February 4-9 Report

February 4-9 Report

The stats listed are unofficial but are close to what the players accomplished on the court (mostly because I run my mouth too much and don’t pay the closest attention the entire game).

Monday February 4, 2019

Choctaw Central vs Winona

From Winona, MS

(B) Choctaw Central Warriors 21-5 (3A Philadelphia, MS) 60

MS #39 3A #3

Winona Tigers 6-20 (3A Winona, MS) 31

MS #246 3A #38

Notes: Gerald Isom (5-10 ’20 G Choctaw Central) is a beast around the basket. He scores around contact and hits the boards hard. Dillon Farmer (6-5 ’19 G/F Choctaw Central) is about as solid and steady as they come. Choctaw Central plays with patience on the offensive end and they play aggressive on the defensive side. They are a very balanced team to watch for in the playoffs. Winona has a bright future with Sean Merritt (6-6 ’21 F/C Winona) and James Shelton (5-8 ’22 PG Winona) leading the way.

Winona (home team) 31


Davandre “Dre” Bays 6-2 PF 7 pts 7-8 ft 7 reb 2 st


Sean Merritt 6-6 F/C 8 pts 2 blk


James Shelton 5-8 PG 9 pts 2 reb 1 ast


Trey Cox 5-5 G 1 reb

Choctaw Central (traveled 67 miles) 60


Octavaious Jones 6-1 G 7 pts 1 reb 2 ast 2 st


William McKinney 5-11 G 10 pts 6 reb 3 ast 3 st

Trevell Vivians 6-2 F 3 pts 3 reb 1 ast 3 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Gerald Isom

Choctaw Central

5-10 ’20 G

16 pts 3 reb 1 ast 2 st

Katie Roberts Photography

Senior Snapshot

Dillon Farmer

Choctaw Central

6-5 ’19 G/F

4 pts 4 reb 1 ast 1 st

Tuesday February 5, 2019

O’Bannon vs Coahoma County

From Coahoma County HS

Clarksdale, MS

(B) Coahoma County Red Panthers 23-2 (2A Clarksdale, MS) 60

MS #23 2A #1

O’Bannon Greenwaves 5-16 (2A Greenville, MS) 28

MS #229 2A #29

Notes: Coahoma County looked like their normal dominant self. Looking good for O’Bannon was Joshua Curtis (’21 G O’Bannon). He is extremely shifty and quick with the ball. TaBias Parks (6-7 ’19 C O’Bannon) has good size and length. Daishun Scott (’22 G O’Bannon) is a nice looking young prospect.

Coahoma County (home team) 60


Jermaine Fry 5-5 G 8 pts 1 reb 2 ast 2 st


Bentavious “Ben” Galmore 5-7 PG 13 pts 2 ast 3 st

Keshun Holly 6-4 F/C 4 pts 3 reb 1 ast 4 st

O’Bannon (traveled 71 miles) 28


TaBias Parks 6-7 C 11 pts 5-8 fg 8 reb 1 st 2 blk


Zion Jessie 5-8 G 6 pts 3 reb 1 st


Daishun Scott 5 reb

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Alshun Ross

Coahoma County

6-3 ’19 G/F

14 pts 11 reb 1 ast 3 st

Katie Roberts Photography

Senior Snapshot

Markevious Phillips

Coahoma County

6-4 ’19 G/F

16 pts 8 reb 3 st

Brooks vs Coahoma Early College

From Coahoma Early College HS

Clarksdale, MS

(B) Coahoma Early College Tigers 20-5 (3A Clarksdale, MS) 78

MS #38 3A #3

Brooks Tigers 13-4 (1A Benoit, MS) 51

MS #63 1A #3

Notes: Coahoma Early College is looking like they have it rolling at the right time. Mardarius Nix (6-1 ’19 G Brooks) has extended range on his shots. Trevon Gibson (6-0 ’20 G Brooks) is another nice looking guard for Brooks.

