November 5-10 Report

November 5-10 Report

The stats listed are unofficial but are close to what the players accomplished on the court (mostly because I run my mouth too much and don’t pay the closest attention the entire game).

Tuesday November 6, 2018

Itawamba AHS vs New Albany

From New Albany MS

New Albany, MS

(B) Itawamba AHS Indians 1-1 (4A Fulton, MS) 74

New Albany Bulldogs 1-1 (4A New Albany, MS) 5

Notes: Itawamba got out to a slow start but kicked it in grind mode in the second half. Several players were in the running for player of the game. Davon Wilder (6-5 ’21 F/C Itawamba) fought hard inside for a big double-double. Jaxon Orr (6-6 ’19 G/F Itawamba) notched a double-double while still trying to shake the football rust off. Jamerison Martin (6-0 ’21 G Itawamba) came off the bench to drop a game high 21 points. Itawamba looked rusty and was still able to pull off a big road win over a really solid New Albany team. Troy Payne (6-4 ’19 F/C New Albany) played a big role for the Bulldogs but got in early foul trouble. He plays much bigger than his 6-4 size and needs to be checked out by next level Coaches. The future with Isaiah Ball (5-10 ’20 G New Albany), Mitchell Shettles (6-0 ’20 G New Albany), Artaveion High (6-0 ’21 G/F New Albany) and Michael Smith (6-3 ’22 F New Albany) is bright for the Bulldogs and Coach Shettles.

New Albany (home)


Troy Payne 6-4 F/C 2 pts 7 reb 2 blk 1 st


Isaiah Ball 5-10 G 19 pts 1 reb 5 ast 1 st 1 blk

Mitchell Shettles 6-0 G 18 pts 2 3’s 2 reb 1 st


Artaveion High 6-0 G/F 5 pts 6 reb 1 ast


Michael Smith 6-3 F 6 pts 4 reb

Itawamba (traveled 45 miles)


Jaxon Orr 6-6 G/F 15 pts 11 reb 2 ast 4 blk 1 st


Dashawn Wilder 6-0 SG 10 pts 2 3’s 2 reb 2 ast 3 st

Deion Shells 5-10 PG 9 pts 4 reb 1 ast 4 st


Jamerison Martin 6-0 G 21 pts 9-12 ft 2 3’s 2 reb 1 ast 2 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Davon Wilder


6-5 ’21 F/C

17 pts 14 reb 1 st 1 blk

Thursday November 8, 2018

Bank of Pontotoc Classic

From Pontotoc HS

Pontotoc, MS

(B) Itawamba AHS Indians 2-1 (4A Fulton, MS) 57

New Hope Trojans 0-2 (4A Columbus, MS) 52

Notes: Dashawn Wilder (6-0 ’20 SG Itawamba AHS) sealed the victory with a free-throw and he followed that up by getting a steal and lay-up on the inbounds pass all within the last 3 seconds of the game. New Hope has a solid and athletic team. Krash Pascisco (6-1 ’19 F New Hope) and R.L. Mattix (5-11 ’20 G New Hope) were solid for the Trojans.

Itawamba AHS (traveled 43 miles)


Jamerison Martin 6-0 G 13 pts 3 3’s

Davon Wilder 6-5 C 16 pts

New Hope (traveled 83 miles)


