MagnoliaHoops Starting 5 2A

Here is my preseason Starting 5 players by grade in each classification (this is from info received from coaches and from players that I have watched play personally). Not all players are listed due to confirmation from coaches.

2A Sr

  1. Marquis Orange 6-3 G/F West Tallahatchie
  2. Conner McKay 6-0 G Baldwyn
  3. Reggie Turnage 6-5 F Potts Camp
  4. Isiah Edwards G Newton
  5. Zach Tullas 6-7 F Puckett

2A Jr

  1. Ladavius Draine 6-4 F Calhoun City
  2. Felix Hayes 6-3 F Baldwyn
  3. Dwayne Pendleton 6-1 G Enterprise Lincoln
  4. Winford Ross 6-6 F Madison St Joseph
  5. Ty McDonald 6-2 F East Union

2A So

  1. Dewayne DJ Stewart 6-4 G Riverside
  2. Cameron Smith 6-4 G Okolona
  3. Ladarrious Spears 6-6 C Okolona
  4. Charlie Brand 5-8 PG East Webster
  5. Kelton Hall 6-0 SF Ingomar

2A Fr

  1. John Rawls 6-6 C East Marion
  2. Damien Wheaton 6-7 F Bay Springs
  3. Jontavious Smith 6-3 F/C Enterprise Lincoln
  4. Leon Jones 6-2 North Forrest
  5. Kevin Grimes 6-1 G Bay Springs

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