November 23-28, 2015

We need to keep track of the following teams as they travel out of state to participate in tournaments and represent our state:

Pontotoc goes to Huntsville, AL to play in the N2Hoops Invitational. It is a tournament style format and they begin with Bob Jones AL on November 23 at 2:15.

Horn Lake travels to Memphis Ridgeway to play in the Ridgeway Thanksgiving Classic on November 27

Olive Branch travels to Memphis Ridgeway to play in the Ridgeway Thanksgiving Classic on November 28 against Brainerd Chattanooga TN at 4:00

Canton travels to Baton Rouge LA to play in the Battle of the Boot tournament on November 27-28. They play Gulliver Prep from Miami FL on the 28th at 4:15

Shannon and Calhoun City travel to Niceville FL to play in the Niceville Tournament on November 23-24. They each play Niceville FL and West Florida Pensacola FL

Wayne County travels to Robertsdale AL to play in the 3rd Annual Robertsdale Pre Thanksgiving Tournament on November 23-25. They start with Theodore AL on the 23rd at 4:30.

Holly Springs travels to Memphis to play at Lemoyen Owen College on November 26.

Leake County Classic

November 23

1:00  (G) Forest vs Leake Central

2:30  (B) Newton vs Aberdeen

4:00  (B) Forest vs Leake Central

5:30  (G) Leake County vs Newton

7:00  (B) Leake County vs Heidelberg

Coahoma County Thanksgiving Classic

November 23

4:30  (G) Amanda Elzy vs Coahoma AHS

5:45  (B) Amanda Elzy vs Coahoma AHS

7:00  (G) Coahoma County vs Clarksdale

8:15  (B) Coahoma County vs Clarksdale

November 24

4:30  (G) Clarksdale vs Amanda Elzy

5:45  (B) Clarksdale vs Amanda Elzy

7:00  (G) Coahoma AHS vs Coahoma County

8:15  (B) Coahoma AHS vs Coahoma County

Hancock Thanksgiving Tournament

November 23

1:00  (G) Picayune vs Pass Christian

2:30  (B) St Stanislaus vs Salem

3:45  (B) Hancock vs Picayune

5:00  (G) Picayune vs Pascagoula

6:15  (G) Hancock vs Pass Christian

7:30  (B) Hancock vs Salem

November 24

1:00  (G) Hancock vs Pascagoula

2:30  (B) Picayune vs St Stanislaus

3:45  (G) Pass Christian vs Pascagoula

5:00  (G) Picayune vs Hancock

6:15  (B) Salem vs Picayune

7:30  (B) St Stanislaus vs Hancock

South Pike Thanksgiving Tournament

November 23

3:00  (G) Franklin County vs North Pike

4:30  (B) Franklin County vs North Pike

6:00  (G) Amite County vs McComb

7:30  (B) Amite County vs McComb

November 24

3:00  (G) Bay Springs vs McComb

4:30  (G) Amite County vs South Pike

6:00  (B) Amite County vs South Pike

Domino’s Turkey Shootout

At Center Hill

November 23

12:00 (G) Potts Camp vs Senatobia

1:30   (B) Potts Camp vs Senatobia

3:00  (G) Germantown TN vs Desoto Central

4:30  (G) Center Hill vs Kipp Academy TN

6:00  (B) Desoto Central vs Kipp Academy TN

7:30  (B) Center Hill vs Memphis Central TN

November 24

10:30 (G) Lake Cormorant vs Potts Camp

12:00 ((B) Lake Cormorant vs Potts Camp

1:30  (G) Desoto Central vs Senatobia

3:00  (G) Center Hill vs Germantown TN

4:30  (G) Memphis Central TN vs Horn Lake

6:00  (B) Memphis Central TN vs Desoto Central

7:30  (B) Center Hill vs Senatobia

Lawrence County Thanksgiving Tournament