Krash Pascisco 6-1 F 12 pts


R.L. Mattix 5-11 G 13 pts 3 3’s

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Dashawn Wilder

Itawamba AHS

6-0 ’20 SG

12 pts

(B) Pontotoc Warriors 3-0 (4A Pontotoc, MS) 72

Houlka Wildcats 0-3 (1A Houlka, MS) 43

Notes: Coach Rolley Tipler noted that he is still missing 9 kids due to football. His guys didn’t look like they were missing any beats waiting on them. Kourtland Armstrong (5-8 ’20 G Pontotoc) looked amazing running the team. He is that motor that makes the horses run. Speaking of horses, welcome to the show Joe Haze Austin (6-5 ’22 F Pontotoc). He is long and long and longer. He can shoot and will be a major weapon once he gets comfortable to high school basketball. Rock Robinson (6-4 ’21 G/F Pontotoc) is the other horse that looked good. Rock is starting to show some leadership at a young age. Austin Nickson (6-3 ’20 F/C Pontotoc) plays with a really high motor and does just about everything on the court. Houlka took the tough loss but they are going to be fine when they get to 1A play. The young players will gel and be pretty good when February rolls around. DaShun Berry (6-0 ’20 G Houlka) is much improved from last year and he will learn to lead his team as the season goes on. A good group of eight graders are seeing major playing time. Brandon Pulliam (6-3 ’23 F Houlka), Jarell Hamilton (5-10 ’23 G Houlka) and Seth Winter (5-11 ’23 F Houlka) will be a special unit over the next few years.

Pontotoc (home team)

Dortaveus Armstrong 5 pts 1 reb 4 ast 3 st 1 blk


Kourtland Armstrong 5-8 G 5 ast 4 st 2 charges taken

Whit Franklin 5-11 F 10 pts 4 reb 3 ast 1 st

Austin Nickson 6-3 F/C 12 pts 5 reb 4 ast 3 st 1 blk 1 charge taken


Rock Robinson 6-4 G/F 11 pts 3 3’s 4 reb 3 ast 3 st

Houlka (traveled 17 miles)


DaShun Berry 6-0 G 20 pts 8 reb 1 ast 1 st 1 blk

J.J. Tittle 6-1 F 8 pts 4 reb 1 st 1 reb


Seth Winter 5-11 F 1 reb

Jarrell Hamilton 5-10 G 2 pts 2 reb 1 st

Brandon Pulliam 6-3 F 2 reb

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Joe Haze Austin


6-5 ’22 F

19 pts 4 reb 1 ast 1 blk 1 st

Friday November 9, 2018

Memphis Classic

From Renaissance Sports Center

Memphis, TN

(B) Aspire Academy Wizards 2-0 (Prep Louisville, KY) 81

Grace Baptist Academy Eagles 1-1 (Prep Ocean Springs, MS) 41

Notes: Aspire Academy had the size advantage and it ended up being the factor of the game. Size came in the form of Prosper Obididoube (6-8 ’19 F Aspire Academy). He’s a must to keep an eye on at the upcoming Lighthouse Classic in Corinth after Thanksgiving. He can fly and he plays with a high motor. The high academic athlete is in the process of returning from an injury and is just getting going on the court.

Aspire Academy (traveled 385 miles)


Caleb Fields 6-0 PG 12 pts 3 ast 5 st

Ahmard Harvey 6-6 F 19 pts 7 reb 3 ast 2 st


Eduardo Ramirez 6-3 SG 10 pts 2 reb 1 ast 3 st


TJ Toney 5-10 PG 6 pts 2 reb 1 ast 3 st

Sekou Sada Kalle 6-10 F/C 4 pts 12 reb 1 ast 4 blk 2 st


Gabe Sick 6-1 G 2 reb 1 ast

Grace Baptist Academy (traveled 372 miles)


Leyton Owens 6-0 PG 7 pts 4 reb 5 ast 2 st

Malik Tucker 6-3 SG 6 pts 1 reb 1 ast 2 st


Kelvin Chest 6-0 G 19 pts 3 3’s 2 reb 4 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Prosper Obidiebube

Aspire Academy

6-8 ’19 F

29 pts 14 reb 4 ast 5 blk 4 st

(B) Tennessee Prep Diplomat Lions (Post Grad Memphis, TN) 110

Royal Ambassadors Lions (Post Grad Jackson, MS) 43

Notes: Tennesse Prep had a dominant and well rounded team win in this one.

Tennessee Prep (home team)


Anthony Duffy 18 pts

Tyler Hudson 16 pts

Kohen Thompson 15 pts

Eric Rustin 14 pts

DeSean Hunter 11 pts

Royal Ambassadors (traveled 206 miles)

