Premiere Hoops Classic Notes

Premiere Hoops Classic Notes

North Pontotoc

Thanks to Coach Pettit and staff for great hospitality at this event.

South Pontotoc

South Pontotoc: Coach Murphee has some very young talent he is growing at South Pontotoc.

Eddie Ivy Fr G: Started as an 8th graded and is looking like he is a seasoned veteran already.

Brett Riley 6-4 Fr F and Maleik Below 6-4 So C/F are 2 young players with great size that can grow with a great PG

Hickory Flat

Hickory Flat: A very well rounded team. This team could sneak up and surprise some teams in the playoffs.

Hunter Mason 6-1 Sr G: 21 pts, 3 3’s. Solid fundamental basketball player. He has a good outside shot, jump shots and can get to the basket. He blocks out and rebounds well. A really great kid with a love for the game.

East Webster

East Webster: Coach Seger has some really young pieces to work with here. A master mind of a coach that will do great things at East Webster. Keep an eye on them down the road.

Charlie Brand 5-9 So G: 21 pts, 5 3’s, 4-4 ft. I first laid eyes on him over the summer at a camp and walked amazed at the way he played the game. HUSTLE. Determination. He is a perfect building block to start a young team with. He is a very smart PG, a true PG. He plays with a lot of heart and grit. A good shooter that takes smart shots.

Water Valley

Marquez Caldwell 6-6 Fr G/F: 8 pts. Long, lanky with great potential. He can handle the ball. Potential, potential and lots of potential.

North Pontotoc

Clark Mills 6-0 So G: 13 pts, 5-5 ft, 2 3’s. Shooter. A true shooter. Rebounds well and can handle the ball.

Choctaw County

Choctaw County: A very fast, athletic team with depth.  Jeremy Miller 6-2 So and Akeem Kirkwood 6-2 So are great building blocks for the future.


Madarius Hobson 6-0 So F: 29 pts. He can play all positions it seems like. He does whatever his team needs him to. He scores very well inside due to his very soft touch around the glass. He can shoot outside. Priceless jumpers. He can handle the ball if needed and can rebound with the best of them. One of the most underrated sophomores in the state.

West Lowndes

West Lowndes: After seeing them, they are in the running for the state title. They are most likely the largest team in 1A with speed. And they have depth to boot. They hit free throws, 7-8 to be exact. Only 2 seniors on the team so they will be hard to deal with for a couple years.

JaQuante Bell 6-5 Jr F/C: 14 pts, 2-2 ft. Big body with reach. Great around the basket with a face up game. His defense was outstanding.

C.J. Smith 5-11 So G: 19 pts, 4 3’s. Quick guard with a good jump shot. Can get to the basket easy.

Premiere Hoops Classic Results

(B) Hickory Flat (11-8) 63 MaxPreps ranks: MS #140, 1A  #9

South Pontotoc (1-17) 44 MaxPreps ranks: MS #289, 3A #43

Hickory Flat: Hunter Mason 6-1 Sr G 21 pts, 3 3’s

South Pontotoc: Chris Carter Sr F 14 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Hunter Mason

Hickory Flat

6-1 Sr G

21 pts, 3 3’s

(B) East Webster (7-8) 64 MaxPreps ranks: MS #222, 2A #31

Water Valley (1-13) 50 MaxPreps ranks: MS #305, 3A #48

East Webster: Charlie Brand 5-9 So G 21 pts, 5 3’s, 4-4 ft

Water Valley: Tyrese Mcquirt 5-9 So 11 pts, 6-6 ft

Jack Pritchard 5-8 Jr 11 pts

De Pomerlee 5-11 Jr 11 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Charlie Brand

East Webster

5-9 So G

21 pts, 5 3’s, 4-4 ft

(B) Choctaw County (13-1) 49 MaxPreps ranks: MS #51, 3A #5

North Pontotoc (6-12) 30 MaxPreps ranks: MS #232, 3A #36

Choctaw County: Akeem Kirkwood 6-2 So 18 pts

North Pontotoc: Clark Mills 6-0 So G 13 pts, 5-5 ft, 2 3’s

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Akeem Kirkwood

Choctaw County

6-2 So 

18 pts

(B) West Lowndes (11-5) 72 MaxPreps ranks: MS #70, 1A #3

Houlka (11-6) 54 MaxPreps ranks: MS #119, 1A #6

West Lowndes: C.J. Smith 5-11 So G 19 pts, 4 3’s

Houlka: Madarius Hobson 6-0 So F 29 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

JaQuante Bell

West Lowndes

6-5 Jr F/C

14 pts, 2-2 ft

(B) Kosciusko (14-6) 59 MaxPreps ranks: MS #89, 4A #16

Itawamba AHS (6-13) 36 MaxPreps ranks: MS #188, 4A #33

Kosciusko: Darius Brown 6-0 Sr G 12 pts

Itawamba AHS: Vijay Miller 6-2 Sr G/F 16 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Darius Brown


6-0 Sr G

12 pts

(B) Ripley (14-3) 53 MaxPreps ranks: MS #54, 4A #9

East Side (4-14) 50 MaxPreps ranks: MS # 178, 3A #29

Ripley: Dejun Jackson 6-2 Sr 17 pts, 5-5 ft

East Side: Kamarian Williams 6-7 So F 13 pts, 6 reb, 3 ast, 2 st

(B) Corinth (18-1) 75 MaxPreps ranks: MS #9, 4A #2

New Hope (11-6) 64 MaxPreps ranks: MS #39, 5A #8

Corinth: Antares Gwyn 6-2 Sr F 21 pts

New Hope: Terryonte Thomas 6-4 Jr G 15 pts

(B) Holly Springs (12-7) 78 MaxPreps ranks: MS #57, 3A #6

Desoto Central (12-10) 71 MaxPreps ranks: MS #64, 6A #22

Holly Springs: Cadarrius Crumb 6-6 Jr F/C 19 pts

Desoto Central: Jaylan Shelton 5-11 Sr SF 15 pts

MagnoliaHoops Starting 5

The 5 players that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the Premiere Hoops Classic (last 3 games of the day were excluded)

  1. Madarius Hobson 6-0 So F Houlka

  2. Charlie Brand 5-9 So G East Webster

  3. Hunter Mason 6-1 Sr G Hickory Flat

  4. JaQuante Bell 6-5 Jr F/C West Lowndes

  5. C.J. Smith 5-11 So G West Lowndes