Gerald Snider Batesville Camp Report

Magnolia Hoops Scouting Service

Jeff Roberts



Contact me with any questions or additional information regarding these potential student athletes in this report.

Gerald Snider Batesville, MS Camp Report

April 29, 2017

South Panola HS

Video highlights

Post Grads

Marcus Sharp

6-0 165 lbs G 2016

2.5 GPA, 17 ACT


Bartlett HS (Bartlett, TN) Memphis Connection

Gets to the basket and scores. He can also penetrate and find the open man.

Donte Garrett

5-10 155 lbs G 2016


Earle HS (Earle, AR)

Scores well on the break.

La’Quan Davie

6-3 160 lbs PG 2016

Earle HS (Earle, AR)


Long and lanky slasher that also showed some good range on his shot. Defensively, he contested shots at the rim.

Coby Agnew


6-1 180 lbs G/F 2016

17 ACT


Baldwyn HS (Baldwyn, MS)

Pure shooter with long range.


J’Sean Pittman

6-2 195 lbs F

3.45 GPA, 22 ACT


Madison Central HS (Madison, MS)

Took the ball the rack and finished strong. Rebounder and shot blocker.

David McCurley

6-3 200 lbs G/F

3.0 GPA 17 ACT


Grand Isle HS (Grand Isle, LA)

Strong, solid fundamental player. Great mid-range game. Spaced the floor well offensively. Moves well without the ball and finds the open holes. Finishes strong around the rim.

Desmond Turner

6-0 195 lbs SF

17 ACT


Montgomery County HS (Kilmichael, MS)

Very solid defender.

Marlon Sharp

6-0 166 lbs G

3.0 GPA, 19 ACT

Video 1

Video 2

Bartlett HS (Lakeland, TN)

Scores on all 3 levels. Finishes around the rim, knocks down mid-range jumpers and nails 3’s. Crazy defense. Plays the passing lanes and has great on-ball defense. Very efficient passer. Plays with all out effort, high motor. He listed no offers or interest and is a great JUCO pickup.

Jaellan White

6-0 175 lbs PG

3.2 GPA 20 ACT


Blackman HS (Murfreesboro, TN)

Great shooter. Crisp passer. Finishes at the rim.

Donny Cooper


6-5 190 lbs SG

2.4 GPA 23 ACT


Blackman HS (Murfreesboro, TN)

Used his length to contest shots at the rim and played the passing lanes well.

R.J. Palmer

6-2 175 lbs G


Pearl HS (Pearl, MS)

Very nice passer.

Lamon Hudson


6-0 200 lbs G

2.7 GPA, 17 ACT


Joe T Robinson HS (North Little Rock, AR) Arkansas Spurs

Strong guard that can drive and finish or find the open man. Lists a couple NAIA offers.

Michael Rodgers

5-11 155 lbs G

3.0 GPA, 17 ACT


Senatobia HS (Como, MS)

Smart guard that loved to drive and dish or drive and score.

Kylan Griffin


6-4 205 lbs SF

2.8 GPA, 17 ACT


Philadelphia HS (Carthage, MS)

Contested shots all day and scored well around the rim.

Brian Johnson


5-9 155 lbs G

2.3 GPA 17 ACT


Joe T Robinson HS (North Little Rock, AR) Arkansas Spurs

Fast guard that runs the fast break well.

Taleh Wade


6-2 180 lbs SG

3.4 GPA, 19 ACT


Sylvan Hills HS (North Little Rock, AR) Arkansas Spurs

Shooter knocked down 3’s all day. He used his shot to set up drives to the basket where he could finish or find the open man. Very fast hands defensively.

Cameron Orr


6-7 285 lbs C

3.7 GPA, 18 ACT


Itawamba AHS (Golden, MS)

Big lineman that has several football offers. He scored with his back to the basket and blocked shots.

Rickey Smith Jr


5-11 156 lbs G

3.0 GPA, 19 ACT


Gentry HS (Indianola, MS) MS Magic

Guard that creates and finished at the rim after contact.

Trane Hargrove


6-1 165 lbs SG

3.3 GPA, 18 ACT


Ruston HS (Ruston, LA) And 1 Ballers

One of the highlight reel guys of the day. Finishes strong at and above the rim. Knocked down several corner 3’s. High motor that plays the passing lanes on defense. Currently holds several offers.