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jarred Rosser

Tennessee Prep

6-7 ’19 G

20 pts 13 reb 3 st 3 blk

Byhalia vs Southaven

From Southaven MS

Southaven, MS

(B) Southaven Chargers 3-0 (6A Southaven, MS) 70

Byhalia Indians 2-2 (4A Byhalia, MS) 66

Notes: Southaven has a very good and athletic team. They are also really young for the most part. James Richards (6-1 ’19 G Southaven) is as good of a leader that you can find anywhere. Jaylon Sanders (6-1 ’20 G Southaven) is a smooth shooting lefty with extra range. He can also get just about any shot he wants with his explosiveness. But what about that freshman/sophomore unit? Jordan Hibler (6-1 ’21 G Southaven) and Isaiah Brevard (6-4 ’21 F Southaven) have time to grow with the younger guys. Those younger guys are going to be a special team. Jordan Jennings (5-8 ’22 G Southaven), big man Isaiah Regular (6-6 ’22 F/C Southaven), Darius Naylor (6-1 ’22 G Southaven) and super stud JT Chalmers (6-1 ’22 G Southaven) will be the team to beat if they manage to stay together. Byhalia is a solid team with some weapons. Kavonta Tunstall (6-4 ’19 G/F Byhalia) and Antwon Porter (6-6 ’19 G/F Byhalia) both need to be looked at by next level Coaches.

Southaven (home team)


Jaylon Sanders 6-1 G 18 pts 1 reb 1 ast 1 st


Jordan Hibbler 6-1 G 6 pts 4 reb 3 ast 1 st

Isaiah Brevard 6-4 F 9 pts 3 reb 1 st


Isaiah Regular 6-6 F/C 7 pts 6 reb 1 st 3 blk

JT Chalmers 6-1 G 5 pts 1 reb

Byhalia (traveled 23 miles)


Kavonta Tunstall 6-4 G 20 pts 4 3’s 7 reb 2 ast 1 st

Antwon Porter 6-6 G/F 19 pts 5 reb

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

James Richards


6-1 ’19 G

17 pts 9 reb 7 ast 2 st

Saturday November 10, 2018

Memphis Classic

From Renaissance Sports Center

Memphis, TN

(B) Minnesota Prep (Prep Minneapolis, MN) 85

Royal Ambassadors Lions (Post Grad Jackson, MS) 45

Minnesota Prep (traveled 808 miles)


R. Edwards 10 pts

D. Deang 12 pts

A. Moore 14 pts

Royal Ambassadors (traveled 206 miles)

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Andreone Sprinkles

Minnesota Prep

6-3 ’19 G

21 pts 2 3’s

(B) Carolina Basketball Academy Tigers (Post Grad Elizabeth City, NC) 84

Grace Baptist Academy Eagles 1-1 (Prep Ocean Springs, MS) 59

Notes: Grace Baptist starters looked much better against the older post grad team but it still wasn’t enough for the win as the bench got severely outscored. Leyton Owens (6-0 ’19 PG GBA) was very solid across the board during the Memphis Classic averaging 7 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast and 3 st per game. He is a wiry and fast guard that does a little bit of everything. Malik Tucker (6-3 ’19 SG GBA) really showed up to play in the second game and he averaged 12 pt per game. His mid range jumper was deadly off the catch and shoot or off the dribble. Kelvin Chest (6-0 ’20 G GBA) had an average of 17 pts and 3 st over the weekend. The tough defender took advantage of his scoring opportunities to help his team. Saliou Dia (6-11 ’21 C GBA) improved with every possession over the weekend. He had a monster game the second day as he looked more poised around the paint. Dylan DeMarco (5-11 ’21 G GAB) will never have the big time stats in any game at all unless he knocks down several treys. He is however one of the most important pieces to the team. He is the most aggravating defender there is. The 5-11 guard had no problem bodying the much bigger, and I mean like 6-7 bigger, players. I would hate to play against him but I would love to have him on my team. He requires no shots but can knock down some threes when given the opportunity, despite a bad shooting performance this weekend. Clavance Alvarez (6-2 ’22 PG GBA) finally settled down and started playing his game on Saturday. Clav was very out of sync the first game and it showed in his game. He has a very bright future as he learns the American game.

