Jr High Playing High School

The following players on these list were either submitted by their Coaches with their info or evaluated by me or a contributor of Magnolia Hoops. Players are listed in alphabetical order. Coaches can also add players by getting in contact with me at the following:

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Updated Wednesday November 7, 2018

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Barber, Chip 5-9 ’23 SG Tupelo Christian Prep

Beverly, Mason 5-2 ’23 Sacred Heart

Bishop, Jude 5-10 ’23 Sacred Heart

Brooks, Darrel 5-11 PG West Lowndes

Catron, Rodney 5-7 ’23 G J.Z. George

Grayson, William 5-8 ’23 PG Yazoo City

Hamilton, Jarell 5-10 ’23 G Houlka

Harper, Johnny ’23 Baldwyn

Johnson, Adin ’23 SG Ingomar

Knight, Jaxon 5-11 ’23 G Hatley

Loftin, Kennon 6-0 ’23 SF West Jones

Marshall, Jamaury ’23 Baldwyn

McGee, Jacquirius 6-0 ’23 West Tallahatchie

Miller, Jay ’23 Baldwyn

Mistich, Gavin 6-1 ’23 Sacred Heart

Montgomery, Jamarcus 6-5 ’23 West Tallahatchie

Nixon, Matthew 6-0 ’23 G/F Mize

Pickens, Andrew 6-0 G Resurrection Catholic

Pryor, Zy 6-0 ’23 G Calhoun City

Pulliam, Brandon 6-3 ’23 F Houlka

Ruedas, Rodrigo 5-9 ’23 G Falkner

Stewart, Cayden ’23 Baldwyn

Stewart, Rodney ’23 Baldwyn

Winter, Seth 5-11 ’23 F Houlka