Coahoma EC (home team) 78


Thomas Williams Jr 6-4 F/C 12 pts 13 reb 4 ast 3 st

Hertavious Williams 6-1 PG 8 pts 6 reb 3 ast 2 st 1 blk

Trey Payno 5-10 SG 8 pts 1 reb 3 ast 1 st


Jermell Daniels 6-2 G 13 pts 5 reb


Trevion Jackson 6-0 F 9 pts 7 reb 2 st

Brooks (traveled 61 miles) 51


Trevon Gibson 6-0 G 7 pts 4 reb 1 st

Treminski Jackson 5-7 G 12 pts 1 reb 1 ast 2 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Willie Eagins

Coahoma Early College

6-2 ’20 PG

12 pts 11 reb 13 ast

Katie Roberts Photography

Senior Snapshot

Madarius Nix


6-1 ’19 G

17 pts 5 3’s

Thursday February 7, 2019

Calhoun City vs Houston

From Houston HS

Houston, MS

(B) Calhoun City Wildcats 14-14 (2A Calhoun City, MS) 76

MS #137 2A #16

Houston Hilltoppers 19-8 (3A Houston, MS) 60

MS #99 3A #13

Notes: This game will be huge next year with both teams being junior led. That was the Jalen Mays (5-9 ’20 G Calhoun City) that I’ve been waiting to see this year. He finally showed up and if he continues to play like this, Calhoun City can be a force in the playoffs. Jawon Tucker (6-0 ’20 G/F Calhoun City) is fast and plays with tons of heart and hustle. Jayvian Shaw (6-2 ’20 G/F Calhoun City) was a missed Jalen Mays layup away from a triple-double. Shaw excelled inside and out even though his shots wasn’t falling. He could’ve easily walked away with the Player of the Game too. Shemar Crawford (6-3 ’21 G Houston) has real potential. He has size, length and is shifty with the ball. He can shoot from outside. Once he gains more fundamental development he could be one of the top guys in North Mississippi. Xavier Virges (6-1 ’20 G Houston) has a knack for rebounding. His hands always seem to find the ball. Raeshun McGregory (6-3 ’21 F Houston) is another long prospect to keep an eye on with his development. I was trying to figure out at the start of the game why Coach Chris Pettit was starting Bobby Townsend (5-8 ’20 PG Houston). It must be senior night and he’s getting the honorary start. No, he’s a junior. Hmmm, he’s a 5-8, strong, offensive lineman or fullback looking beast. Why is he running point? Now I know why. He has a natural ability at working with the ball and getting his teammates open shots. What he does is not teachable, you just have the feel for it or you don’t. He created these opportunities in multiple ways.

Houston (home team) 60


Zay Ivy 6-0 F 6 pts 3 reb 3 ast 2 st

Keshon Bynum 5-10 G 17 pts 3 3’s 2 reb

Xavier Virges 6-1 G 6 pts 11 reb 4 ast 3 st

Bobby Townsend 5-8 PG 6 ast 2 st


Raeshun McGregory 6-3 F 3 pts 1 reb 1 ast 1 st

Shemar Crawford 6-3 G 24 pts 3 3’s 7 reb 7 st

Calhoun City (traveled 19 miles) 76


Jayvian Shaw 6-2 G/F 11 pts 11 reb 9 ast 1 st

Jawon Tucker 6-0 G/F 18 pts 7 reb 3 ast 2 st

Bryson Walker 6-0 G 2 pts 12 reb 3 ast

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jalen Mays

Calhoun City

5-9 ’20 G

29 pts (11 in 4th qtr) 4 3’s 3 reb 3 st

Katie Roberts Photography

Senior Snapshot

Jordan Guy

Calhoun City

6-3 ’19 F/C

12 pts (10 in 2nd half) 8 reb (6 in 2nd half)

