Jack Flynn Classic

Jack Flynn Classic

at Horn Lake

Thanks to Coach Harris for putting on this event and for the hospitality on Saturday.  This event was loaded with talent and the stands were full of JUCO and AAU Coaches

Holly Springs

DeQuan Smith 6-1 So G: 28 pts, 6 3’s; smooth shooter; high elevation on his shot; showed long range by hitting 2 3’s behind the volleyball line near half court

Kendrick Fountain 6-5 Jr G: 14 pts, 3-4 ft; tall guard; showed outside range as well as ease of getting to the basket; playing more of a pg role due to injuries and filling in well

Holly Springs: they are playing without some key players due to injuries and sickness; depth is getting valuable minutes on the court

Lake Cormorant

This is the best 0-5 ball club in the state. Losing to Olive Branch by 3, Horn Lake by 2 and Holly Springs by 7. This is a very hard fighting ball club that will get its wins in due time.


Richard Brooks 6-0 Jr G/F: 26 pts, 6 3’s; He is getting his basketball legs under him since coming from football; really showed signs of being a ball player and not just an athlete; 1-2 punch of Tipler and Brooks could be big time for Ashland from here on out

Desoto Central

This team is loaded with athletes. Coach Wilson goes about 10 deep and I can see this team giving any team they play big time problems.

Holmes County Central

Robert Boyd 6-0 Jr G/F: 15 pts, 4 3’s; good shooter; outstanding defense; he hit the go ahead 3 and then got a rebound on the defensive end to get the W; this guy plays with a lot of energy; a spark plug

Holmes County Central: Coach Patrick has a team that can make a run in 5A; he has speed to go with the size; his big man has potential to really step up and be  something special; add this team with his coaching ability and that is a dangerous for the teams that get in his way


Another loaded team; deep with size and speed; Coach Sales has put together a killer schedule to get his team ready for the post season push; great team defense

Olive Branch

If this team can stay together in the next few years they are going to be special, maybe national contenders. Hopefully Coach Rombaugh can keep his guys from moving into Memphis for the “bright lights.” 6-7, 6-7 and 6-6 Fr are a blessing, escpecially when 2 of them are guards,  to go along with a 6-4 Sr G/F. Olive Branch can be a contender in 6A this year if his team can gel and the young kids learn the high school game

Antavion “Dude” Collum 6-7 Fr SF: 6 pts; plays very hard; great rebounder; versatile, down low and outside

DJ Jeffries 6-7 Fr SG: 19 pts; 5 star Future150 #10 ranked Fr in the nation; ball handler; long reach; can shoot outside

Tray Boyd III 6-4 Sr G: 13 pts; he played with great energy and hustle; showed the ability to shoot outside and handle the ball; no doubt this is the leader for Olive Branch; they seemed to play harder with him on the court

Shamar Brown 6-6 Fr PF: showed potential to be a great rebounder


Queshod Young 5-9 Sr G: 27 pts, 3 3’s, 10-13 ft; got to give this guy some love; he is playing his tail off for a short handed Aberdeen team; he is having to do everything, rebound, defend, set up and score; he will make the energizer bunny jealous; very fast and can shoot the lights out

Horn Lake

Jitaurious Gordan 6-0 Jr G: 28 pts; he is a lay-up waiting to happen; seems like he can get one whenever he wants to; good ball handler and passer


If this Shannon team shows up they will be a contender in 4A. Plenty of depth, great shooters, size and several point guards.

Rocquis “Pootie” Coleman 5-8 Sr PG: 17 pts, 10-10 ft; a and 1 highlight clip waiting to happen; got to be one of the best ball handlers and passers in the state; had to have double digit assists; has the prettiest 15 ft jumper you will find; he has potential to do whatever he wants to do

Ramoun Shumpert 6-6? Jr C: 14 pts; offensive rebound beast, got most of his pts off of put backs

Jack Flynn Classic Results

(B) Holly Springs (3-1) 74 Lake Cormorant (0-5) 67

Holly Springs: DaQuan Smith 6-1 So G 28 pts

Lake Cormorant: Tray Bailey 6-0 Jr G 18 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

DeQuan Smith 6-1 So G

Holly Springs

28 pts, 6 3’s

(B) Ashland (3-3) 66 Rosa Fort (0-3) 63

Ashland: Richard Brooks 6-0 Jr G/F 26 pts, 6 3’s, 1o reb, 2 st

Rosa Fort: C Hurd 17 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Richard Brooks 6-0 Jr G/F


26 pts, 6 3’s, 10 reb, 2 st

(B) Memphis Ridgeway TN (2-0) 74 Desoto Central (2-3) 55

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Jaylan Shelton 5-11 Sr SF

Desoto Central

(B) Holmes County Central (4-2) 59 Byhalia (4-2) 55

Holmes County Central: Rodney Mallett 6-1 Sr G 20 pts, 4-4 ft

Byhalia: Justin Jones Sr G 15 pts 4 3’s

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Robert Boyd 6-0 Jr G/F

Holmes County Central

15 pts, 4 3’s

(B) Olive Branch (4-0) 73 Aberdeen (1-4) 55

Olive Branch: DJ Jeffries 6-7 Fr SG 19 pts

Aberdeen: Queshod Young 5-9 Sr G 27 pts, 10-13 ft, 3 3’s

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Tray Boyd III 6-4 Sr G

Olive Branch

13 pts

(G) Horn Lake (4-0) 62 Shannon (2-2) 36

(B) Horn Lake (4-0) 85 Shannon (3-4) 73

Horn Lake: Jitaurious Gordan 6-0 Jr G 28 pts

Shannon: Rocquis Coleman 5-8 Sr PG 17 pts, 10-10 ft

Rance Champ Jr G 17 pts, 5 3’s

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Jitaurious Gordan 6-0 Jr G

Horn Lake

28 pts

MagnoliaHoops Starting 5

The 5 players that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the Jack Flynn Classic

  1. DaQuan Smith 6-1 So G Holly Springs

  2. Robert Boyd 6-0 Jr G/F Holmes County Central

  3. Jitaurious Gordan 6-0 Jr G Horn Lake

  4. Tray Boyd III 6-4 Sr G Olive Branch

  5. Rocquis Coleman 5-8 Sr PG Shannon