Grind2Shine Hoops Ripley Camp

Grind2Shine Hoops Camp

Ripley, MS

Saturday August 26, 2017

Grind2Shine Hoops Camp in Ripley Saturday was a huge success. Some of the better players in the state turned out and was provided with a huge learning opportunity. Blake Franks and the crew from CP25 combined with Jason Smith and the JSI crew to work on basketball skills for the players. The players went through numerous drills and competitive skills sessions. Here is some of the players that got my (or contributors of MagnoliaHoops) attention on several occasions.


Keenan Boman 6-3 G Winfield HS (Winfield, AL): A true shooter that played with some major confidence. His swagger on the court got my attention and it was not the type that pushes into the cocky stages. It was just enough to show that he could get the job done and he knew it. He played solid defense. On offense, you knew the ball was going in when it left his hands. He’s one for NAIA and D3 Coaches to put on the radar.

Iverson Smith 5-11 G Ripley HS (Ripley, MS):  He played solid during the drills and play. His shot was automatic. He was draining 3’s like crazy during the shooting drills. During the shooting drills while waiting to get started, he hit 11-13 at one point. Iverson should be hitting the JUCO radar this season. I know he is definitely on my radar again.

Montez Green 6-0 172 lbs G Pass Christian HS (Pass Christian, MS): He showed a little bit of hop during the day. He played with a lot of effort. He could turn into a D3 prospect.

Jacob Mayberry 6-1 150 lbs G Belgreen HS (Russellville, AL): He had some serious grit to him. A hard nosed player with high academics. Another D3 prospect in the making.

Kaleb “Trell” Terrell 6-1 147 lbs G Saltillo, HS (Tupelo, MS): He is one of the guys that was all over the place. Every time you looked up #129 was there. He didn’t have the best day but he was the pesky, annoying defender. He can become a JUCO prospect throughout the year.

Tyler Sawyer 5-11 G MAHS (Memphis, TN): How do I define him? Easy. Makes smart plays. I would see #128 make a smart play and I’d say, “Who is that?” He was making them all day. He was constantly setting his guys up and making them better. The Memphis Academy of Health Sciences play maker needs to be seen by NAIA, D3 and D2 Coaches.

Lydell Northington 6-0 G Overton HS (Memphis, TN): Athlete made several plays during the day. He wasn’t a stand out but he held his own for sure. Played hard on the defensive end.

Zack Tucker 6-2 G West Lowndes HS (Columbus, MS): Strong body guard showed some promise. Good size frame that could turn into a JUCO prospect this year.

TJ Martin 5-11 G Southaven HS (Southaven, MS): Played smart and played hard during the drills and skills sessions. A JUCO prospect to keep an eye on this year.

Rashe France 6-4 G/F Mitchell HS (Memphis, TN): The Southaven to Mitchell transfer has put on several inches over the summer. His length is hard to overcome on the defensive end. He wasn’t great but played solid on both ends. Could be a player for JUCO’s to keep an eye on.

Michael Crump 6-4 G Baldwyn HS (Baldwyn, MS): I’d have to say he created the most buzz at the event and could be named the most surprising player there. He played at a high level the entire day. He was right there with Crowley, Jeffries, Brown and Cooper. His defense was at a high level mixing in on-ball and off-ball pressure. He had a good mixture of offensive moves fueled by his shifty ball handling. The skill set has always been there and he is finally bringing it to the court. He could end up being a high JUCO prospect and could get interest from low majors if he keeps playing at such a high level.

Collier Cantrell 6-0 185 lbs G Hackleburg HS (Hackleburg, AL):  He looked as if he is coming off of a knee injury and played very smart and solid basketball. He was always in the right spot at the right time. His movement without the ball was good and he crashed the offensive boards hard. NAIA and D3 Coaches can take a look at him this season.

Malik Henry 6-3 140 G New Hope HS (Columbus, MS): The smooth guard has a knack for getting to the lane and finding an open man. He would be a perfect candidate for a post grad year or could grow into a JUCO prospect this season.

Devin Harris 6-3 215 lbs G/F Jasper HS (Jasper, AL): He is a very good kid that just grows on you. He was very fundamentally sound all day. He moved well without the ball and played with a high motor. The lefty showed that he could score as the day went along from all three levels. He could be a solid JUCO or D2 pick up.

Tahj Crump 6-4 158 lbs F Tupelo HS (Tupelo, MS): Tahj stopped the best offensive play of the day….. Boo. With the best defensive play of the day…… Yay. One of the players went baseline and was about to deliver a posterizing dunk when he come from help side with perfect timing and hung him around the top of the white block. His timing on his blocks was impeccable all day. And he blocked tons of shots. He also showed some offensive skills from the 15 ft range by getting to the basket and hitting some step back jumpers. Looks as if he is on the rise so D3 and D2 guys need to take notice.

Tyler Stevenson 6-7 180 lbs G/F New Hope HS (Columbus, MS): The long lanky ball handler didn’t have the best day but he did show glimpses of greatness. His ability to get free and get his mid range jumpers off is at a mid major level. His defense was very good as he showed he can slow the faster guards down and contend with the bigs down low. High D2, low majors and mids need to take a look at him over the next season to see if he fits your needs.

Luke McBrayer 6-6 180 lbs F/C Wheeler HS (Wheeler, MS): I’m pretty sure he went completely unnoticed at the event. Not because he didn’t do anything but because he does the things that nobody sees. His rebounding was great on both ends. He positions himself perfectly on the offensive boards. Even when jumping with the more athletic and taller guys he always seemed to get a finger tipped in to knock the ball away. He kept possessions alive by grabbing loose balls. He scored in bunches and never looked flashy because he took high percentage safe shots. He contested shots around the rim on the defensive side. NAIA and D3 Coaches need to see him.