Justin Onwuzulike


5-11 157 lbs G

3.0 GPA 19 ACT


New Living Word HS (Ruston, LA)

Unselfish guard that worked to set teammates up.

Malique Barnes


6-3 198 lbs F/C

2.5 GPA


Ruston HS (Ruston, LA) Louisiana Dynasty

Shot eraser. Lefty connected on elbow jumpers and corner 3’s. Drove hard and dished to the open man.

Lastevian Milam


6-0 152 lbs G

17 ACT


Senatobia HS (Memphis, TN) Memphis Dragons

Outside shooter and slasher. Finishers smooth around the rim.

Jordan Houston


6-1 165 lbs G

3.0 GPA 16 ACT


Simsboro HS (Grambling, LA) And 1 Ballers

Explosive guard that loved to get in the lane and finish.

Charles Maxwell


6-4 175 lbs G

3.3 GPA 18 ACT


Hernando HS (Hernando, MS)

SHOOTER. Nailed 3’s from everywhere all day. Also took the ball to the basket. Contested shots and crashed the boards. Currently holds multiple NAIA and JUCO offers.

Darrell Young


6-2 181 lbs SG

2.08 GPA 16 ACT


North Panola HS (Sardis, MS)

Shooter. Really good passer. Really needs to be looked at by JUCO Coaches.

Tyler Berryhill


5-10 160 lbs PG

3.6 GPA 19 ACT


West Tallahatchie HS (Webb, MS)

Play maker. The best passer at the camp. He can score when needed but is a true pass first point guard. Smart defender.

Nicolas Johnson


6-6 195 lbs C

2.8 GPA


Ruston HS (Ruston, LA)

His hands were all over the court defensively. He was blocking shots and stealing passes. He was tipping passes all day. The best defender at the camp. Great 50/50 player. He was diving all over the court for loose balls.

Dave Powell


6-1 159 lbs G

2.92 GPA 16 ACT


Ruston HS (Dubach, LA)

Long reach and good defender. Really good passer. Scored in the lane.


Shaquille Jackson


6-5 208 lbs PF

3.2 GPA 16 ACT


South Panola HS (Batesville, MS)

Scored on all 3 levels. He scored down low around the basket and finished above the rim. Can shoot mid-range jumpers. Nailed a corner 3.

Kendricus Carlton


5-11 181 lbs PG

3.2 GPA

Video 1

Video 2

South Panola HS (Batesville, MS) MS Delta Elite

Possibly the best player at the camp. Long, long range shooter. Great passer when running the break. Great ball handler that looked as if he was just toying with the defenders. Can also drive and shoot a pull up jumper or finish at the basket after contact. Has some D1 interest and his recruiting should be heating up during his senior year.

Decoreyon Small


5-11 144 lbs PG

16 ACT


Montgomery County HS (Kilmichael, MS)

He was all over on defense. He attacked the offensive boards and kept plays alive for his team.

Davonte Cathey


6-4 180 lbs F/C


South Panola HS (Batesville, MS)

Altered shots. Crashed the offensive boards hard.

Lawrence Chambers III


5-10 150 lbs G


Craigmont HS (Memphis, TN)

3 point shooter.

Jaquavion Leggett


5-10 156 lbs PG

3.4 GPA, 16 ACT


Clinton Christian Academy HS (Clinton, MS)

Hustle and effort. Hit several mid-range shots.

Jiris Killingsworth


5-8 140 lbs G

3.9 GPA 22 ACT


Raymond HS (Utica, MS)

Hustle and effort. Uses speed to get to loose balls.

Jared Keyes


6-1 170 lbs G

3.8 GPA 18 ACT


Raymond HS (Raymond, MS) Jackson Tigers

Scores around the basket. Creates his own shot outside off the dribble. Noted interest from several D1 schools.

A.J. McFarland


5-11 154 lbs SG

3.0 GPA 18 ACT


Houston HS (Houston, MS)

Shooter. Very fast defender.

Stetson Moore


6-4 200 lbs F

3.0 GPA, 18 ACT


Philadelphia HS (Philadelphia, MS)

Scored in multiple ways around the paint. Used back to the basket and face up moves to score. Good passer from the low post. Great passer on inbounds plays.

Tyree Thompson


6-2 182 lbs PF


Clinton Christian Academy HS (Jackson, MS)

Scored all his points off of offensive rebounds and put backs. Hustle and effort. He dove on the ground for loose balls.

