November 12-17 Report

November 12-17 Report

The stats listed are unofficial but are close to what the players accomplished on the court (mostly because I run my mouth too much and don’t pay the closest attention the entire game).

Monday November 12, 2018

Walnut vs Tupelo Christian Prep


Belden, MS

(B) Tupelo Christian Prep Eagles 2-1 (1A Belden, MS) 70

Walnut Wildcats 0-3 (2A Walnut, MS) 44

Notes: Kellen Harrison (6-2 ’19 F TCPS) played with a high level of energy to earn Player of the Game honors. He continued to energize his team when he was on the court or on the bench. When Foster Yates (5-10 ’19 PG TCPS) entered the game it was easy to see he was a fan favorite. A few trips down the court and back and it was easy to see why. He is a fun point guard to watch play. Jackson Mills (6-0 ’20 SG TCPS) is a solid player and shooter.

TCPS (home)


Parks Harrison 6-0 G 12 pts 4 3’s 4 reb 2 ast 3 st

John Patrick Warren 6-3 F 6 pts 5 reb 1 ast 2 st

Foster Yates 5-10 PG 15 pts 1 reb 1 ast 1 st

Jon Eli Nolan 6-2 F 12 pts 11 reb 1 ast 2 st


Jackson Mills 6-0 SG 11 pts 9 reb 2 ast 3 st

Walnut (traveled 55 miles)


Khris Perry 5-10 G 22 pts 5 reb

Tyler Byrd 5-10 PF 8 pts 10 reb

Nathan McCoy 5-8 G 2 pts 7 reb 2 ast 1 blk

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Kellen Harrison


6-2 ’19 F

7 pts 8 reb 2 ast 1 st

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Desoto Central vs Oxford

From Oxford HS

Oxford, MS

(B) Oxford Chargers 3-0 (6A Oxford, MS) 78

Desoto Central Jaguars 0-4 (6A Southaven, MS) 61

Notes: Oxford has a solid and much improved team this year. That improvement comes in the form of Kylan Blackmon (6-3 ’20 G/F Oxford) and Tykel Owens (6-1 ’20 G Oxford). Both of these guys have made big improvements and look really good on the court. JJ Pegues (6’3 ’20 F Oxford) is a beast to deal with around the paint. The Chargers are also junior heavy so they should be hard to handle next season. Matthew Smith (6-1 ’21 G/F Desoto Central) is a really good young player for Coach William Bentley. I actually thought he was a senior by the way he played. He is a smooth scorer and looked as if he was playing with some kind of an eye injury throughout the game. He has some potential if he can get his motor going. Gabe Moore (6-5 ’19 G/F Desoto Central) has potential to be really good. However, he did one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen on the court. He stood in and took a charge from JJ Pegues. That’s a good way to earn a visit to the hospital.

Oxford (home team)


Kylan Blackmon 6-3 G/F 25 pts 7 reb 2 ast 1 st

Quantavious Jones 6-1 F 4 pts 7 reb 1 ast

Byron Pearson 5-9 G 4 pts 7 reb 3 ast

JJ Pegues 6-3 F 15 pts 12 reb 1 st

Stetson Ponder 6-5 C 10 pts 5 reb 1 st

Desoto Central (traveled 62 miles)


Michael Skinner 6-2 F 9 pts 10 reb 3 st 1 blk

Gabe Moore 6-5 G/F 10 pts 7 reb 1 ast 1 st

Jio Harris 6-1 G/F 20 pts 4 reb 2 st


Jason Bobo 5-10 G 5 pts 1 reb 2 ast 3 st


Matthew Smith 6-1 G/F 15 pts 5 reb 2 ast 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Tykel Owens


6-1 ’20 G

9 pts 10 reb 7 ast 4 st 1 blk

Wednesday November 14, 2018

J.Z. George Invitational Tournament

From J.Z. George HS

North Carrollton, MS

(B) Kosciusko Whippets 4-1 (4A Kosciusko, MS) 87

Winona Tigers 2-3 (3A Winona, MS) 47

Notes: The Whippets just keep coming after you. At one point I had to count to see if they were not playing with 6 or 7 guys on the court. They have tons of underclass depth and are loaded with juniors and sophomores. O’Corya Forrest (5-8 ’19 SG Kosciusko) was the high scorer while fellow senior Terry Skinner (6-3 ’19 G/F Kosciusko) earned Player of the Game honors with his hard play. Calvin Banks (6-0 ’20 G/F Kosciusko) is the leader of the pack of all the underclass talent. Antonio Harmon (6-4 ’21 F Kosciusko) has some nice size and has potential to be pretty good. Jalen Daniels (6-0 ’20 G Winona) is a fluid scorer for Winona. Coach Presley Coleman also has a lot of young guys to rebuild with. The biggest and best piece is Sean Merritt (6-6 ’21 C Winona). He has massive potential. Winona will be a team to watch how they develop the next few years.

