Magnolia Hoops Senior 60 Showcase Report

Magnolia Hoops Senior 60 Showcase

Neshoba Central High School

Philadelphia, MS

September 16, 2017

The First Annual Magnolia Hoops Senior 60 Showcase took place on September 16, 2017 at Neshoba Central High School in Philadelphia, MS. The Showcase was a success and we are expecting an even better event next year. I would personally like to thank Coach Byrd and the Neshoba County School District for the use of the facility, my family, friends, helpers, trainer and the referees that made the event possible. A special thanks goes out to the parents and Coaches that allowed the players to participate in the event and to all the college Coaches in attendance.

Full game videos

East Central vs West Central

North East vs North West

South East vs South West

West Central vs North East

East Central vs South East

North West vs South West

East Central vs North East

West Central vs South West

North West vs South East

North East vs South West

North West vs East Central

East Central vs South West

West Central vs South East

South East vs North East

Teams and rosters

North West

North West team consists of players from the Memphis Metro, Northern Delta and Holly Springs National Forest regions.

Detayvion “Lil Dee” Rush 5-9 180 lbs G Coahoma AHS (Friars Point, MS): Dee is a smooth guard that slips around setting his guys up. He is also a sneaky rebounder and defender. He doesn’t have a high motor but he plays smoothly with hustle. Post grads keep your eye on him for a court general.

Dee Rush Video 1

Dee Rush Video 2

Stantavious Spearman 5-11 160 lbs G Coffeeville HS (Coffeeville, MS): 7 pts 4 reb 4 ast 4 st 1 blk 1 3’s. He took advantage of scoring opportunities. He did a little bit of everything on the court. His man defense was very good . He denied his man very well. He usually scores at will but he transformed to a defensive guy to show his versatility. He could be do a JUCO team good.

Stantavious Spearman Video

Alvarez “AP” Powell  6-3 160 lbs G/F Senatobia HS (Senatobia, MS) 3.8 GPA: 15 pts 6 reb 2 ast 1 st 2 blk 2 3’s. Powell seems to just find the open scoring spots. He moves very well without the ball and finds the holes. He is a facilitator on the offensive end. He could be a spark plug for NAIA programs.

Alvarez Powell Video

Cornelius Holly 6-4 190 lbs G/F Coahoma AHS (Clarksdale, MS) 20 ACT: 9 pts 2 reb 2 ast 2 st. Holly did not move around too well. He played a very physical football game the night before which limited his ability. He will be a good JUCO guy when he gets back into basketball shape.

Cornelius Holly Video 1

Cornelius Holly Video 2

Jamarcus “J-Pop” Jones 6-6 195 lbs F/C North Panola HS (Sardis, MS): 14 pts 9 reb 2 ast. The long, lanky forward had the chore of holding some really bigger guys. He held his own on the defensive end and took advantage of opportunities on the offensive. He has a little bit of hops when he needs it. He used his length and speed to get hands on passes. His most impressive play of the day was when he dove on the floor for a loose ball like it was the state championship game. He will be a very welcomed addition to any JUCO around.

Jamarcus Jones Video 1

Jamarcus Jones Video 2

Loivorius “Keese” Tenner 5-8 175 lbs G Coahoma AHS (Clarksdale, MS): 6 pts 9 reb 4 ast 2 st 1-1 ft. He plans with tons of hustle. He is a very sneaky rebounder that positions himself well. Post grads would love to have his hustle.

Keese Tenner Video 1

Keese Tenner Video 2

Talvyn “Tee” Dean 5-11 160 lbs G Senatobia HS (Senatobia, MS): 32 pts 6 reb 7 ast 4 st 3 blk 3 3’s. Magnolia Hoops Team MVP. Yeah, he scored some points but he also lead his team in assist, steals and blocks. His nickname is Tee. They should change it to Turbo because he has a built in turbo button. He gets around defenders easily when he hits that speed burst. He showed the ability to shoot outside and score in the lane. His hands were all over passes on the defensive end. He could’ve easily had the most deflections on the day. He could be one that went completely unnoticed and JUCO Coaches need to get an eye on him.

