Da House Middle School Combine

Da House Middle School Combine

September 29, 2018

Pontotoc HS

Pontotoc, MS

I don’t know how Vince Overholt and Gary “BG” Caveness always seen to find the top talent but they just seem to do it. On Saturday, they didn’t disappoint with the collection of hidden junior high talent. The coordinators and coaches of Da House AAU team continue their success with travel ball by hosting this camp for the kids to help them gain the exposure while working on skill development.

All participants will be listed with the All-Star selections (which was an impossible task in itself selecting) being first.


Zane Tipler 5-1 PG Ripley 13 year old

Jaylon Stockins 5-10 Corinth 13 year old

Damarius Stewart 5-2 Corinth 13 year old

Cael Chrismond 5-10 G/F East Webster 13 year old

James Swindell 6-0 G Russell Christian Academy (Meridian) 13 year old

Donovan Griffin 5-11 PG Armstrong Middle (Starkville) 13 year old

Coryuamen 5-6 Middleton (TN) 14 year old

Rodgerick Robinson 5-10 Middleton (TN) 14 year old

Gavin Brinker 6-3 G/F Tupelo 14 year old

Zy Pryor 5-11 G/F Calhoun City 14 year old

Brandon Pulliam 6-2 G/F Houlka 14 year old

Greer Manning 5-9 G West Union 13 year old

Adin Johnson 5-6 SG Ingomar 14 year old

Conner Armstrong 6-0 F Pontotoc 14 year old

Michael Smith 6-4 C Houston 13 year old

Joshua Holman 6-4  G/F Germantown 14 year old

The following players will be listed by age:

15 year old

Zeke Triplett 5-5 Corinth

Kendravious Gladney 5-5 Houlka

14 year old

Clarence Ayers 5-3 Corinth

Hayes Fason 5-10 East Webster

Rhett Robinson 5-8 Pontotoc

Eli Baker 5-4 North Pontotoc

Tylan Watson 5-5 Houston

Kelby Henry 5-8 Houston

Daniel Conlee West Union

Seth Winter 5-11 Houlka

Zandarian Davidson 5-7 Houston

Tyler Lyons 5-10 Houston

13 year old

Jervon Burn 5-6 Corinth

Briceton Johnson 4-11 East Webster

Cade Morrow 5-2 East Webster

Zac Armstrong 5-4 Calhoun City

Shadarrione Stewart 5-0 Corinth

Cameron Razor 5-5 Houston

Jack Sansing 5-3 Pontotoc

Jarell Hamilton 5-7 Houlka

Chris Crodwin 5-9 Waterloo (AL)

Omari Warburton 5-6 Florence (AL)

Rylan Townsend 5-6 Houston

Nic Townsend 5-6 Pontotoc

Eric Stovall 5-9 Houston

Bolton Lakes 5-9 Houston

12 year old

Drew Hogan 5-1 Potts Camp

11 year old

Neal Swindell 5-6 Russell Christian Academy (Meridian)

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