Magnolia Hoops Preseason 2020 Magnolia Team

Magnolia Hoops Preseason

2020 Magnolia Team

Here is my list of the top players by class going into the 2019-20 season. It’s hard to do an actual ranking due to the fact of not being able to accurately evaluate every eligible player in the state. This list will show you where you might fall in your class in my opinion. I might be leaving some guys off the list that I’ve forgotten about. I tried to research as extensive as I could going back through all my archives. Some might be left off that I haven’t seen play yet or seen in a long time. Some that don’t make the list might think they are better than some players that are on here. Keep that confidence and go prove it. These are the ones that I’ve actually seen multiple times and these are the ones I’d want to roll with. Picking of these teams involves skill set, next level potential, past production and how they play. One player might not be better than someone left off but the one that makes the list might be the best defender, passer or rebounder in his class.

*****There is 10-15 more players that fall in the top 20 level range.*****

Starting 5

Emile Kazeneza 6-7 SG Grace Baptist Academy

Cameron “Mook” Matthews 6-6 F Olive Branch

Derek Fountain 6-8 G Holly Springs

Ashton Campbell 6-2 G Forrest County

Cooper McClesky 6-6 G Caledonia


Second Team

Theon Esseboom 6-5 G Grace Baptist Academy

Randarius Hughes 6-5 G Heidelberg

Keondre Montgomery 6-7 SG Forest Hill

KeDarius “Squirt” Stampley 6-2 G Natchez

Cameron Brown 6-5 G Hattiesburg


Third Team

Caleb McGill 6-5 F Petal

Treylan Smith 6-4 G Petal

Ralph Tyes 6-0 PG Holmes County Central

Alijah Martin 6-2 G North Pike

Nicholaus Council 6-1 G Provine


Fourth Team

Isaiah Patrick 6-0 G Richland

DaShun Berry 6-1 G Houlka

Bryan Steen 6-6 F/C Charleston

Yohana Del 6-6 G/F Grace Baptist Academy

Dillon Johnson 6-1 G Greenville St. Joseph

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