Talvyn Dean Video 1

Talvyn Dean Video 2

Talvyn Dean Video 3

Josh Goolsby 6-0 165 lbs G Myrtle HS (Myrtle, MS) 3.0 GPA 21 ACT: 20 pts 9 reb 6 ast 1 st. Welcome to the show young fellow. He was in the running for team MVP. It took him a couple quarters to get adjusted but when he did he adjusted well. I’ve watched him play several times over the last year and I questioned his skill level against better players and better teams. Effort was never an issue because he plays with a very high motor. He showed that his skill level and motor can get him to the next level for sure. He ended up 2nd on his team in several stat categories for the day. He rebounds hard on both ends. His help side defense is played smartly. He attempted several, several help side charges. His on ball defense is good due to his effort and motor. His handles are good enough where he can run the point. His biggest weapon is his vision and passing. He has amazing peripheral vision that allows him to make some laser pin-point passes. He needs to be watched by Coaches from several levels, NAIA, JUCO and D3.

Josh Goolsby Video 1

Josh Goolsby Video 2

Josh Goolsby Video 3

Maleik Below 6-6 197 lbs PF South Pontotoc HS (Pontotoc, MS): 6 pts 7 reb 3 ast 2 st 2 blk. He didn’t provide much on the stat line but everyone knew he was there. His help side defense was very good and aggravating. He moves really good and fluid. He showed a couple time that he can get the ball and get down the court. He is a sleeper that needs to be watched by all JUCO teams.

Maleik Below Video 1

Maleik Below Video 2

Terry “TJ” Coleman Jr  6-5 240 lbs F/C Strayhorn HS (Sarah, MS) 3.0 GPA 17 ACT: 12 pts 14 reb 3 ast 1 st. The big, strong body post doesn’t need to score. He cleans up offensive boards and loose balls for that. He has a soft touch around the rim. He is a smart rebounder. He made some amazing, quick passes that showed he has really good vision for a big. He guards post players down low with his strong body. He didn’t mind taking charges either. His biggest asset is the way he sets picks and moves without the ball. He effectively set picks all day and looked like he loved doing it. He will be a solid JUCO guy.

Terry Coleman Video 1

Terry Coleman Video 2

North East

North East team consists of players from the Hills region.

Devonte “Vonte” Spears  6-3 180 lbs G Biggersville HS (Biggersville, MS) 4.0 GPA 18 ACT: 21 pts 6 reb 4 ast 1 st 1 blk 3 3’s. One of the best scorers in the state. He had it on chill mode and only scored when his team needed him to at the Showcase. He is a big body, strong guard that can score on any level. D2 Coaches need to check in on him this season.

Vonte Spears Video 1

Vonte Spears Video 2

Iverson “Ivo” Smith 5-11 149 lbs G Ripley HS (Blue Mountain, MS): 29 pts 12 reb 3 ast 2 st 2 3’s. That’s the Iverson I remember from 2 summers ago. He was everywhere. He was aggravating and annoying on the defensive end. He crashed the boards hard. He also took advantage of scoring opportunities. He is now back to being a viable JUCO prospect.

Ivo Smith Video 1

Ivo Smith Video 2

Ivo Smith Video 3

Jaylon Bailey 6-0 G Okolona HS (Okolona, MS): DNP

Cameron “Beno” Smith 6-6 200 lbs G/F Okolona HS (Okolona, MS) 4.0 GPA 17 ACT: 41 pts 29 reb 10 ast 3 st 4 blk 2 3’s. Magnolia Hoops Team MVP for the only undefeated team of the day. Cam is for sure a high major if not for the leg injury. Where can he play now? Only time will tell. He didn’t have his best day at the Showcase and still walked away with probably the best stat line of the day. He rebounded smartly. His handles didn’t look great but it got the job done. He scored whenever and however he wanted to. He passed a lot more than normal and has really stepped his game up in that area. He played smart team defense. Mid majors need to take notice if he can ever get fully healthy. Even if he can’t get fully recovered, every body else needs to be jumping on him.

Cam Smith Video 1

Cam Smith Video 2

Cam Smith Video 3

Cam Smith Video 4

Cam Smith Video 5

Luke McBrayer 6-6 203 lbs F/C Wheeler HS (Wheeler, MS) 3.7 GPA 22 ACT: 16 pts 24 reb 7 ast 3 st 4 blk. The better the competition, the better he got. He was challenged against 6-8, 6-9 and 7-0. He ended up as one of the best rebounders on the day. He scored using multiple moves in the paint. He held his own defensively. He passes good for a low post guy. He also has some handles and agility to spread the court and take you off the dribble. The stop sign in front of the Wheeler school should have JUCO, NAIA, D3 and D2 Coaches lined up waiting to get in the parking lot.

