Doc Vandiver Classic

Doc Vandiver Classic

at Baldwyn

Great games. West Union overcame at least a 15 point or more deficit in a come from behind victory. West Union scored 23 points in the 4th quarter and hit a buzzer beater 3 for a 56-55 upset win over New Site. Red Bay AL and Hatley had a 3 overtime thriller. Baldwyn and Shannon is already a classic. Baldwyn was down 27-9 at the end of 1. Wait, when was the last time a Baldwyn defense allowed 27 points in a quarter? Shannon nailed 5 3’s in the 1st quarter for the big lead. The Baldwyn defense finally showed up in the 2nd only allowing Shannon to score 4 tying the game at 31 at the intermission. It was a game from then on. No telling how many times the lead changed and Shannon missed the final shot for a Baldwyn win.

East Union

Ty McDonald 6-2 Jr G/F: 23 pts, 3 3’s. Great body size; one of the best passers in the game; great shot; good free throw shooter; great rebounder

East Union girls: OK I normally don’t mention much about girls but I was pleasantly surprised with them. Coach Blythe has built a team and, from my understanding, the bets is yet to come. Don’t get me wrong, they are not Ingomar but this team could make a deep run in Jackson depending on the match ups.


Chris Long 6-6 Sr F/C: 29 pts. Can shoot outside; wide body with touch; didn’t really look as if he just had a blow up game but then you look at the books and he had quietly had 29


CJ Brim Jr G: 20 pts, 5 3’s, 3-3 ft. has the ability to shake a defender and get his shot off whenever he wants to; plays within his game and don’t try and force too much;  sets up teammates well

Shannon: again, this team is good; looks like they might be having some off nights but are very capable of going deep in 4A playoffs; if I was a 4A Coach, I would only hope to catch them on an off night. Good size guys that love to crash the boards, speed and shooters, hit 9 3’s and can also hit the mid range 15 footers. Very stingy defense


Coby Agnew 6-3 Sr F: 17 pts, 11-13 ft. Showed great ability to get to the basket and draw fouls; and then hit 11 of 13 free throws; rebounded well; another great passer. JUCO and college Coaches need to take notice of his game. A do-everything player that could score 30 every game but gets his team involved; who wouldn’t want to play with that. But the most important piece of his game on Saturday was his defense. He had the tough assignment of guarding a much smaller and faster Rocquise Coleman; guarded Coleman the entire 4th quarter with 4 fouls and played great defense without picking up his 5th. That was impressive to watch

Doc Vandiver Classic Results

(G) East Union (5-3) 66 MaxPreps #78 in MS, #6 in 2A

Nettleton (0-6) 37 MaxPreps #214 in MS, # 35 in 3A

East Union: Lauren Jane Whitenton 5-11 So C 17 pts 5-6 ft

Nettleton: Precious Simmons 5-6 Sr G/F 9 pts


(B) Nettleton (6-0) 79 Maxpreps #42 in MS, #5 in 3A

East Union (4-5) 65 MaxPreps #156 in MS, #22 in 2A

Nettleton: Chris Long 6-6 Sr F/C 29 pts

East Union: Ty McDonald 6-2 Jr G/F 23 pts, 3 3’s

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Chris Long

Nettleton 6-6 Sr F/C 29 pts

(B) West Union (6-5) 56 MaxPreps #158 in MS, #16 in 1A

New Site (7-3) 55 MaxPreps #72 in MS, #9 in 3A

West Union: Myles Steen 5-8 Jr G 17 pts, 7-8 fg, 2 3’s, 3 st

New Site: Ashton Johnson 5-9 Sr G 19 pts, 6-6 ft

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Adam Grubbs

West Union 5-11 Sr G/F

10 pts, 4-6 fg, 2 3’s, 2 bl, Game Winning 3 at buzzer

(B) Hatley (3-5) 66 Maxpreps #239 in MS

Red Bay AL (0-3) 61

Hatley: AJ Blaylock 6-1 Jr G 21 pts, 6-7 ft, 4-4 ft in ot, 7 reb, 2 st

Red Bay AL: Peyton Green Fr 22 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

AJ Blaylock

Hatley 6-1 Jr G 21 pts, 6-7 ft, 4-4 ft in ot, 7 reb, 2 st

(G) Red Bay AL (6-1) 50 Maxpreps #20 in AL, #2 in 2A, #309 in nation

Baldwyn (3-5) 32 MaxPreps #162 in MS, #19 in 2A, #3591 in nation

Red Bay AL: Darby Madden 20 pts

Baldwyn: Paige Huddleston So C 14 pts

(B) Baldwyn (5-1) 61 MaxPreps #16 in MS, #3 in 2A

Shannon (5-5) 59 MaxPreps #86 in MS, #14 in 4A

Baldwyn: Conner McKay 5-11 Sr G 18 pts, 3 3’s, 5-7 ft

Shannon: CJ Brim Jr G 20 pts, 5 3’s, 3-3 ft

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Coby Agnew

Baldwyn 6-3 Sr F 17 pts, 11-13 ft


MagnoliaHoops Starting 5

The 5 players that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the Doc Vandiver Classic

1. Coby Agnew 6-3 Sr F


2. CJ Brim Jr G


3. Ty McDonald 6-2 Jr G/F

East Union

4. Chris Long 6-6 Sr F/C


5. Conner McKay 5-11 Sr G