2018 Rodney Hood Elite Camp

2018 Rodney Hood Elite Camp

Meridian, MS

August 4-5, 2018

As the summer travel schedule has slowed down and transitioned into the camp season, the Rodney Hood Elite Camp is one of the premier and best ways to kick it off. Rodney and the Hoods provide one of the best camp environments for the best in the state. Big thanks to Rodney for providing the financial backing for the kids to be able to do this. Thanks to Mr. Hood for keeping everybody in line and providing structure. A super thank you to Ricky and Nicole Hood. They are the brains and leg work behind the whole operation. Here is a list of the following kids that shined at this years event.

9 and 10 year old

Tallie Webber, West Point: Well polished and well rounded youngster that has some tools to be a highly ranked player in the future.

11 and 12 year old

Keaton Gray (Newton), Lebron Johnson (Kemper County) and Jamarion Fleming (Canton) are a few of the big names that played in this division. These two classes are going to be loaded when they get to high school.

13 and 14 year old

Connor Rogers (Starkville), Parker Henry (Meridian), Marquez Jones (Meridian), Devin Ree (Terry), Demontae Robinson (Meridian) and Keiveon Hunt (Callaway) are players that caught Magnolia Hoops attention.

15 and 16 year old

Hattiesburg and Wayne County both had solids groups in attendance. Look for both of them to be key factors this season.

Princeton Edwards (Oak Grove), Caleb Rawls (East Marion) and Zayveon Ellis (Meridian) were eye catchers on the high school level with the following gaining more attention:

Derek Fountain 6-7 G Holly Springs: He stepped up in some key situations and battled with the big dogs. And won most of the battles. It’s great to have him back in MS this year.

KeDarius “Squirt” Stampley 6-1 G Natchez: He has improved big time over the summer and will be a force to deal with at Natchez this season.

Daeshun Ruffin 5-10 G Callaway: He is 5-10+ after measuring him out. He was absolutely the best player at the camp and will have a phenomenal season for Coach Sanders this year.

17 and 18 year old

First off, every senior in the state should’ve been fighting to get in for this event. There was 5 scouting services in attendance that were brought in by the Hoods to help get them exposure. It’s a shame no more showed up than what actually did. For the one’s that didn’t show up, don’t come to me in March asking why you don’t have any or more offers.

Lorenzo Trey Fort III G Florence: Yes, that’s right, Florence. He was the better of all the seniors at the camp. He played with a high level of intensity and scored the ball with ease. He should have a great season coming up playing alongside Forbes.

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