Luke McBrayer Video 1

Luke McBrayer Video 2

Luke McBrayer Video 3

Cole Swinney 5-10 165 lbs G Wheeler HS (Wheeler, MS) 4.0 GPA 27 ACT: 21 pts 14 reb 13 ast 1 st 1 blk 2 3’s 2-2 ft. He can score on all 3 levels. He can score after contact. However, he usually don’t. He is a pass-first true point that is one of the best passers in the state. His passing skills are above and beyond. D3 and NAIA Coaches need to check this highlight reel guard out.

Cole Swinney Video 1

Cole Swinney Video 2

Cole Swinney Video 3

Conner Allison 6-0 165 lbs SG Belmont HS (Belmont, MS) 3.2 GPA 19 ACT: 9 pts 11 reb 3 ast 2 st 1 blk 1 3’s. He has a really fast release on his shot and can get it off in a hurry. He played really good help side defense. He rebounded hard on the offensive boards. He’s a good one for NAIA Coaches to take a look at.

Conner Allison Video 1

Conner Allison Video 2

Noah Watson 6-5 170 lbs G/F Walnut HS (Walnut, MS) 3.5 GPA 20 ACT: 17 pts 13 reb 3 ast 2 st 5 blk 2 3’s. Who is this guy? He didn’t do anything last year. Have you ever heard of him? How did you find him? These are remarks and questions that I’ve heard since the Showcase. He is a good reason I talk and run my mouth a lot. The more you talk to people and ask questions the more you find out. Noah didn’t do a thing last year because his season was cut short due to a leg injury. In fact, he only played in 2 games. Well, why invite him to a Showcase with only 2 games played last year? Because he is 6-5 and can shoot the lights out, And he showed he belongs. He showed his outside range. He also showed a good ability to reach shots and and change shots. He had 5 blocks on the day which was tied for the lead. Losing last season will be a little set back for him but I think he will recover from it easily. He could be a JUCO steal and NAIA Coaches should be blowing his phone up.

Noah Watson Video 1

Noah Watson Video 2

Tahj Crump 6-4 160 lbs G/F Tupelo HS (Tupelo, MS) 3.5 GPA 28 ACT: 31 pts 23 reb 12 ast 4 st 5 blk. Ok, when the summer started his job was to go out there get steals, block some shots, get boards and lock down on defense. Steals-check, blocks-check, rebounds-check, lock down defense-check. You can do what now? No, your not a guard, you are a power forward. You had 12 assists? You had 31 points? You showed guard skills? Yep, that’s right. He is improving his skills on a weekly basis. He handled the ball, passed and did everything he could on the court. Major improvements all the way around for him and he still has his defense. He is becoming a serious next level candidate. D3’s should jump on him with his 28 ACT and 3.5 GPA.

Tahj Crump Video 1

Tahj Crump Video 2

Tahj Crump Video 3

Tahj Crump Video 4

Tahj Crump Video 5

John Fleming 6-3 195 lbs G/F Pontotoc HS (Pontotoc, MS) 3.8 GPA 18 ACT: 24 pts 11 reb 6 ast 2 st 3 3’s 1-1 ft. What is John Fleming know for? Playing down low for undersized aau and high school team, being a great passer from the paint, effort and his hustle. What did John Fleming show us at the Magnolia Hoops Showcase? He extended his skills on so many levels. He showed that he could score in the paint and from long range as well. He knocked down several 3’s. He showed that he has some guard skills other than just being a good passer. He added the ability to handle and shoot to go with his passing. His defense is on par. He plays hard and hustles on-ball and plays really smart off-ball. He could be a good addition to an NAIA program.

John Fleming Video 1

John Fleming Video 2

West Central

West Central team consists of players from the Delta region.

Peyton Taylor 6-3 205 lbs G Cleveland Central HS (Cleveland, MS) 2.9 GPA 17 ACT: 4 pts 7 reb 8 ast 3 st 1 blk. Hard nosed, strong body guard that just runs the team. He is as close to an old school guard as it gets. He can defend with the best of them. He should be one of the most prized targets for JUCO Coaches.