Kosciusko (traveled 42 miles)


O’Corya Forrest 5-8 SG 19 pts 3 3’s 1 reb 1 ast 3 st


Calvin Banks 6-0 G/F 12 pts 2 ast 3 st


Antonio Harmon 6-4 F 6 pts 2 reb

Winona (traveled 13 miles)


Jalen Daniels 6-0 G 15 pts 8 reb 2 ast


Sean Merritt 6-6 C 8 pts 8 reb 1 ast 1 st


Tyshaun Clark 5-10 G 6 pts 4 ast

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Terry Skinner


6-3 ’19 G/F

13 pts 3 3’s 1 reb 2 ast 2 st

(B) J.Z. George Jaguar 1-2 (3A North Carrollton, MS) 79

Ethel Tigers 1-3 (1A Ethel, MS) 76

Notes: This game was a very good battle. Jordun Normal (5-9 ’22 G J.Z. George) played all out in the fourth quarter to not only earn Player of the Game but also helped his team earn the come-from-behind victory. He scored 8 points in that frame which included a crucial 3 and the two free-throws that helped seal the victory. He added 6 rebounds and 2 steals in that same quarter. Ethel is much better than I anticipated. They are a very solid 1A team that has a chance to get several rounds deep into the playoffs. Daquannay Dotson (6-0 ’19 SG Ethel) is a strong lefty scorer. D’Ayres Merritt (6-0 ’19 G Ethel) is an athletic guard that really gets after it. Both of these seniors need to be seen by next level Coaches. Izik Stewart (6-4 ’20 F/C Ethel) is a long and lanky big that has potential to be a next level guy also.

J.Z. George (home team)


Devontae Smith 5-10 G 11 pts 3 reb 3 st

Caesa Glenn 6-0 G 15 pts 3 3’s 6 reb 2 ast 1 st


Malik Branch 5-8 G 16 pts 4 reb 1 ast 4 st 3 charges taken


Keldrick Glover 6-0 G 6 pts 2 reb 2 st

Ethel (traveled 49 miles)


D’Ayres Merritt 6-0 G 17 pts 5 reb 1 ast 6 st 1 blk

Daquannay Dotson 6-0 SG 22 pts 9 reb 2 ast


Izik Stewart 6-4 F/C 9 pts 4 reb 1 ast 1 st 1 blk


Sacarrio Merritt 16 pts 5 reb 1 ast 2 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jordun Normal

J.Z. George

5-9 ’22 G

14 pts 8 reb (6 in 4th qtr) 1 ast 5 st

Thursday November 15, 2018

Clarksdale Invitational Tournament

From Clarksdale HS

Clarksdale, MS

(B) Coahoma County Red Panthers 2-1 (2A Clarksdale, MS) 61

Palmer Dragons 0-2 (3A Marks, MS) 12

Notes: This seems like a carbon copy of the girls game. Size. Depth. Skill. Coach, can I get one of them gold balls since you got so many? Any pass in the air was going the other way. Hence the 23 steals recorded. This team is FAST. They are explosive. They also love to pass and share the ball. Bentavious “Ben” Galmore (5-7 ’20 PG Coahoma County) is a player. He does everything on the court and elevates his teammates to another level. Markevious Phillips (6-4 ’19 G Coahoma County) uses his explosiveness and length to snag balls out of the air. He’s also out there trying to jump like he’s Cornelius Holly (Coahoma Early Collge/Coahoma CC) or something. Markevious Holmes (5-5 ’20 G Coahoma County) is solid and smooth from the guard spot. Keshun Holly (6-4 ’20 F/C Coahoma County) is long and athletic. The addition of Alshun Ross (6-3 ’19 G/F Coahoma County) gives them another big strong guard that does a little bit of everything.