November 23

9:00  (9th G) West Jones vs Lawrence County

10:00 (G) West Jones vs Terry

11:30 (B) West Jones vs Terry

1:00  (G) Pearl vs Tylertown

2:30  (B) Pearl vs Tylertown

4:00  (JV G) East Marion vs Lawrence County

5:30  (JV B) East Marion vs Lawrence County

7:00  (G) Wesson vs Lawrence County

8:30  (B) Wesson vs Lawrence County

November 24

10:00 (9th G) Bogue Chitto vs Lawrence County

11:00  (G) Bogue Chitto vs East Marion

12:30  (B) Bogue Chitto vs East Marion

2:00  (G) Tylertown vs Wesson

3:30  (B) Tylertown vs Wesson

5:00  (JV G) Pearl vs Lawrence County

6:00  (JV B) Pearl vs Lawrence County

7:00  (G) Pearl vs Lawrence County

8:30  (B) Pearl vs Lawrence County

Kossuth Turkey Tournament

November 23

2:00  (G) Olive Branch vs Ripley

3:30  (B) New Site vs Ripley

5:00  (G) Kossuth vs Red Bay AL

6:30  (B) Kossuth vs Walnut

November 24

2:00  (G) Consolation Game

3:30  (B) Walnut vs New Site

5:00  (G) Championship Game

6:30  (B) Kossuth vs Ripley

Saltillo Tournament

November 23

4:00  (G) Alcorn Central vs Pine Grove

5:30  (B) Saltillo vs Pine Grove

7:00  (G) Saltillo vs Tishomingo County

8:30  (B) Alcorn Central vs Tishomingo County

November 24

4:00  (G) Consolation Game

5:30  (B) Consolation Game

7:00  (G) Championship Game

8:30  (B) Championship Game

OHS Lady Charger Shootout

at Oxford High School

November 23

5:00  (G) North Panola vs Cleveland

6:30  (G) South Panola vs Houston

8:00  (G) Oxford vs Ridgeland

November 24

2:00  (G) Houston vs North Panola

3:30  (G) Ridgeland vs South Panola

5:00  (G) Ingomar vs Shannon

6:30  (B) Ingomar vs Cleveland

8:00  (G) Oxford vs Cleveland

Joe Barlow Thanksgiving Invitational

at St Martin

Monday November 23

5:30  (B) Biloxi vs Velma Jackson

7:00  (B) Gulfport vs Laurel

8:30  (B) St Martin vs BC Rain Mobile AL

Tuesday November 24

5:30  (B) Biloxi vs BC Rain Mobile AL

7:00  (B) Gulfport vs Velma Jackson

8:30  (B) St Martin vs Laurel

Wednesday November 25

5:30  (B) Biloxi vs Laurel

7:00  (B) St Martin vs Velma Jackson

8:30  (B) Gulfport vs BC Rain Mobile AL

Mississippi Hoops Challenge Thanksgiving Showcase

at Clinton

Friday November 27

10:00 (G) Provine vs Raymond

11:30 (B) Raymond vs Murrah

1:00  (G) Callaway vs St Martin

2:30  (B) Jackson Academy vs West Harrison

4:00  (B) Forest Hill vs Meridian

5:30  (B) Holmes County Central vs Lanier

7:00  (G) Clinton vs Lanier

8:30  (B) Clinton vs Jim Hill

Pearl River CC Classic

November 27

2:30  (B) Stone vs Bay

4:00  (B) D’Iberville vs Picayune

5:30  (B) Lamar Christian vs Pearl River Central

7:00  (B) Poplarville vs Moss Point

Starkville Thanksgiving Classic

November 28

11:00 (G) Starkville vs Noxubee County

12:30 (B) New Hope vs McAdams

2:00  (B) Neshoba Central vs Aberdeen

3:30  (B) West Point vs Kosciusko

5:00  (B) Starkville vs Noxubee County

Greenville Weston Shootout

November 28

12:00 (B) JFK vs Riverside

1:45  (B) Cleveland vs Humphreys County

3:30  (B) East Side vs Clarksdale

5:15  (B) Horn Lake vs Greenville Weston

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