Peyton Taylor Video 1

Peyton Taylor Video 2

Quintiyus “Q” Causey 5-9 143 lbs G Cleveland Central HS (Cleveland, MS) 3.0 GPA 15 ACT: 17 pts 5 reb 4 ast 1 st 5 3’s. Smooth shooting lefty. He can torch you from outside. His biggest asset is his ability to score. He plays hard on defense. His on-ball defense is good and he rebounds smart. All JUCO’s need shooters and scorers like him.

Q Causey Video 1

Q Causey Video 2

Samuel “Lil Sam” Johnson 5-10 155 lbs G Yazoo City HS (Yazoo City, MS): 8 pts 6 reb 3 ast 2 st 1 3’s. Sam was just all over the place on defense. He had hands on passes and loose balls. He pushed the tempo on offense and got his team involved. He is a good one for post grads and JUCO’s to take a look at.

Sam Johnson Video

Ernest “E Man” Minton 6-5 181 lbs F Gentry HS (Indianola, MS) 3.66 GPA 19 ACT: 11 pts 17 reb 2 ast 4 st 4 blk 1 3’s. Minton didn’t do anything great but he did everything good. He earned Magnolia Hoops Team MVP honors by silently leading his team. He didn’t need to score much but he took advantage of put-backs and loose balls to get points. He rebounded well on both ends. His defense was the highlight of his day. He played smart off-ball team defense. He has D2 upside and needs to be looked at.

Ernest Minton Video 1

Ernest Minton Video 2

DeMarcus “Mark” Tornes 6-9 F/C Yazoo City HS (Yazoo City, MS) 3.5 GPA: 6 pts 12 reb 1 st 4 blk. He used his size and strength to intimidate the opposing team. He rebounds good and contest shots. He scored down low whenever he had the opportunity. JUCO Coaches needing bigs, it doesn’t get much bigger than this.

Mark Tornes Video

Tony “Lil Tony” Maxey Jr 5-11 165 lbs G South Delta HS (Anguilla, MS) 3.0 GPA 17 ACT: 9 pts 8 reb 2 ast 1 3’s. Killer mid-range jumper. He plays smart and makes smart passes. He He can score when needed. Plays hard and gets after it on the defensive end. He has really good on-ball defense. He would be a great addition to a post grad program.

Tony Maxey Jr Video

Leslie “Fox” Nelson 5-10 G Yazoo City HS (Yazoo City, MS): 9 pts 8 reb 5 ast 2 st. Great on-ball and off-ball defender. Good speed and can get to the rim fast. Great coast-to-coast guard. He has a good mid-range jumper. He should be a good target for post grads to keep an eye on.

Leslie Nelson Video 1

Leslie Nelson Video 2

Izial “Zeek” Johnson 6-3 185 lbs F South Delta HS (Mayersville, MS): 18 pts 16 reb 2 ast 2 st 1 blk. He is the type of guy I love to watch play. He was in the running for team MVP with his overall play. He plays with a high motor on both ends of the court. His specialty is on the defensive end. He can hold a mixture of bigger guys or smaller faster ones. He rebounds hard. He plays the passing lanes and contests shots. He is constantly moving on offense and doesn’t require the ball. He crashes the offensive boards hard. He would be a perfect fit for any JUCO team.

Zeek Johnson Video 1

Zeek Johnson Video 2

La’Darrius “Jiggah” Shaw  6-5 180 lbs G/F O’Bannon HS (Greenville, MS) 3.1 GPA 17 ACT: 4 pts 6 reb 5 ast 1 st 2 blk. Long, lanky and versatile wing. He has a huge wingspan. He has a guard skill set and he showed that he can mix it up down low when needed. With some polishing I think he could play a guard spot on the next level. If polished right, he could be a hidden gem. Shaw could easily be one of the biggest sleepers in the state for the JUCO Coaches.

La’Darrius Shaw Video

Kevontae Boone 6-5 230 lbs F/C Amanda Elzy HS (Greenwood, MS): 15 pts 11 reb 1 ast 2 st 1 blk 1-1 ft. He contested shots all day long. He plays with that dawg mentality. He just gets after you on both ends. He can score from mid-range and down low. He should be on the JUCO radar this season.

Kevontae Boone Video 1

Kevontae Boone Video 2

East Central

East Central team consists of players from the Tombigbee River, Golden Triangle, and Central MS Pines regions.

