January 8-14 Report

January 8-14 Report

This report will cover the following games or events: Prentiss County Tournament from Booneville HS, Biloxi at Harrison Central, Panther Classic from Pacagoula HS, Kings Court Christian at Grace Baptist Academy and the US Amateur AAU MLK Classic from St. Martin HS.

Thursday January 11, 2018

Prentiss County Tournament

From Booneville HS

#45 MS New Site Royals 19-2 (2A Booneville, MS) 63

#117 MS Booneville Blue Devils 8-8 (3A Booneville, MS) 55

New Site used a big first quarter to get the jump on Booneville to advance to the Prentiss County Championship Game. New Site would later go on and defeat Baldwyn in the Championship game 45-36. It is New Sites first boys county championship since 1970.

New Site (traveled 14 miles)

Wiley King 20 pts 8-11 ft


Ramsey Ivy 6-1 G 17 pts 9-12 ft


Walker Moreland 5-11 G 12 pts 2 3’s 6-6 ft

Booneville (home team)


Camron Young 5-6 PG 13 pts 3 3’s

Cole McGrath 5-10 SG 12 pts 2 3’s

Vincent Gillespie 6-3 C 10 pts

#133 MS Baldwyn Bearcats 12-7 (2A Baldwyn, MS) 55

#77 MS Wheeler Eagles 17-2 (1A Wheeler, MS) 50

Baldwyn trailed by a large margin for most of the game but the Bearcats were ahead when it counted. Shamaur Agnew (5-10 ’18 G Baldwyn 17 pts 3 3’s 4-4 ft 3 reb 4 st) got a steal and a layup with :59 seconds to go in the fourth to take a 51-50 lead. Michael Crump (6-4 ’18 G Baldwyn 15 pts 6 reb 3 ast 6 st) then got a steal and layup on the next play to give Baldwyn a 53-50 lead. Crump finished it off with a defensive rebound and pass ahead to Ethan Carmichael (5-10 ’19 PG Baldwyn 7 pts 5 ast 6 st) for the layup at the buzzer.

Baldwyn (traveled 12 miles)


D’Mondrea “Mon” Doss 6-2 ’18 F/C 10 pts 4 reb 2 st 2 charges taken


Riley Hoard 6-6 F/C 4 pts 6 reb

Wheeler (traveled 8 miles)


Alex Wilson 6-0 G 17 pts 3 3’s


Jalon Beene 5-10 G/F 15 pts

Friday January 12, 2018

Biloxi vs Harrison Central

From Harrison Central HS

#27 MS Harrison Central Red Rebels 11-6 (6A Gulfport, MS) 60

#6 MS Biloxi Indians 19-1 (6A Biloxi, MS) 55

Harrison Central knocked off the only remaining unbeaten team. Dajon Whitworth (5-10 ’18 G Harrison Central 25 pts 7-11 fg 2 3’s 9-13 ft 2 st) showed to be one of the better unsigned JUCO guards in the state. He guided his team to the victory alongside a double-double from Daquan Perkins (6-4 ’18 F Harrison Central 13 pts 5-8 fg 14 reb).

Harrison Central (home team)


Marquez Clay 5-11 G/F 9 pts 5-6 ft 2 reb 2 ast

Biloxi (traveled 16 miles)


Dillyn Neeley 5-11 SG 15 pts 5-7 ft 2 3’s


Dontavius Proby 5-8 G 15 pts

Jordan Montgomery 6-2 G 11 pts 2 3’s

Saturday January 13, 2018

Panther Classic

From Pascagoula HS

#91 MS Gautier Gators 12-7 (5A Gautier, MS) 20

107 MS Quitman Panthers 4-9 (4A Quitman, MS) 11

A defensive chess match and I loved it. Both Coaches were playing mind games and thinking moves ahead and Gautier come out on the winning end. Gautier was held scoreless in the first quarter and Quitman was held scoreless in the second quarter. At one point, Gautier worked their offense for four and a half minutes without taking a shot. Wow. I had heard a lot about the post from Gautier but it didn’t take long to realize he is more than just a post. DeAnte Lawler (6-5 ’18 F/C Gautier 4 pts) has handles to go along with his defensive awareness down low. He is a good JUCO option. Points were at a premium in this game so all scorers will be listed. Quitman was without their best two players, Sayveon Bumpers (6-3 ’18 G/F Quitman/Jones County CC) and JonQuavious Lacy (’19 Quitman).