Reginald Bolden


5-7 141 lbs PG

2.8 GPA 17 ACT

Video 1

Video 2

Gentry HS (Indianola, MS) Delta Heat

The best rebounder at the camp. No, this is not a typo. A 5-7 140 lb guard was the best rebounder. He put on a blocking out clinic. Text book block outs. He had very fast hands defensively. He used his speed going for loose balls. He played very scrappy. Uses his s[eed to get up the court and score on the break or find the open man. The lefty has a killer jumper from 15-19 ft off the dribble. He scored from 3 land when left open. Does not have the per say “size” for high level college ball but his heart makes up for it. Don’t overlook him and regret it Coaches.

D’Mandrick Boatwright


5-8 148 lbs PG

2.8 GPA, 13 ACT


GentryHS (Indianola, MS) MS Magic

Shooter. Racked up steals all day. Used his outside shot to open up the drive. Could score or dish once he got into the paint.

Adrintus Bell


5-11 190 lbs SF

2.3 GPA


Gentry HS (Indianola, MS) Delta Heat

Scored inside around the basket and scored off the dribble.

Kevontae Boone


6-5 222 lbs F/C

2.0 GPA


Amansa Elzy HS (Greenwood, MS) Delta Heat

Big man can step out and nail the 3 ball with consistency. Good moves with his back to the basket. The thing I was most impressed with him was his bench work. He was very vocal on the bench. He was rooting his team on and coaching when not in the game. A leader on and off the court. He is a must watch for JUCO Coaches going into next year.

Cartisco Brown


5-6 143 lbs G

2.7 GPA 14 ACT


Gentry HS (Moorhead, MS) Delta Heat

Knocked down some 15 ft jumpers. Scored easily on the break.

Ernest Minton


6-5 181 lbs F

3.66 GPA, 19 ACT


Gentry HS (Indianola, MA) MS Magic

Shot blocker. Showed versatility by scoring on all 3 levels. He scored around the basket and nailed several 17 ft jumpers. He stepped out and showed a little range by knocking down a 3. This was the best I’ve seen him play. His stock will rise over the next year.

Adam Mustafa


5-11 165 lbs PG

3.4 GPA


Amanda Elzy HS (Greenwood, MS)

Lefty that loved to get into the lane and shoot pull up jumpers. Good passer. Defensive hustler.


Jaymen Allen


6-3 215 lbs F/C


Thrasher HS (Booneville, MS) MS Spartans

Crashed the offensive boards hard and finished strong on put backs. He also stepped out and knocked down several 3’s.

Jeremy Spiller


5-10 170 lbs PG

Clinton Christian Academy HS (Jackson, MS) Jackson Pride

Strong guard with hustle and effort.

Armon White


6-0 206 lbs SG

2.5 GPA, 16 ACT


Whitehaven HS (Memphis, TN) Memphis Magicians

Scored well in the paint.

Jermon White


5-10 203 lbs SG

2.4 GPA, 16 ACT


Whitehaven HS (Memphis, TN) Memphis Magicians

Crashes the boards and scores in the paint well.

Jaxon Orr


6-3 170 lbs SG

3.0 GPA


Itawamba AHS (Golden, MS)

Gets defensive boards and gets down the court. Goes coast to coast and finishes strong. Knocked down 3’s and used pump fakes to drive and knock down wide open 12 ft shots. Contested shots on the defensive end. Very much improved over the year and he is one to keep an eye on the next few years.

Darrius Clark


6-5 175 lbs G/F/W

2.7 GPA


Gentry HS (Indianola, MS) MS Magic

Wow. Where did he come from? His biggest weapon is his ball handling that he uses to create space to knock down jumpers. He connected on several 12-19 ft jumpers off the dribble. He used the dribble to create several step back 3’s. Played with a high motor and crashed the offensive boards. Solid on his put backs. He scored with ease when getting to the basket. Could’ve been dunking on most his shots but settled for lay-ups. Amazing potential and could skyrocket over the next few years.

QuinDario Curry


5-11 152 lbs G/F

Charleston HS (Charleston, MS)


Great passer. He could drive and dish or drive and kick out to the open man.


Elijah Caswell


5-10 170 lbs SG

3.0 GPA


Millington MS (Millington, TN)

Got to the basket several times. He’s one to keep an eye on for the future. He mixed it up with the upperclassmen and didn’t have any problems playing with them.

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