Charlie Brand 5-10 160 lb G East Webster HS (Cumberland, MS) 4.0 GPA 25 ACT: 8 pts 6 reb 1 ast 1 st 2 3’s. Play quarterback on Friday night and play a showcase the next day while still being the MaxPreps National Player of the Month, sure he’s got this. Charlie is just a winner. He is a quarterback on the court too. He runs his team so well. He does all the small stuff for the team that other players won’t do or don’t want to do. He will be a steal for NAIA or D3 colleges.

Charlie Brand Video

Robert “RK” Kendrick 6-2 180 lbs G Velma Jackson HS (Jackson, MS): 18 pts 8 reb 9 ast 4 st 2 blk 3 3’s. He can score from the inside or outside. He is built to score. He finishes strong after contact. He is a good passer. He crashes the defensive boards. His off ball defense is very good. He plays the passing lanes and help side. He should be a heralded target for JUCO Coaches.

Robert Kendrick Video 1

Robert Kendrick Video 2

Robert Kendrick Video 3

Stone Fielder 6-1 185 lbs G/F West Lauderdale HS (Meridian, MS) 3.0 GPA: 18 pts 8 reb 2 ast 1 blk 1 3’s. Strong bodied guard. He crashes the boards hard. He plays hard-nosed defense. He has a knack for scoring around the rim. Post grads need to get a look at him.

Stone Fielder Video

Tyler Stevenson 6-7 180 lbs G/F New Hope HS (Columbus, MS) 3.0 GPA 16 ACT: 49 pts 24 reb 11 ast 1 st 4 blk 3 3’s 4-4 ft. Magnolia Hoops Team MVP and the Magnolia Hoops MVP for the entire event. He showed he can score on any and all levels. 4-4 from the stripe, 3 3’s and mid-range jumpers. He showed that he can put the ball on the floor, get to the rack and finish around the rim. He showed his passing ability dropping 11 dimes. He rebounded good. Tyler plays really good on-ball and off-ball defense. He contests and blocks shot. He is an emerging stud and is a true hidden gem. I see his potential as being a mid-major over time. He is still developing and has huge upside.

Tyler Stevenson Video 1

Tyler Stevenson Video 2

Tyler Stevenson Video 3

Tyler Stevenson Video 4

Andrew Junkin 7-0 230 lbs C New Hope HS (Columbus, MS) 3.9 GPA 30 ACT: 22 pts 19 reb 4 ast 5 blk. The big man showed that he can play on a high level. He used a variety of moves down low showing off his post up game. He played around with his ball-handling showing that he can put the ball on the court. He used a couple face up moves and got to the rack. He showed a little passing ability out of the low post. He protected the rim on the defensive end. He rebounds smartly and blocks out on both ends. He plays with a super high motor. What level can he be an all-conference player? I’m not sure if he can do that but he can be a valuable piece to any team on any level, even low high-majors. It’s hard to teach 7-0, high motor and high academic. He has all three. He is one of the most improved players in the state from last high school season to now. He can play and fit on any level.

Andrew Junkin Video 1

Andrew Junkin Video 2

Andrew Junkin Video 3

Bryson “Frankco” Franks 6-2 PG Aberdeen HS (Aberdeen, MS): 15 pts 11 reb 11 ast 1 st 1 blk. He really did good for himself at this event. He showed some really good ball handling and passing. He scored around the paint with ease when on the break. He rebounded on the defensive end. He will be a great addition to JUCO programs with his ability to break the defense down with the dribble.

Bryson Franks Video 1

Bryson Franks Video 2

Grady Gardner 5-9 145 lb PG Nettleton HS (Nettleton, MS) 4.0 GPA 27 ACT: 15 pts 4 reb 4 ast 3 3’s. Lefty with a smooth stroke. He can fire it up when he needs to. The shifty, quick guard can get to the basket with ease. He knows how and has the ability to set his teammates up for the right shot. He is a high basketball IQ guard that can run a team. D3 and NAIA Coaches need to see him play this season.

Grady Gardner Video 1

Grady Gardner Video 2

Trajan “Tre” Fielder 5-11 130 lbs SG Neshoba Central HS (Choctaw, MS) 3.5 GPA 18 ACT: 17 pts 8 reb 3 ast 1 st 1 blk 5 3’s. Luckily ended up with number jersey #3. Nickname is Tre. I see what’s happening here. Yep, he can shoot it and he has extra long range too. He crashes the boards very hard on the offensive end. He keeps plays alive with his hustle going for loose balls and long rebounds. He will be a good option for post grads to check out.

