Sip Super 15

1st Annual Sip Super 15

Here is the First Annual Sip Super 15. This new list or ranking is a composite ranking of the top 15 best players in the state regardless of class. This list is of players that will currently be playing in Mississippi this season. The composite is taken from three NCAA Certified Scouting Services that reside and specialize in Mississippi high school boys basketball. The three are as follows: Jeff Roberts of Magnolia Hoops, Lavel “Shoeman” Johnson of MS Hoop Report and Gerald Snider of Gerald Snider Recruiting Services. Each parties individual overall ranking will remain anonymous. The 3 rankings will be tabulated and then filtered to see who had the lowest composite score. In case of a tie, the player with the lowest rank of all 3 will be awarded the spot. It will be broken up into 3 teams of 5. Their individual rankings will be in parenthesis. Players that were not ranked in one list were assigned a value of 16.

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1st Team

  1. D.J. Jeffries 6-8 2019 G Olive Branch (Olive Branch) (1,2,2)
  2. Robert Woodard II 6-6 2018 G/F Columbus (Columbus) (1,2,3)
  3. Dewayne “DJ” Stewart 6-6 2018 G Riverside (Grace) (1,3,3)
  4. Javian “Jay0” Fleming 6-9 2018 F/C Canton (Canton) (4,4,5)
  5. Austin Crowley 6-5 2019 G West Point (West Point) (4,5,5)

Notes: All 5 of the 1st team guys were unanimous top 5.

2nd Team

  1. Kamarian “Kjay” Williams 6-8 2018 F Cleveland Central (Cleveland) (6,6,9)
  2. Ladarius “Krunchy” Marshall 6-6 2018 F Forest Hill (Jackson) (7,9,11)
  3. Tyron “Ty” Brewer 6-7 2018 F Meridian (Meridian) (8,10,10)
  4. Garrison Wade 6-7 2018 F St. Andrews Episcopal (Madison) (8,10,10)
  5. DaQuan “Quanny” Smith 6-2 2018 G Holly Springs (Holly Springs) (6,8,NR)

Notes: Garrison and Ty were in an exact tie with both having the highest rank of 8.

3rd Team

  1. Treylan “Trey” Smith 6-4 2020 G Petal (Richton) (7,NR,NR)
  2. Earl Smith 6-4 2019 PG Lanier (Jackson) (7,NR,NR)
  3. Joseph “Joee” Cooper 6-2 2019 PG Olive Branch (Olive Branch) (9,NR,NR)
  4. Axavius “Tada” Stricklen 6-0 2018 G Corinth (Corinth) (12,13,NR)
  5. Gabe Watson 6-2 2018 G Madison St. Joseph Catholic (Ridgeland) (11,15,NR)

Notes: Trey and Earl were also an exact tie. Tada and Joee tied also but Joee got the nod by having the better individual ranking of 9.

Honorable Mentions

Andrew Junkin 7-0 2018 C New Hope (Columbus) (11,NR,NR)

Damerius “Dee” Wash 6-4 2018 G Canton (Canton) (12,NR,NR)

DeAnthony Tipler 5-11 2018 G Ashland (Ashland) (14,14,NR)

Cameron “Beno” Smith 6-6 2018 G/F Okolona (Okolona) (13,NR,NR)

Jamarcus “J Pop” Jones 6-6 2018 F/C North Panola (Sardis) (13,NR,NR)

Bryson Mills 6-4 2018 G/F Mendenhall (Mendenhall) (14,NR,NR)

Michael “Mike” Barber 6-8 2018 G/F Jackson Academy (Jackson) (15,NR,NR)

Ladarrius “Moo Moo” Spears 6-6 2018 F/C Okolona (Okolona) (15,NR, NR)

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