Magnolia Hoops Preseason 2A Top 10

Magnolia Hoops Preseason 2A Top 10

  1. Calhoun City
  2. Coahoma County
  3. Northside
  4. Heidelberg
  5. North Forrest
  6. Potts Camp
  7. South Delta
  8. East Marion
  9. Charleston
  10. Bay Springs

Others to keep a close eye on (in no order):

New Site

Madison St. Joseph




West Lincoln


St. Patrick


2 thoughts on “Magnolia Hoops Preseason 2A Top 10

  1. I think Prentiss county basketball is back. In 69 new site and jumper town played in the state championship division B. New Site won. Thasher won division BB. Baldwin won A division. Then we had a grand slam with new site winning it. That means that in the finals of the state tournament Prentiss county had four teams. I think there’s a possibility that this year ballwin could play in the finals off class A. New Sitecould play in the finals of 2A and Boonville could be in the finals of 3A. I’m looking forward to this season of Prentiss County basketball

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