts

Walnut: Regan Britt Jr 25 pts

(G) Pontotoc (5-0) 66 Kosciusko (1-3) 51

Pontotoc: Jatyjia Jones 5-9 So F 41 pts

Kosciusko: Feria Mays Jr G/F 16 pts

Saturday games

(G) Shannon (1-0) 55 Ashland (1-2) 41

Shannon: Asia Anderson 15 pts

Ashland: Darliyah Clardy 6-0 Sr C 11 pts

J’Niya Tallie 5-4 Jr G 11 pts

(B) Ingomar (4-0) 63 Ashland (1-2) 56

Ingomar: Kelton Hall 6-1 So F 28 pts, 4 3’s, 10-13 ft

Ashland: DeAnthony Tipler 5-9 So G 32 pts, 8-11 ft, 7 reb, 5 st

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Kelton Hall


(G) Olive Branch (3-0) 67 Ingomar (3-1) 46

Olive Branch: Myah Taylor 5-7 Jr PG 24 pts, 7 ast, 6 st

Ingomar: Lauren Thompson Fr G/F 17 pts

The experience of Olive Branch proved to be too much for Ingomar but the Lady Falcons are on their way with a tough schedule this year.

(B) Shannon (2-2) 86 Houlka (1-2) 85

Shannon: Rance Champ Jr G 28 pts, 6 3’s

Houlka: Madarius Hobson 6-0 So F 30 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

C.J. Brim Jr PG

Shannon: 23 pts, 7-8 ft

(G) Myrtle (2-0) 57 Houlka (0-3) 42

Myrtle: Jessica Floyd 17 pts, 7-8 ft

Houlka: Timoya Brownlee 5-8 So F 13 pts

(G) Pontotoc (5-0) 62 Ripley (0-2) 44

Pontotoc: Makenzie Lane 6-0 Jr C 24 pts, 8-10 ft

Ripley: Dayzsha Rogan Jr G 25 pts

(B) Pontotoc (4-0) 66 Myrtle (2-1) 50

Pontotoc: Ty Jones 6-6 Jr G/F 30 pts, 12-17 ft, 15 reb

Myrtle: Abiram Frazier 6-4 Sr F 10 pts

Tanner Cox 5-10 G 10 pts

Dee Johnson 5-8 Jr G 10 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Ty Jones 6-6 Jr G/F



MagnoliaHoops Starting 5

The 5 players that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the Bank of Pontotoc Classic

  1. Ty Jones 6-6 Jr G/F Pontotoc

  2. C.J. Brim Jr PG Shannon

  3. Kelton Hall 6-1 So F Ingomar

  4. Madarius Hobson 6-0 So F Houlka

  5. DeAnthony Tipler 5-9 So G Ashland



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