Friday February 8, 2019

Lake Cormorant vs Senatobia

From Senatobia HS

Senatobia, MS

(B) Lake Cormorant Gators 9-15 (5A Lake Cormorant, MS) 63

MS #149 5A #26

Senatobia Warriors 5-21 (4A Senatobia, MS) 48

MS #191 4A #38

Notes: Lake Cormorant is kinda out there off the map. Well, welcome to the map now. Coach Bryant Worsham has some young players coming up through the system that could put them near the top with teams in Desoto County. Picking the Player of the Game was hard in this one because they had three very viable players. Donovan Sanders (5-11 ’21 PG Lake Cormorant) was the lucky winner. He reminds me of a young DaQuan Smith (Holly Springs/Murray State). He is a good point prospect that has high speed bursts. The lefty is a great passer that finishes around the rim with both hands. He finishes around contact with ease. Marcus James (6-0 ’22 G Lake Cormorant) was another one that could’ve easily got Player of the Game too. He had a huge double-double game. He plays hard and has really good potential with his smooth stroke. Another one was Keithean Brooks (6-2 ’21 G Lake Cormorant). He is really long and looks more like he is 6-4. He has probably the highest potential of the three with his length, size and skill set. Fred Watson (6-1 ’20 F Lake Cormorant) is a defensive beast for the Gators. For Senatobia, Kavan Wooten (6-5 ’20 F/C Senatobia) has turned into a really great player. His improvement from last year has grown severely. He is long and he works the post so well. He can play out of the low or high post with his foot work and body fakes. He is also a high level passer out of the high post. It’ll be really fun to see how much he improves going into next season. Montavious “Mon” King (’21 G Senatobia) also caught my eye. He is a high effort player that is a good prospect to keep and eye on.

Senatobia (home team) 48


Kavan Wooten 6-5 F/C 16 pts (12 in 2nd half) 6 reb 3 ast 1 st 2 blk

August Hedrick G 6 pts 2 reb 1 blk 1 st

Rashad Thomas 6-2 F 6 pts 2 reb 1 ast 1 st 1 blk


Montavious “Mon” King G 16 pts 3 3’s 8 reb 1 ast 4 st 2 blk

Lake Cormorant (traveled 31 miles) 63


Fred Watson 6-1 F 11 reb 1 ast 3 st 4 blk


Keithean Brooks 6-2 G 11 pts 4 reb 4 ast 1 blk 1 st


Marcus James 6-0 G 28 pts 4 3’s 13 reb 2 ast 2 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Donovan Sanders

Lake Cormorant

5-11 ’21 PG

21 pts 3 reb 2 ast 3 st

Katie Roberts Photography

Senior Snapshot

Shervon Wooten


’19 G

6 reb 2 ast 2 st

Saturday February 9, 2019

MAIS Division 1-AA Tournament

From Marshall Academy

Holly Springs, MS


Consolation Game

(B) Oak Hill Academy Raiders (AA West Point, MS) 73

MS #246 AA #9

Central Holmes Christian Trojans (AA Lexington, MS) 51

Notes: Ash Cullum (5-9 ’19 PG Oak Hill) nailed 14 of 16 free-throws including going 9 of 10 in the fourth quarter. The smart guard guided his team to the win. Daniel Harrington (6-2 ’20 C Oak Hill) had a solid game with his strong play down low. He also stepped out and knocked down several shots to keep them honest. Central Holmes is a physical team that really gets into you defensively. Lake Melton (6-3 ’19 G/F Central Holmes) is a tall and long guard that looks more like 6-5 with his length. His all-around game is solid.

