Magnolia Hoops does not work for profit and I’ve used my personal funds the last four years to run it. Funds are starting to depreciate which is limiting my coverage. Most people don’t realize when they say come cover us that it takes time and money to make this happen. I’ve done this for several years and it has been for the most part taken for granted. It takes gas money, hotel money and time away from work. Apparently some people think I can snap my finger and be at a game. My car is only two years old and it has 135,000 miles on it already. I make the best out of what I can with my schedule. I strategically plan it to where I can see the most amount of teams possible every year. I don’t always go to the best tournaments in the state so I can see more teams at another one. If I can see 7 new teams at Shootout or 3 new teams at Classic, I have to go to shootout even though they might not have the best teams or games. With that being said, I will open up a donations page to help fund my travels. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way into covering our kids. By donating, it doesn’t guarantee that I will see your kid or team play. It just makes it more possible for it to happen. Coaches or sponsors hosting tournaments, I’m also open to deals at hotels if you have any connections.

Click on the link below to make donations through Paypal.

You can also send donations of gas cards or other monetary offerings to:

Magnolia Hoops

801 Frontage Rd

Apt. 1104

Oxford, MS 38655

There is no donation too small. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated and will be used to the best of my ability at providing as much coverage as possible with our high school athletes.

Magnolia Hoops is also entertaining the idea of using sponsors. I’ve partnered up with Katie Roberts Photography. She has been the main sponsor the entire time and has been the biggest factor in allowing me to be able to provide the content that I do. Click on the link below to check out her great work. She specializes in senior photography for all of the soon to be graduates.

Katie Roberts Photography

Instagram: katierobertsphotos

Facebook: katierobertsphotography