MagnoliaHoops Starting 5 3A

Here is my preseason Starting 5 players by grade in each classification (this is from info received from coaches and from players that I have watched play personally). Not all players are listed due to confirmation from coaches.

3A Sr

  1. Rick Hodum 6-1 SG Kossuth
  2. Ashton Johnson 5-9 PG New Site
  3. Parker Prater 6-3 St Andrews
  4. Vondarious Maggitt 6-1 Amanda Elzy
  5. Earnest Wiggins 6-2 G/F McLaurin

3A Jr

  1. Nikolas Weatherspoon 6-2 G Velma Jackson
  2. Travion Jones 6-1 G Wilkinson County
  3. Kendrick Fountain 6-5 G Holly Springs
  4. Matt Dale 6-6 Kemper County
  5. Nick Wilcher 6-4 PG Kossuth

3A So

  1. Daquon Smith 6-1 G Holly Springs
  2. Kamarian Williams 6-7 East Side
  3. William Tribble 6-3 F MS Palmer
  4. Jamarcus Jones 6-5 C North Panola
  5. Dexter Graham 6-5 G/F McLaurin

3A Fr

  1. Leroy Cotton III 6-1 PG East Side
  2. Nathan Pickering 6-4 Perry Central

2 thoughts on “MagnoliaHoops Starting 5 3A

    1. I am not capable of covering girls as extensively as I would like so I’m not set up at this time. Hopefully in the near future when I can get in a groove with the boys and get it down pat I will be able to add them


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