Kevon Summerhill 6-4 G/F Deshler HS (Tuscumbia, AL): This guy can play. He runs with a high motor on both ends. Extremely athletic wing that crashes the boards hard. He scored the ball with ease around the rim.

Shemar Johnson 5-9 140 lbs G Bartlett HS (Bartlett, TN): Every time you said, “Wow, who hit that?” It was him. He scored easily from inside or outside. Lightning quick guard that loves to push the ball.

Josh Stevenson 6-3 G Olive Branch HS (Olive Branch, MS): Could be the most underrated player in the OB rotation. He played extremely well all day on both ends. He scored around the rack. He will be one to keep an eye on as he continues to progress and develop.

Joe Cooper 6-1 PG Olive Branch HS (Olive Branch, MS): The best passing guard there and probably in the state in his class. He had no problem breaking down the defenders and getting to the mid range or basket. He has a smooth lefty mid range jumper and uses his strength to score around the basket after contact. He has some real potential on the next level by being such a great passer.

Jamarrion Brown 6-0 155 lbs G Starkville HS (Starkville, MS): All I have to say about him is bunnies. Dudes got massive hops.

Deonta Jones 5-9 G Strayhorn HS (Sarah, MS): One of my personal favorite players to watch. His mid range jumper is on point. He gets high elevation on a perfect shot and release. He has gained a little more aggression at getting to the rim. Hard nosed defender.

Tate Ryder 6-1 150 lbs G Oak Grove HS (Hattiesburg, MS): I hate to say it but he don’t really look the part of a baller but he can ball. He had an impressive weekend at the Rodney Hood Camp and had just as good Grind2Shine Camp. He’s not a high major guy but he plays with some grit and can play. I’ll be putting my eyes on him again this season.

Jalon Beene 5-10 G/F Wheeler HS (Wheeler, MS): Old school Wheeler players shot on him. And that’s a good thing. He reminds me of a Sam Richey coached kid. Great elevation on his jumpers. He’s only a 5-10 F though. Guess what? You better not jump with him. Tahj Crump did on the play mentioned above and he did get the better of him. If Tahj didn’t, he would have had the play of the day. He got the ball on the baseline and his eyes got big. I even yelled do it from the sidelines. He has no heart and will put you on a poster. The sky is the limit for him if he improves his guard skills.

Austin Crowley 6-5 155 lbs G West Point HS (West Point, MS): The high major showed why he is one of the top 2 in the state and he’s not as far from #1 as the country thinks. He is starting to get some recognition by being a 4 star guy. His rank is still off an the national radar. He should be a top 60ish guy.

DJ Jeffries 6-7 G Olive Branch HS (Olive Branch, MS): The 5 star guard showed glimpses of why he’s a 5 star. He made plays that only blue blood targets make. He finished around and above the rim all day.

Shamar Brown 6-6 G/F Tenn Prep Academy (Olive Branch, MS): Shamar has really improved his outside game. He was knocking down outside and mid range shots all day. He has the size and strength to bang down low. His game is really looking up.


Wes Taylor 5-10 G Olive Branch HS (Olive Branch, MS): Wes is a smooth guard that guided his way around the competition all day. He got to the lane and finished.

Walker Moreland 5-10 G New Site HS (Booneville, MS): Walker played like an experienced guard on the court. He used his knowledge and experience to exploit the competition. The sharp shooter displayed some crafty moves down low to score around the paint.

Isaiah Patrick 5-11 150 lbs G Richland HS (Richland, MS): One of the more underrated players in the Jackson are. He is a strong body guard with some hops. He has a knack for scoring. He has developed a lot in 2 years and I can’t wait to see where he ends up in a couple years.

Asa Howard 6-2 G Ripley HS (Ripley, MS): Scorer. The lefty just knows how to score. If he grows to 6-5 or 6-6, he could be the top player in the state in his class.

Jesus Ruedas 5-8 PG Ripley HS (Ripley, MS): You better not sleep on 5-8, he will make you look stupid. Amazing passer that can shoot. Very smart ball player that has a feel for the game. He keeps his turnovers to a minimum.

Ankerion Gross 6-4 F North Panola, HS (Sardis, MS): Mr. Gross, welcome to the big leagues. He showed up and showed out. He needs to be inserted into the state rankings. His length is crazy long. He played with a high motor on the defensive end. He got to the rack at will and scored after contact. He rebounded at a high level. Coach Yancy has developed another stud over from Sardis area.

Cameron Matthew 6-6 F/C Olive Branch HS (Olive Branch, MS): He showed some outside game with the mid range shots. He put the ball on the court and got into the lane. He finished and scored easy around the paint. He contested a lot of shots around the rim.

Riley Hoard 6-5 F/C Baldwyn HS (Baldwyn, MS): Baldwyn’s new big guy had a great showing at the camp. He dominated down on the low block scoring at will. He cleaned the boards up and swatted shots all day. He could be a force if he continues to improve at this pace.


Zach Shugars 6-4 189 lbs F/C Ingomar HS (New Albany, MS): Shugar Bear was a beast. He has improved his outside and mid range game. He was hitting jumpers. He was scoring around the paint with no problem. A very fundamental rebounder that cleans the glass. His foot speed on defense is very good. One of the best in the state with already a year of high school experience behind him.


Zane Tipler 4-9 PG Ripley MS (Ripley, MS): Why you talking about a 4-9 2023 kid? Because you better learn the name of the next Tipler coming. This guy played against the high schoolers, took some beatings and never slowed down. He got right back in there with the bigger guys and did his thing. An exceptional ball handler that will be a true scorer. Keep an eye open for the Next Tip.

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