Coahoma County (traveled 3 miles)


Markevious Phillips 6-4 G 8 pts 2 reb 1 ast 4 st

Jeffrey Fisher 6-0 G/F 4 pts 4 reb 3 st

Alshun Ross 6-3 G/F 2 pts 4 reb 1 ast 1 st


Keshun Holly 6-4 F/C 7 pts 3 reb 3 st

Markevious Holmes 5-5 G 3 pts 1 ast 3 st


Tarkeviuous Logan 6-0 G/F 7 pts 3 reb 2 ast 1 st

Palmer (traveled 21 miles)

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Bentavious “Ben” Galmore

Coahoma County

5-7 ’20 PG

8 pts 1 reb 4 ast 5 st

(B) Coahoma Early College Tigers 5-0 (3A Clarksdale, MS) 63

Clarksdale Wildcats 0-2 (4A Clarksdale, MS) 49

Notes: DeShannon Burnett (6-3 ’19 G/F Clarksdale) is a good all-around player for Clarksdale. Clarksdale is a very physical team. Willie Eagins (6-2 ’20 PG Coahoma Early College) had a very good showing for Aggie. He had a solid game across the board. Hertavious Williams (6-1 ’20 PG Coahoma Early College) did all his damage in the fourth quarter to earn Player of the Game honors.

Clarksdale (home team)

D. Holbert 7 pts 7 reb 1 ast 5 st

J. Hillin 7 pts 3 reb

R. Cochran 8 pts 3 reb 1 ast 1 st


DeShannon Burnett 6-3 G/F 2 pts 6 reb 6 ast 3 st


Chris Allen 6-3 G/F 11 pts 1 reb 1 ast 1 st


Markevious Jackson 6-1 G 14 pts 3 reb 3 ast 1 st

Coahoma Early College (traveled 5 miles)


Rashard McCray 6-2 PF 7 pts 8 reb 1 st 1 blk


Trey Payno 5-10 SG 23 pts 2 reb 2 ast

Willie Eagins 6-2 PG 12 pts 7 reb 3 ast 4 st

Thomas Williams Jr 6-4 C 6 pts 3 reb 1 blk


Trevion Jackson 6-0 F 8 pts 3 reb 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Hertavious Williams

Coahoma Early College

6-1 ’20 PG

2 pts 4 reb 2 ast 3 st

Friday November 16, 2018

Wheeler Turkey Tournament

From Wheeler HS

Wheeler, MS

Consolation Game

(B) Wheeler Eagles 4-2 (1A Wheeler, MS) 69

North Pontotoc Vikings 1-3 (3A Ecru, MS) 57

Notes: Jalon Beene (5-11 ’19 G Wheeler) continues his dominating streak of high scoring games. I’m thinking this is his third straight with 30 plus points. He might be the best senior in the state without an offer right now. Next level Coaches need to see him as soon as possible. Jalon scores 30 with a near double-double and I still have reservations about awarding him Player of the Game. It wasn’t anything he didn’t do but what his teammate did. Jacob James (6-0 ’20 G Wheeler) is much improved for the Eagles. He did get the double-double in points and boards but he also had solid assists and steals. Ty Roberson (5-10 ’21 PG North Pontotoc) looked really solid and his development is coming along very nice for the Vikings.

Wheeler (home team)


Cade Franks 5-10 SG 12 pts 4 3’s 1 reb 1 ast

Jacob Coats 5-9 G 4 pts 5 reb 1 st


Jacob James 6-0 G 16 pts 10 reb 5 ast 3 st

North Pontotoc (traveled 36 miles)


Kyle Sappington 5-8 G 11 pts 3 3’s 3 reb 1 ast 1 st

Jacoree Westmoreland 5-10 G 6 pts 4 reb 1 st


Jordan Meaders 6-2 G/F 9 pts 2 reb 1 st

Ty Roberson 5-10 PG 15 pts 9 reb 5 ast 2 st

Andrew Wilder 5-10 G 7 pts 3 reb 1 ast 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jalon Beene