Gautier (traveled 8 miles)

Quitman (traveled 128 miles)

#135 MS George County Rebels 8-8 (6A Lucedale, MS) 55

#159 MS Pass Christian Pirates 4-12 (4A Pass Christian, MS) 48

Cameron Hartfield (6-2 ’18 G George County 20 pts, 11 in the 4th, 2 3’s 6-6 ft, 5-5 in the 4th) paced his team to victory by stepping up in the fourth quarter scoring 11 of their 19 points in that frame.

George County (traveled 40 miles)

Pass Christian (traveled 50 miles)


Montez Green 5-11 G 14 pts


Tionne Frost 6-2 G/F 16 pts, 14 in 2nd half, 2 3’s

#105 MS D’Iberville Warriors 10-7 (6A D’Iberville, MS) 69

#259 MS Perry Central Bulldogs 4-12 (2A New Augusta, MS) 34

D’Iberville used a full team effort to get past Perry Central.

D’Iberville (traveled 30 miles)


Lazarius “Zay” Ratcliff 6-2 SF 10 pts

Clint Hawkins 6-2 F/C 13 pts


Rakeem Barnes 5-9 11 pts 2 3’s

Perry Central (traveled 73 miles)


Quincy Scott 5-7 G 6 pts 5 reb 7 st

Tyson Bolton 5-8 G 14 pts 5-7 ft 5 reb 2 st

#92 MS Bay Tigers 10-9 (4A Bay St. Louis, MS) 42

#48 MS Gulfport Admirals 10-9 (6A Gulfport, MS) 39

Jaylan Wilson (6-0 ’18 G Bay 18 pts) led Bay to the win over Gulfport.

Bay (traveled 51 miles)

Gulfport (traveled 32 miles)


Juan Irias 5-9 PG 10 pts 4-5 ft 2 reb

Chad Crenshaw 5-7 PG 7 pts 4 reb 4 st


Derick Hall 6-4 F/C 10 pts 13 reb 4 st 2 blk


Nate Hudson 6-5 F/C 4 pts 6 reb

#25 MS Hattiesburg Tigers 14-5 (5A Hattiesburg, MS) 63

#113 MS West Harrison Hurricanes 5-8 (5A Gulfport, MS) 38

Hattiesburg (traveled 98 miles)


Darryl Jordan 12 pts 2 3’s

West Harrison (traveled 45 miles)


Drelon Pittman 6-4 G/F 18 pts 2 3’s 8-8 ft

#14 MS Pascagoula Panthers 12-5 (6A Pascagoula, MS) 69

#71 MS Oak Grove Warriors 10-9 (6A Hattiesburg, MS) 53

The junior duo of D’Yasmond “Dee” Booker (6-3 ’19 G/F Pascagoula 13 pts, 10 in 2nd half) and Jayden “P-Nut Butter” McCorvey (6-6 ’19 G Pascagoula 17 pts) were a tough task for Oak Grove to handle as the Panthers got the win.

Pascagoula (home team)


Jonas Burley 6-0 G 11 pts, 7 in 4th qtr

Oak Grove (traveled 102 miles)