Tre Fielder Video 1

Tre Fielder Video 2

Jaylin “Jay” Smith  6-3 200 lbs G/F Houston HS (Houston, MS) 3.0 GPA 22 ACT: 14 pts 17 reb 9 ast 2 st 4 blk 2 3’s 2-2 ft. He scored well around the basket. He has a nice lefty touch from long range. He does everything good. He rebounds, plays hard defense and is always going after 50/50 balls.  He is very athletic and can help Coaches on the NAIA, D3 and JUCO ranks.

Jaylin Smith Video 1

Jaylin Smith Video 2

Jaylin Smith Video 3

Terry “TJ” Wallace 6-3 147 lbs G Amory HS (Amory, MS) 3.2 GPA 17 ACT: 16 pts 10 reb 3 ast 3 st 2 blk 1 3’s 1-1 ft. Long and lanky wing with a high motor. He plays all over the place on defense. He has hands in passing lanes and at the top of shots. He can handle enough to run some guard. He scores around the basket around contact. He has a lot of potential and could be a big time sleeper for the next level JUCO guys.

TJ Wallace Video 1

TJ Wallace Video 2

TJ Wallace Video 3

South West

South West team consists of players from the Capital, Pine Belt and River regions.

JaQuondre “Dre” Bethany 6-0 160 lbs G Provine HS (Jackson, MS): 23 pts 12 reb 18 ast 8 st 1 3’s 1-1 ft. One of the best unheard of players in the state. He was a team MVP candidate. He is so explosive when he wants to get into the lane or when he wants to attack the rim. He can play well above the rim. He does a little bit of everything else on the court. He rebounds when needed. He is really good at finding the open man. His speed and shiftiness help him on defense. He will be a great addition to JUCO programs.

Dre Bethany Video 1

Dre Bethany Video 2

Dre Bethany Video 3

Dre Bethany Video 4

Damerius “Dee” Wash 6-4 183 lbs G Canton HS (Canton, MS): 2 reb. Dee Wash tried his best to make a go of it but he just couldn’t do it. He suffered an ankle injury the night before on the turf. I’m sure the electric scorer would’ve had a good day if he had not been injured. He will be a very hot target for the JUCO Coaches.

Dee Wash Video

Kenna’ “Kanouchie” Bryant 6-4 184 lbs SG Provine HS (Jackson, MS) 3.0 GPA 19 ACT: 39 pts 18 reb 13 ast 3 st 1 blk 6 3’s. Kenna’ showed up to play. The Magnolia Hoops Team MVP shot the ball extremely well. He hit from a very extended range well beyond the line. His one downfall on the day might have been his unselfishness. He could’ve easily walked away with another 14 points. He tried to keep everyone involved and put them in scoring opportunities. He rebounded good on both ends and played good help-side defense. He looked like a low-major target and a JUCO stud.

Kenna’ Bryant Video 1

Kenna’ Bryant Video 2

Kenna’ Bryant Video 3

Kenna’ Bryant Video 4

Kenna’ Bryant Video 5

Austin Sigsworth 6-4 G/F Bay Springs HS (Louin, MS): 2 pts 3 reb 1 ast 3 blk. He didn’t have the best day at the Showcase. He looked as if he fits a more structured system. He did show the tools of a gem in the making. He is very long and lanky. He can handle when he needs to and his shot wasn’t falling but it looked good. I’m hearing he can really get up and play above the rim. His on-ball and off-ball defense was very good. He can develop into a good JUCO guy. Post grads need to check him out also.

Austin Sigsworth Video

Roderick “Big Baby” Smith 6-8 230 lbs F/C Crystal Springs HS (Crystal Springs, MS): 23 pts 17 reb 5 ast 5 blk. Big Baby showed out at the Showcase. He showed the ability to score from mid range and down low. He played with a face-up and back to the basket game. He handled the ball good in the open court and when facing the basket. He finished strong after contact. He rebounded good on the defensive end. He contested shots in the lane. One of the biggest surprises on the day was his passing ability. He passed very, very well from the low post or from outside. His passes were spot on and perfect for open teammates. He can develop into a D1 guy down the road. JUCO and high end post grad Coaches need to be putting him as a high end target.

