MagnoliaHoops Coaches Poll 3A

November 3, 2015

MagnoliaHoops Coaches Poll

*Preseason 5 contenders voted on by 3A Coaches


  1. Velma Jackson (14)
  2. Aberdeen (11)
  3. Forest (9)
  4. Humphreys County (7)
  5. Holly Springs (6)

Others receiving votes:

Crystal Springs, Kemper County, Mooreville, East Side, North Panola, Kossuth, Southeast Lauderdale, Nettleton, Yazoo County, North Pontotoc, Independence, New Site, Morton, Wesson, Booneville, Choctaw Central, Tylertown, Wilkinson County, Amanda Elzy

MagnoliaHoops Poll

*This ranking is strictly for entertainment purposes. Information obtained from coaches, watching last years teams and summer leagues helped contribute to these results.


  1. Holly Springs (19-10)
  2. Humphreys County (23-11)
  3. Forest (27-4)
  4. East Side (18-11)
  5.  Velma Jackson (33-2)
  6.  Tylertown (21-6)
  7.  Wesson (21-9)
  8.  Crystal Springs (19-9)
  9.  Kemper County (16-12)
  10.  North Panola (12-15)

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