Blake Roberts 6-0 SG 21 pts, 12 in the 4th qtr, 7 3’s

Kings Court Christian Academy vs Grace Baptist Academy

From Grace Baptist Academy HS

#144 MS Grace Baptist Academy Eagles 13-10 (Independent Ocean Springs, MS) 102

#136 MS Kings Court Christian Academy Lions 14-2 (Independent Greenville, MS) 53

Grace Baptist is one of the hidden gems in MS. They play a national traveling schedule so they might not have the best record to show but they are a top 10 team in the state. A majority of the players on the team are not MS born but they represent our state when they hit the court. They have size, length, toughness, speed and skill. Starting with size, you can’t look past David Greer (7-0 ’18 C Grace Baptist 9 pts 4-7 fg 8 reb 3 st). The big post is a JUCO prospect ready to be snagged. He is developing low post moves to go with his huge frame. He plays good below his waste for a big man. He grabbed a defensive board, went coast-to-coast and I thought he was about to hurt the defender on the dunk. Instead, he finished with an up-and-under layup. Would’ve loved to see the poster but he showed some agility in the move. The other senior on the team is Chris Lako (6-0 ’18 G Grace Baptist 22 pts 9-14 fg 2 3’s 6 reb 11 ast 2 st). The pesky defender from Australia is JUCO ready. Then you get to the length. El Sark (6-7 ’20 F Grace Baptist 23 pts 10-15 fg 3 3’s 5 reb 3 ast 3 blk) is a lm+ prospect with a good size frame and soft hands. He can handle the ball well for a stronger bodied player and has a very soft touch around the basket as well as beyond the arc. Sam Kuol (6-6 ’20 G/F Grace Baptist 11 pts 4-6 fg 2 3’s 2 reb 2 ast) is a lm+/mm prospect that has huge upside and potential. The long and lanky wing can handle and shoot very well from outside. The skill comes in with Kelvin Chest (6-0 ’20 G Grace Baptist 27 pts 12-14 fg 2 3’s 3 reb 4 ast 4 st). The strong guard is an automatic scorer that can score whenever he wants to. He has the ability to score on all three levels and he handles contact well around the paint. He is also a hard-nosed defender that brings leadership to the court. The toughness comes in the form of an undersized, underage sophomore. Dylan DeMarco (5-10 ’20 G Grace Baptist 10 pts 4-7 fg 2 3’s 3 ast 3 st) came off the bench and brought some crazy hustle to the court. He plays with no fear as he guards the bigger guys. He has tons of heart, can shoot the lights out and plays smart basketball for a freshman age player. They were also playing without possibly their best player. Felipe Carter (6-1 ’20 G Grace Baptist) could be a mm/hm prospect from what I’ve heard about him.

Grace Baptist (home team)

Kings Court (traveled 293 miles)


Corderrius Tyler 5-9 G 10 pts 4 reb 2 ast 3 st

James Robinson 6-0 15 pts 2 3’s 11 reb 3 ast

Derrick Clay 5-11 G 14 pts 7-9 ft 13 reb

US Amateur MLK Classic

From St. Martin HS

Demarius Coleman (5-7 ’22 G Gulfport/MS Elite Bulldogs) is a shooter. He was clutch from behind the line and is one to keep an eye on the next several years.

Nicholaus Council (6-1 ’20 G) This was my first time getting to see Nick against a level playing field of competition. I’ve seen him try to play several levels up against the top ’18’s in the state and it didn’t work out the best for him. He was playing with a team from Louisiana and it proved to be a really good weekend for him. He ran the team and showed that he is one of the top sophomores in the state. His passing and court vision was well above average and should earn him an opportunity to play on the next level. He is fast and elusive with a killer first and second step. He has a speed burst that can get him to the rack whenever he wants to. He can shoot from mid and long range as well as score around the basket.

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

2018: Chris Lako

6-0 G Grace Baptist

2019: Jayden McCorvey

6-6 G Pascagoula

2020: Kelvin Chest

6-0 G Grace Baptist

2021: James Bolton

6-2 G/F Perry Central

2022: Demarius Coleman

5-7 G Gulfport

Magnolia Hoops Starting 5

Chris Lako

6-0 ’18 G Grace Baptist

Kelvin Chest

6-0 ’20 G Grace Baptist

El Sark

6-7 ’20 F Grace Baptist

Michael Crump

6-4 ’18 G Baldwyn

James Robinson

6-0 ’18 Kings Court

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