Big Baby Video 1

Big Baby Video 2

Big Baby Video 3

Big Baby Video 4

Devin Carter 6-0 174 lbs G Pearl HS (Pearl, MS) 3.0 GPA 17 ACT: 32 pts 14 reb 16 ast 6 st 6 3’s. A candidate for team MVP. The smooth shooting lefty scored on all three levels. We all know about this scoring. He also continued to improve on his impressive passing game that he displayed in Las Vegas. He set his teammates up very well. He rebounded on the defensive end. He plays smart defense. He needs to be seen by JUCO Coaches.

Devin Carter Video 1

Devin Carter Video 2

Devin Carter Video 3

Devin Carter Video 4

Jaylen “Sniper” Lester 6-1 165 lbs G Canton HS (Canton, MS) 2.9 GPA 18 ACT: 17 pts 6 reb 4 ast 3 st 3 3’s. Lester had a good showing at the event. He really stepped up when his high school teammate couldn’t go due to injury. He made big shots and showed that he can score. His off-ball defense is very good. He caused havoc from the weak side on the other teams. He proved that he should be considered for JUCO rosters.

Jaylen Lester Video 1

Jaylen Lester Video 2

Jaylen Lester Video 3

Haden Boyd 6-3 SG Stringer HS (Stringer, MS) 4.0 GPA 22 ACT: 13 pts 8 reb 4 ast 1 st 3 3’s. Good size guard with a strong body. He can shoot it at a high level from outside or from mid-range. He has a really nice looking pull up jumper. He rebounds smartly. He showed that he has the ability to handle when needed. He needs to be checked out by NAIA and D3 Coaches.

Haden Boyd Video 1

Haden Boyd Video 2

Adam Martinez 6-4 165 lbs SG West Lincoln HS (Brookhaven, MS) 3.8 GPA: 15 pts 12 reb 3 ast 6 st 1 3’s. He rebounded very good on the offensive end. He scores good around the basket and from the outside too. His ball handling was good and his passing was even better. He is very versatile and can play inside out. He played within his game. He is a good target for NAIA and JUCO Coaches.

Adam Martinez Video 1

Adam Martinez Video 2

Sebron “SeBreezy” Carter 6-5 185 lbs PF Canton HS (Canton, MS) 3.4 GPA 19 ACT: 13 pts 16 reb 2 ast 1 blk 2 3’s. Before the Showcase I looked at him as primarily a low post style guy. He stepped out and showed that he can play the stretch 4. He shot a nice long range lefty shot. He handled the ball with confidence when needed. He rebounded very well as always. He plays with a high motor on the defensive end. He will be a great addition to a JUCO roster.

Sebron Carter Video 1

Sebron Carter Video 2

South East

South East team consists of players from the Gulf Coast and southern Pine Belt regions.

Tucker “Tuck” Santiago 5-10 150 lbs G St. Patrick HS (Gulfport, MS): 11 pts 8 reb 4 ast 2 st 1 blk 3 3’s. One of the hardest nosed players in the state. He is a hardcore guard that plays all out on the defensive end. He is smart handling the ball and really gets the ball up the court in a hurry. He limits his turnovers and makes smart passes. He can shoot the ball when he needs to. He will be a good one to keep an eye on for the NAIA Coaches.

Tucker Santiago Video 1

Tucker Santiago Video 2

Kendel “KC” Chest 6-1 180 lbs G Grace Baptist Academy (New Orleans, LA) 3.3 GPA 16 ACT: 9 pts 14 reb 6 ast 2 st 3 blk 1 3’s. He could’ve easily been the best on-ball defender at the Showcase. He really got up in the ball handlers. He played smart help side defense. He’s a player that doesn’t need the ball to be happy. He plays hard and gritty. On the offensive side, he can score around the basket and can shoot from the outside. He would be a great addition to JUCO and NAIA programs.

Kendel Chest Video 1

Kendel Chest Video 2

Jonathan “Jon Jon” Knight 6-3 170 lbs G Vancleave HS (Vancleave, MS) 3.46 GPA 20 ACT: 20 pts 5 reb 2 ast 1 st 3 blk 1 3’s. He has a nice mid-range jumper, he can shoot outside and he can score around the basket. He has that natural shooters touch. He has some handles when he needs them. He can be a good player for JUCO, NAIA and D3 Coaches to look at.

Jonathan Knight Video 1

Jonathan Knight Video 2

Drelon Pittman 6-4 185 lbs F West Harrison HS (Gulfport, MS) 3.25 GPA 20 ACT: 20 pts 10 reb 12 ast 2 st. The high flyer always rises to the occasion when it counts the most. He really had a good day at the Showcase. He showed that he can step out and play the guard spots. He assumed the position of ball handler, distributor and scorer too. He showed that he can score on all 3 levels. He is very athletic and will be a great addition to D2 or low major programs.

