Rumble on the River

A note from earlier in the week.

Neshoba Central

Neshoba Central: This is a top notch team. Ball movement, crisp passing and patience. Great spacing. Great defensive pressure. Very well coached team.

Jaquan Dotson 6-3 Sr F: 17 pts, 6-10 fg, 4-6 ft, 22 reb, 3 ast, 3 st, 3 bl. How is this guy not getting any looks from colleges? Long, athletic , fast and can jump out of the gym. Watched him play against New Hope and he was the best player on the court. He is overlooked and I would say underrated but he’s not even rated that I could find.

Chayton York Jr PG: 16 pts, 7 ast, 2 st. A very good point guard. A true point guard. He fits the Neshoba system very well. Excellent passer.

New Hope

Andrew Junkin 6-10 So C: A very well kept secret. This big man comes off the bench and provides a big time burst of energy. He has a real future and will hopefully turn into a D1. He is more advanced than a very similar player, Jesse Little, at the same time in their careers. He knows how to score around the basket and has some good moves at a young age, good foot work.


Rumble on the River Notes

ICC Fulton

Davis Event Center

The best gym in the state, hands down. Thanks to ICC for hosting this event at such a great place.


Myrtle: they are playing without starting point guard for the moment due to injury. Still a beastly team full of size.

Chris Hill 6-4 Sr F: 29 pts. 18 points in the 2nd half. He showed the ability to get to the goal with ease. Killer on the boards.

Abiram Frazier 6-5 Sr F: 22 pts. Another beastly player for Myrtle. Killer on the boards as well.

Itawamba AHS

Vijay Miller 6-2 Sr F: 20 pts, 4 3’s. 12 points in 4th quarter. Miller showed why he is one of the best athletes in the state. Gifted.


Shannon: best guard combo possibly in north MS. C.J. Brim and Rocquis Coleman

Jay Dilworth Jr G: 8 pts. All 8 points come in the 4th quarter including 2 free throws to win the game with no time on the clock. Clutch


Dewayne Cox 5-9 Jr G: 19 pts. Smooth scorer. Does everything on the court. Hit 2 free throws to tie game with :12 sec to go. Also Clutch

New Albany

Miles Washington 6-7 Sr F/C: 17 pts. Long, lanky shot blocking machine; has added an offensive game to go along with his great defensive pressence


Queshod Young 5-9 Sr G: 26 pts, 4 3’s, 4 reb, 4 ast, 4 st. Ability to score; great shooter with super long range. Fast and showed great passing ability.

Horn Lake

Jitaurious Gordan 6-0 Jr G: 24 pts, 8-13 fg, 7-7 ft, 2 st. Scores efficiently. Scores fast. Great defensive presence.


Ty Jones 6-6 Jr G/F: 28 pts, 10-15 fg, 8-12 ft, 6 reb, 5 ast. He can score easy around the basket and can get there whenever he wants to. He has a really great touch around the rim. Plays defense, rebounds and creates for his team.

Jacques Townsend 6-4 Sr F: 20 pts, 9-14 fg, 10 reb, 2 st, 6 bk. Heart, took a nasty fall and in the 4th and returned to help his team win in overtime. Defensive force. He can also get well above the rim for a high percentage shot.


Brandon Boston 6-6 Sr F: 15 pts. 11 in the 2nd half plus overtime. Great defense. Soft touch offensively and can handle the ball.


Baldwyn: Hit 27-29 free throws in the game. That’s kinda good. Usually known for defense but showed the ability to put some points up.

Felix Hayes 6-3 Jr F: 25 pts, 10-10 ft. Rebounded at a high rate and played great defense.

Desoto Central

Desoto Central: Speed kills and they have a lot of speed. They can shoot the lights out. High pressure defense the whole game.

Tavares McGlaun 5-10 Sr G: 24 pts, 3 3’s, 7 reb, 5 ast. Really good shot, high elevation.


Tupelo: Again, speed kills. They have great speed and really, really great defense. They are the definition of a team.


Taze Moore 6-5 Sr G: 14 pts. Possibly the most talented senior in the state. Offensively explosive. Defensively explosive. Totally explosive. He threw down a wind mill and caught a really high alley. Pure gold on the D1 level.