5-11 ’19 G

33 pts 9 reb 2 ast 3 st 1 blk 3 st

Championship Game

(B) Potts Camp Cardinals 4-1 (1A Potts Camp, MS) 76

East Union Urchins 3-2 (2A Blue Springs, MS) 48

Notes: Potts Camp. OK, what can I say about Potts Camp without this sounding like a love letter? Sorry, I can’t. Grab your tissues and let’s take a ride to Lifetime or Hallmark networks. I had the same problem as I did in the Wheeler game with coming up with Player of the Game. Big Mitchell Saulsberry (6-5 ’21 F Potts Camp) seems like the logical choice with his 20-10 game in limited minutes but it was hard. Mitchell just gets it done and is the most solid player in his class. He doesn’t appear to be dominant but he just is. SOLID. The other player probably had the biggest instant impact early on. Walter Hamilton (6-7 ’20 G/F Potts Camp) only had 7 rebounds but that was because he was battling Mitchell and Tay for them. I recorded him with 3 blocks but I probably missed 3 or 4 while writing them down. He was a shot changing machine. He probably altered 20 plus shots. On the offensive end, he just kinda roams around and lets Mitchell eat. He benefits from kick-outs or drive and kicks to put his three-balls up. He connected on 3 out of 4 or 5 I think. He is very comparable to Tyler Stevenson (New Hope/Southern Miss) with his shiftyness handling the ball and defensive shot blocking but add a 3 point shot to him. I’m not saying he’s as good as Tyler but if he works hard he could get there. The skill level and size are headed in that direction. Next is the aforementioned Martavious “Tay” Frost (6-4 ’20 G/F Potts Camp). He is the third big that starts for PC. He can play multiple spots with his versatility, size and strength. He could be the most important piece to this team in the long run. But it’s 2018, you can’t win without guards. Kedavian Faulkner (5-6 ’20 G Potts Camp) has a nice mid-range jumper and can finish around the basket too. He can run the point when needed. Kylan Conners (6-0 ’19 PG Potts Camp) is a good guard to run the show. He looks to find the open man and feed the weapons he has. JaQuives “Nuk” Muse (6-0 ’20 G Potts Camp) comes off the bench and would start for most 1A teams teams. He has a good jumper and is a spark off the bench. Markevious Jones (6-1 ’20 G/F Potts Camp) is a guard that comes off the bench and has good potential. The Cardinals also have some size coming off the bench in Ryan Baldwin (6-5 ’20 F Potts Camp). He adds length and size to the rotation. Potts Camp has what it takes to compete for the 1A title but I’m just not sure if this is their year. If not, they will be one of the favorites next year in 2A by only losing a few seniors this year. Hayden Roberts (5-8 ’22 PG East Union) is a star in the making for the Urchins. He didn’t have a great game but had a very solid game. He will be one to keep an eye on as he develops over the years.

East Union (traveled 22 miles)


Josh Henderson 6-4 C 2 pts 6 reb 1 ast 1 st


Colton Plunk 6-2 F 12 pts 6 reb


Hayden Roberts 5-8 PG 5 pts 4 reb 4 ast 2 st

Potts Camp (traveled 50 miles)


Kylan Conners 6-0 G 5 ast 1 st


Martavious “Tay” Frost 6-4 G/F 3 pts 8 reb 3 st

Kedavian Faulkner 5-6 G 14 pts 1 reb 2 ast 3 st

Markevious Jones 6-1 G/F 3 pts 1 reb

Walter Hamilton 6-7 G/F 11 pts 3 3’s 7 reb 1 st 3 blk

JaQuives “Nuk” Muse 6-0 G 7 pts 1 reb 1 ast

Ryan Baldwin 6-5 F 2 pts 5 reb

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Mitchell Saulsberry

Potts Camp

6-5 ’21 F

20 pts 10 reb 1 ast 2 st 2 blk

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

The best players in their respective classes that I saw during this time period based on stats or performance.

2019: Jalon Beene

5-11 G Wheeler

2020: Ben Galmore

5-7 PG Coahoma County

2021: Mitchell Saulsberry

6-5 F Potts Camp

2022: Jordun Normal

5-9 G J.Z. George

Magnolia Hoops Starting 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period based on stats or performance.

Mitchell Saulsberry

6-5 ’21 F Potts Camp

Jalon Beene

5-11 ’19 G Wheeler

Ben Galmore

5-7 ’20 PG Coahoma County

Walter Hamilton

6-7 ’20 G/F Potts Camp

Markevious Phillips

6-4 ’19 G Coahoma County

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