Oak Hill Academy (traveled 111 miles) 73


Brandon Stevenson 6-3 C 10 pts 7 reb

Daniel Harrington 6-2 C 22 pts 7 reb 2 ast


Manning Huffman 5-9 SG 4 pts 4 reb 1 ast 1 st

Central Holmes Christian (traveled 151 miles) 51


Noah Burton 6-1 SG 19 pts (17 in 4th qtr) 2 st

Wykece Johnson 5-11 C 10 pts (all in 2nd half) 5 reb 1 ast 1 blk


Lawrence Wiley 6-1 F 9 pts 4 reb 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Ash Cullum

Oak Hill Academy

5-9 ’19 PG

22 pts (12 in 4th qtr) 14-16 ft (9-10 in 4th qtr) 5 reb 2 ast 2 st 1 blk

Katie Roberts Photography

Senior Snapshot

Lake Melton

Central Holmes Christian

6-3 ’19 G/F

7 pts 6 reb 1 ast 2 st 1 blk

Championship Game

(B) Marshall Academy Patriots (AA Holly Springs, MS) 49

MS #112 AA #2

Carroll Academy Rebels (AA Carrollton, MS) 30

Notes: This was a physical battle from beginning to end. With that being said, why not give the Player of the game to the most physical specimen in the game. Everette Jones (6-2 ’19 G Marshall Academy) looks like a beast. He was working on a quadruple-double. He is a special athlete that does a little bit of everything. His defense and ability to create open shots for his teammates really stood out to me. Reese Fulton (6-4 ’20 C Carroll Academy) was a beast down low with his double-double. He also showed that he can step out and knock down 17 footers. Also catching my eye was Logan Taylor (5-10 ’20 PG Carroll Academy). He took a beating the whole game and kept coming at the other team. He didn’t have the best game stat wise but he is one tough player.

Marshall Academy (home team) 49


Sam Greer 5-8 PG 10 pts 2 reb 4 ast 3 st

Philip Parks 5-10 SG 16 pts 4 reb 1 st

Zach Sorrell 6-2 PF 12 pts (8 in 4th qtr) 7 reb 5 st

Carroll Academy (traveled 114 miles) 30


Reese Fulton 6-4 C 17 pts 11 reb 2 ast 4 blk

Austin Smith 6-2 F 4 pts 4 reb 1 ast 3 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Everette Jones

Marshall Academy

6-2 ’19 G

11 pts 6 reb 5 ast 7 st

Katie Roberts Photography

Senior Snapshot

Drayton Potts

Marshall Academy

5-8 ’19 SG

2 pts 5 reb 2 ast 1 st

1-AA All Tournament Team

Everette Jones

6-2 ’19 G Marshall Academy

Philip Parks

5-10 ’20 SG Marshall Academy

Sam Greer

5-8 ’20 PG Marshall Academy

Zach Sorrell

6-2 ’20 PF Marshall Academy

Reese Fulton

6-4 ’20 F/C Carroll Academy

Logan Taylor

5-10 ’20 PG Carroll Academy

Brett Harper

5-10 ’21 SG Carroll Academy

Ash Cullum

5-9 ’19 PG Oak Hill Academy

Daniel Harrington

6-2 ’20 C Oak Hill Academy

Noah Burton

6-1 ’19 SG Central Holmes Christian

Magnolia Hoops Best Game

The best game that I saw during this time period.

Lake Cormorant 63

Senatobia 47

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

The best players in their respective classes that I saw during this time period based on stats.

2019: Ash Cullum

5-9 PG Oak Hill Academy

2020: Willie Eagins

6-2 PG Coahoma Early College

2021: Shemar Crawford

6-3 G Houston

2022: Marcus James

6-0 G Lake Cormorant

2023: Trey Cox

5-5 G Winona

Magnolia Hoops Starting 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period based on stats.

Marcus James

6-0 ’22 G Lake Cormorant

Shemar Crawford

6-3 ’21 G Houston

Willie Eagins

6-2 ’20 PG Coahoma Early College

Jalen Mays

5-9 ’20 G Calhoun City

Reese Fulton

6-4 ’20 F/C Carroll Academy

Katie Roberts Photography Senior Squad

Ash Cullum

5-9 PG Oak Hill Academy

Everette Jones

6-2 G Marshall Academy

Alshun Ross

6-3 G/F Coahoma County

Markevious Phillips

6-4 G/F Coahoma County

TaBias Parks

6-7 C O’Bannon

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