Drelon Pittman Video 1

Drelon Pittman Video 2

Drelon Pittman Video 3

Robert “Lucky” Finklea 6-7 245 lbs F/C Biloxi HS (Biloxi, MS): 10 pts 13 reb 3 ast 3 blk 1-1 ft. 6-7? Um ok. I’m thinking a good 6-8. He was eye-to-eye with the other big dawgs at the Showcase. He is a really, really good rebounder. He is improving at a fast rate. He has a soft touch around the rim. He is a pretty good passer out of the low post. Robert is the perfect guy in an offense that sets a lot of picks. He’s a big with some serious upside. JUCO Coaches need to be keeping an eye on him this season.

Robert Finklea Video

Trez “TK” Kennedy 6-1 155 lbs PG St. Martin HS (Ocean Springs, MS) 3.0 GPA 17 ACT: 14 pts 13 reb 9 ast 3 st 1 blk 1-1 ft. What can you say about Kennedy? He is one of my favorite players in the state. When I sit down to do his video I catch myself watching and not working on them. If every team had 12 of him, no telling what they could do. He plays with an extremely high motor but he does it smartly. On the defensive end, he can guard on-ball and he plays very well on the help side. He always has his hands in passing lanes and helps out on the double teams. He goes for 50-50 balls, diving on the floor and out of bounds. He rebounds good on the defensive end and gets the ball up the court so fast it looked like he got an offensive board. He is better at setting up his guys to score on the break than in the half court set. He moves well without the ball. He has a lot of jelly and can score easily around contact around the basket. His best weapon is his mid-range pull up jumper. He can shoot outside when needed. JUCO and NAIA need to have him on their radar as a high target.

Trez Kennedy Video 1

Trez Kennedy Video 2

Trez Kennedy Video 3

Ryan Black 6-1 170 lbs G Ocean Springs HS (Ocean Springs, MS) 3.4 GPA 23 ACT: 11 pts 11 reb 6 ast 1 blk 3 3’s. Had to be one of the best shooters at the Showcase if not the best. He’s a very smart player. He keeps his turnovers limited, if any at all. He is about as solid as it comes for a teammate. D3, NAIA and JUCO Coaches should be all over him.

Ryan Black Video 1

Ryan Black Video 2

Jacob “Sal” Salminen 6-0 135 lbs SG St. Patrick HS (Biloxi, MS) 3.2 GPA 27 ACT: 8 pts 3 reb 4 ast 3 st 1 3’s 1-1 ft. He didn’t really get many shots up due to being unselfish with the ball but he is a great shooter. He can really stroke it behind the three-point line. He plays smart, stealthy defense. He is sneaky and quick when going for steals, loose balls or rebounds. Post grads and D3’s looking for shooters might want to take a look at him.

Jacob Salminen Video

Sayveon “Putt” Bumpers 6-3 183 lbs G Quitman HS (Quitman, MS): 37 pts 17 reb 4 ast 4 st 5 3’s. Sayveon continued to impress from his great play at the Rodney Hood Camp. He showed out at the Camp and he showed out at the Showcase too. He earned Magnolia Hoops Team MVP honors. He is really trending from a forward to a guard. He is slimming up and getting into guard shape. He easily dropped 37 points from around the basket and shot well from outside. He uses his frame to rebound hard on the defensive end. He can guard fast guards in man defense. His stock should continue to rise this season and he could end up being a top target for JUCO Coaches.

Sayveon Bumpers Video 1

Sayveon Bumpers Video 2

Sayveon Bumpers Video 3

Sayveon Bumpers Video 4

Colby Cooke 6-7 180 lbs F Laurel HS (Laurel, MS): 24 pts 14 reb 3 ast 3 blk 4 3’s. Way to get on the scene for Colby. He showed up and got some attention. He is a long, lanky wing that can play multiple positions. He did a very good job defensively holding the bigs and the guards. He crashed the offensive boards very hard. He would clear the defensive boards and get down the court with no problem. He could take the defenders off the dribble. He hit mid-range jumpers and showed he could hit from behind the arc. Every JUCO needs to be jumping on him fast.

Colby Cooke Video 1

Colby Cooke Video 2

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