CBA (traveled 915 miles)


LaDarion Grant 6-2 G 8 pts 3 reb

Tony Epps 6-3 G 8 pts 3 reb 6 ast 4 st

Raycine Ward 5-1 0G 20 pts 3 reb 1 st

Grace Baptist (traveled 372 miles)


Leyton Owens 6-0 PG 7 pts 5 reb 4 ast 3 st 1 blk

Malik Tucker 6-3 SG 18 pts 3 reb 1 ast


Kelvin Chest 6-0 G 14 pts 4 reb 2 st


Saliou Dia 6-11 C 14 pts 15 reb

Dylan DeMarco 5-11 G 4 pts 2 reb 1 ast


Clavance Alvarez 6-2 PG 3 reb 1 ast

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Damian Miller


6-6 ’19 G

28 pts 4 3’s 3 reb 2 st 1 blk

(B) The Skills Factory (Post Grad Atlanta, GA) 84

Minnesota Prep (Post Grad Minneapolis, MN) 77

Notes: Wow what a game. This was a high level post grad game with tons of talent on the floor. Both of these teams will be able to place multiple kids on the next level.

The Skills Factory (traveled 388 miles)

Minnesota Prep (traveled 808 miles)

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Terence Porter

The Skills Factory

6-8 ’19 G

19 pts

(B) Aspire Academy Wizards 2-0 (Prep Louisville, KY) 77

Tennessee Prep Diplomat Lions 0-1 (Prep Memphis, TN) 74

Notes: This game was even better. Tons of high major talent on the court battling it out. It had a March feel to it with both teams refusing to lose.

Tennessee Prep (home team)


Damion Baugh 6-4 PG 23 pts 7-8 ft


Denver Jones 6-3 G 22 pts 5 3’s 5-5 ft

Aspire Academy (traveled 385 miles)


Ahmard Harvey 6-6 F 18 pts


TJ Toney 5-10 PG 13 pts 3 3’s


Gabe Sick 6-1 G 4 pts

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Caleb Fields

Aspire Academy

6-2 ’19 G

24 pts 2 3’s 8 reb 4 ast

(B) Athens Prep (Post Grad Athens, TN) 83

Tennessee Prep (Post Grad Memphis, TN) 71

Notes: A very physical game ended with Athens Prep getting the win.

Tennessee Prep (home team)

Athens Prep (traveled 396 miles)

Lewisburg Hoops for Hope

Lewisburg HS

Lewisburg, MS

(B) Lewisburg Patriots 2-1 (5A Olive Branch, MS) 77

Myrtle Hawks 1-2 (1A Myrtle, MS) 73

Notes: Lewisburg has several nice young players to work with. Logan Coker (5-8 ’21 G Lewisburg) is a nice, smooth guard that plays hard. Zack Hammett (6-1 ’19 F Lewisburg) has some size and a nice touch on his shot. Isaiah Sheffield (6-2 ’20 G Lewisburg) has a really good shot on him. He has the ability to create his own jumpers and get to the hole when he needs to. The bowling ball football star, A.I. Nugent (5-9 ’21 G Myrtle) had a big game for a very young Myrtle team with 27 points.

Lewisburg (home team)


Zack Hammett 6-1 F 9 pts


Isaiah Sheffield 6-2 G 17 pts


David Kiesel 5-10 G 10 pts

Eli Lamb 6-2 G 11 pts

Max Zizmann 6-4 F 12 pts

Myrtle (traveled 93 miles)


Aloishis Smith 5-8 G 12 pts


Elijah Ingram 5-6 G 12 pts


Elijah Thompson 5-10 G 14 pts

A.I. Nugent 5-9 G 27 pts 6-6 ft

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Logan Coker


5-8 ’21 G

14 pts

Magnolia Hoops MS Head of the Class

The best players in their respective classes that I saw during this time period based on stats or performance.

2019: James Richards

6-1 G Southaven

2020: Kourtland Armstrong

5-8 G Pontotoc

2021: Davon Wilder

6-5 F/C Itawamba AHS

2022: Joe Haze Austin

6-5 F Pontotoc

2023: Jarrell Hamilton

5-10 G Houlka

Magnolia Hoops MS Starting 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period based on stats or performance.

Davon Wilder

6-5 ’21 F/C Itawamba AHS

Joe Haze Austin

6-5 ’22 F Pontotoc

James Richards

6-1 ’19 G Southaven

Kourtland Armstrong

5-8 ’20 G Pontotoc

Saliou Dia

6-11 ’21 C Grace Baptist

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