We Got Game Tidal Wave 2023 Report

We Got Game Tidal Wave 2023 Report

Saturday September 28, 2019

From Columbus HS

Columbus, MS


Gavin Brinker 6-5 G Pontotoc: Gavin averaged 10 ppg for his team during the camp. He mixed it up by scoring on all levels. He continues to grow and develop into a serious next-level prospect. I could easily see Gavin finishing in the top 5 in the 2023 class and potentially number 1 by the time his high school career is over. Vince and Gary with Da House have done a tremendous job in years past by producing top guys and I think Gavin will continue on that path.

Zane Tipler 5-6 PG Pontotoc: Zane just happened to land on the same team as the tallest guy at the camp, 7-0 Bol. Zane was possibly the smallest player at the camp too. It didn’t bother him at all. He was running the point and leading his guys no matter how big they were. He showed that he can shoot by connecting on a couple long balls. Zane proved that he is ready to jump in and contribute at Pontotoc this season.

Michael Smith 6-7 C Houston: Big Mike looked good in the drill section of the camp. The natural potential will be unleashed one of these days and I hate it for his opponents when he breaks out. He will be a monster when he figures out exactly how good he can be.

Demondre’ Graham 6-4 G/F Southeast Lauderdale: I’m pretty sure this wasn’t my first time watching Demondre’ play and I’m sure I’ll look in the archives and say “O yeah I did.” This won’t be my last either because he got my attention this time. He averaged 6 ppg for his team and he did it in a variety of ways. Scoring just seemed to come easy to him. He connected on all levels. His effort was also very good. He’s another one that I can see reaching that top 5 level as he blossoms into a dominant high school player.

Kedrick Osby 6-7 G/F Newton: Everyone in the state should know about Osby. The long and lengthy guard will eventually be a household name as he makes an impact on the high school game. He is the total package and can do it all. He averaged 5 ppg and also scored on all levels. He rebounds well and just has that knack for playing ball. He’s one that’s fighting for that top spot in the state in a talent-heavy class. He has potential to set his own destination when it comes to playing on the next level.

Darrell Brooks 5-11 G West Lowndes: Brooks averaged 3 ppg with all of them coming from behind the line. He first got my attention last season at the state tournament when he came in and provided a big spark for West Lowndes. He didn’t play like an eight grader then and he doesn’t look like a freshman now. He’s advanced on the court for his age. He really killed it in the drill session of the camp. Darrell is one to keep an eye on in the upcoming years.

Other 2023 players that attended the camp and will be ones to keep and eye on down the road areΒ Tylan Watson 5-6 G Houston and Justice Moore 5-9 G Pearl.

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

The best player, in their respective class, that I saw during this time period.

2023:Β Gavin Brinker

6-5 G Pontotoc

Magnolia HoopsΒ Starting 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period.

Gavin Brinker

6-5 G Pontotoc

Kedrick Osby

6-7 G/F Newton

Demondre’ Graham

6-4 G/F Southeast Lauderdale

Darrell Brooks

5-11 G West Lowndes

Zane Tipler

5-6 PG Pontotoc

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