New Site Tournament

New Site Tournament

One of my favorite gyms in MS and the best hospitality room in north MS, near freezing temperatures outside. Yes I think so.


Julian Warren 6-0 So G: He grew several inches since last year, so much I didn’t even recognize him. He was the six man and was a big time shot in the arm for the Tigers in this game. He plays with a lot of energy and is a smart PG; he doesn’t need to score to earn his spot on the court; another valuable piece for a Saltillo team hoping to make a late season push


Greg Robinson 6-5 Jr F: 10 pts; long, lanky big guy; very good offensive rebounder

Devonte Spears 6-0 So G: 30 pts; very good ball player; good shot

Biggersville: Coach Little has these guys playing and ready to get back in the swing of things in 1A; Speed, size, and athletic ball players make up the Lions roster. They will be back in the title hunt before you know it.

New Site

New Site: Coach Johnson is one of the best coaches in MS and not many people know much about him; he gets so much more out of his players; this could possibly be one of the best New Site teams in recent years

Ashton Johnson 5-9 Sr G: 14 pts; my favorite player to watch; he has the most heart out of any player around; speedy, shifty PG; great passer; his game could be very similar to that of Jason Williams except he plays within the New Site system which is beneficial to his team; leader; hard nosed defensive player

Ramsey Ivy G/F: 11 pts, 3 3’s; long range shooter; looked really fluid on the court; he is one to watch as the season progresses; he could make big strides for New Site

New Site Tournament Results

Thursday Results

(G) Wheeler (2-3) 59 Mooreville (0-2) 48

(B) Mooreville (1-4) 71 Wheeler (0-6) 55

Mooreville: Payton McCord 23

(G) New Site (7-0) 88 Tishomingo County (1-4) 27

Tishomingo County: Christian Bobo Fr 13 pts

(B) New Site (5-1) 61 Tishomingo County (1-3) 46

Tishomingo County: Dalton Nunley 6-1 Sr 14 pts

Friday Results

(G) Tishomingo County (1-4) 59 Saltillo (1-2) 36

Saltillo: Nevah Bledsoe 23 pts

(B) Saltillo (4-0) 54 Mooreville (1-4) 48

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Julian Warren 6-0 So G



(G) New Site (7-0) 72 Biggersville (2-2) 25

New Site: Sydney Presley 5-5 Jr G 16 pts

(B) Biggersville (2-2) 63 New Site (5-1) 60

Biggersville: Devonte Spears 6-0 So G 30 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Devonte Spears 6-0 So G 30 pts Biggersville


MagnoliaHoops Starting 5

The 5 players that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the New Site Tournament

  1. Devonte Spears 6-0 So G Biggersville

  2. Ashton Johnson 5-9 Sr G New Site

  3. Greg Robinson 6-5 Jr F Biggersville

  4. Julian Warren 6-0 So G Saltillo

  5. Ramsey Ivy G/F New Site