Rumble on the River Results

(B) Myrtle (12-6) 74 MaxPreps #74, MaxPreps #3 in 1A

Itawamba AHS (5-9) 69 MaxPreps #170, MaxPreps #30 in 4A

Myrtle: Chris Hill 6-4 Sr F 29 pts

Itawamba AHS: Vijay Miller 6-2 Sr F 20 pts, 4 3’s

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Chris Hill

Myrtle 6-4 Sr F

29 pts

(B) Shannon (10-7) 58 MaxPreps #46, MaxPreps #8 in 4A

Ripley (10-3) 56 MaxPreps #68, MaxPreps #13 in 4A

Shannon: Rance Champ Jr G 20 pts, 6 3’s

Ripley: Dewayne Cox 5-9 Jr G 19 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Jay Dilworth

Shannon Jr G

8 pts, all in 4th qtr including 2 ft to win game with no time on the clock

(B) New Albany (8-7) 59 MaxPreps #117, MaxPreps #23 in 4A

Aberdeen (3-11) 55 MaxPreps #160, MaxPreps #25 in 3A

New Albany: Miles Washington 6-7 Sr F/C 17 pts

Aberdeen: Queshod Young 5-9 Sr G 26 pts, 4 3’s, 4 reb, 4 ast, 4 st

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Miles Washington

New Albany 6-7 Sr F/C

17 pts

(B) Horn Lake (10-6) 68 MaxPreps #20 in MS, MaxPreps #8 in 6A, MaxPreps national #1231

Cordova AL (8-4) 66 MaxPreps #77 in AL, MaxPreps #9 in 4A, MaxPreps national #2921

Horn Lake: Jitaurious Gordan 6-0 Jr G 24 pts, 8-13 fg, 7-7 ft, 2 st

Cordova AL: Isaac Chatman 6-6 So G/F 23 pts, 14 reb, 5 bk

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Jitaurious Gordan

Horn Lake 6-0 Jr G

24 pts, 8-13 fg, 7-7 ft, 2 st

(B) Pontotoc (10-6) 74 MaxPreps #82, MaxPreps #15 in 4A

Pearl (11-7) 67 MaxPreps #77, MaxPreps #23 in 6A

Pontotoc: Ty Jones 6-6 Jr G/F 28 pts, 10-15 fr, 8-12 ft, 6 reb 5 ast

Pearl: Isiah Brown 6-2 Sr G/F 16 pts, 14 in 2nd half and overtime

MagnoliaHoops Player of he Game

Ty Jones

Pontotoc 6-6 Jr G/F

28 pts, 10-15 fg, 8-12 ft, 6 reb, 5 ast

(B) Baldwyn (12-3) 84 MaxPreps #34, MaxPreps #3 in 2A

Desoto Central (10-8) 79 MaxPreps #73, MaxPreps #22 in 6A

Baldwyn: Felix Hayes 6-3 Jr F 25 pts, 10-10 ft

Desoto Central: Jalan Roberson 5-11 Sr PG 26 pts, 10-14 fg, 3 st

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Felix Hayes

Baldwyn 6-3 Jr F

25 pts, 10-10 ft

(B) Tupelo (15-1) 71 MaxPreps #5, MaxPreps #3 in 6A

Southaven (7-7) 56 MaxPreps #44, MaxPreps #18 in 6A

Tupelo: Joseph Jones 6-1 Sr G 21 pts, 8-9 fg, 4-4 ft, 2 st

Southaven: Taze Moore 6-5 Sr G 14 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Joseph Jones

Tupelo 6-1 Sr G

21 pts, 8-9 fg, 4-4 ft, 2 st

MagnoliaHoops Starting 5

The 5 players that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the Rumble on the River

  1. Ty Jones 6-6 Jr G/F Pontotoc

  2. Jitaurious Gordan 6-0 Jr G Horn Lake

  3. Chris Hill 6-4 Sr F Myrtle

  4. Felix Hayes 6-3 Jr F Baldwyn

  5. Joseph Jones 6-1 Sr G Tupelo