We Got Game Tidal Wave 2022 Report

We Got Game Tidal Wave 2022 Report

Saturday September 28, 2019

From Columbus HS

Columbus, MS


Clavance Alvarez 6-2 PG Grace Baptist Academy: I’m going to start calling him Coach Clav. He only scored 6 points on the day but his scoring is not what sets him apart. He is a Coach on the court. He leads his teams and not only directs in the x’s and o’s but he leads in positive support too. He is always lifting his guys up and encouraging them. That’s on the court. When he is on the bench it’s the same but on a different level. I saw him talking a lot to other players on the bench so I made my way behind the bench to just see what was going on. He was having a full teaching session with plays to run and how to execute on the court. He’s just a sophomore with senior leadership. His big 6-2 body also allows him to bully the smaller guards. I don’t know what he wants to do after high school and college but I do know he will have a very successful future in coaching on any level he chooses to do so (if he wants to go into coaching).

Tre Dismuke 6-2 G Columbus: He was a nice surprise with his hard play and effort. He fought his way to 18 points on the day in the scrimmages. He will be a key piece for Columbus this year.

Parker Henry 6-8 F West Lauderdale: Parker dropped 6 points in the scrimmages with a variety of mid-range and low-post moves. He continues to improve his game and he has a very high ceiling. His length and height will be problems for just about anyone that tries to guard him this year on the high school level.

Reese Jackson 5-9 G Starkville Academy: He totaled 19 points on the day for his team and he brought a very high energy with his play. It didn’t take long at all to see he was the favorite with all of his teammates.

Chingun Tsogt-Erdene 5-7 G Starkville: When watching the drills you could tell that he was fundamentally sound. Another thing you could tell was his love for the game. I’ve watched players with the same “love for the game” turn them into very solid high school players and continue onto next level players. I’m very intrigued to see how he progresses over the next several years.

Tremayne Dixon 5-11 PG Raymond: He scored 18 points on the day while knocking down several three’s. I’ve seen so many versions of him at this point I was starting to think I didn’t know who he was. Then after watching him mix it up a little more I realized what was going on. He has the advanced knowledge to play to the strengths and weaknesses of his team. He scores when he needs to and he runs the point perfectly when he needs to do that. I’ve said it before and he continues to prove me right. I think he is so advanced for his age mentally and with his basketball IQ.

Derrick Hall 5-8 G South Delta: He scored 5 points on the day with his athleticism. The crafty and explosive guard was effective when on the court and proved that he will be an important key for a much improved South Delta team this season.

Jaden Lewars 5-8 PG Grace Baptist Academy: Jaden didn’t have his best day but he still showed that he is one of the best true points in his class. He used his lightning speed to score 11 points for his team. He has advanced vision and the ability to find the right man with his precision passing.

Jaquaries Williams 6-2 G Columbus: Here is another very pleasant surprise for me. He plays with an extremely high motor. He used his motor on the defensive end to cause turnovers. He scored at ease on the offensive end including 23 points on the day. He can play. Keep an eye on him as he rises the rankings ladder in the next few years.

Samarion Grant 5-10 PG Provine: Another versatile, play making, point that is at the top of this class. He showed his versatility by scoring 2 points in one game why getting into the lane and getting his teammates open and then scored 14 in another one when his team needed a scoring boost. He knocked down several three’s. He is one of the main reasons to keep a close eye on Provine this year.

Joe Haze Austin 6-5 G/F Pontotoc: Joe scored 13 points on the day while knocking down several three’s. His size and length combined with his ability to shoot from long range is a main reason he ended up playing in the top 20 game. That, plus his ability to defend, contest shots and rebound at a high level for a wing. The potential is not even close to being seen with Joe Haze. When that light comes on and everything starts clicking for him, he will be a dominant weapon for Coach Tipler.

Jederion Lewis 6-0 G Meridian: He scored 8 points on the day with his contagious effort and hustle. He is very athletic and can make plays just about any way he wants to. That is not even his best attribute though. His personality on and off the court is very welcoming. I want to be on his team if we were playing pick up. He stays positive and always has a smile when being around him. He will be next in line for the great Meridian guards spot.

Eli Walker 6-1 G Southeast Lauderdale: Eli didn’t score much during the day but he was one of them players that make you constantly check your roster and say “Who is that?”. He was all over the place deflecting passes and chasing balls down. He’s going to be a good one to watch as he develops over the next couple years.

Jabarie Robinson 5-11 G Raymond: Jabarie scored 15 points with an level approach to the game. He took advantage of opportunities and didn’t force his game. He and Dixon are two very good reasons why you better not count out Raymond this year. Most teams hit that three-peat then they start to fall off. Raymond seems like they are just starting to build up steam.

Kamron Carter 6-0 G New Albany: Kamron finds himself right in the middle of a very talented, tough and deep New Albany team this year. He managed 9 points on the day with his mixture of play. He showed the ability to step out and knock down shots as well as count them around the basket. His development will be another that will be fun to watch in the next few years.

David Harbour 6-6 C Mooreville: David had other plans in the afternoon so he had to depart the camp early but not before dropping 10 strong points on the opposition. The big and long 4/5 combo player has really high upside to his game. He uses his strong body and frame to muscle the smaller guys around and he is athletic enough that he could develop in a nice wing in the future.

Avaughn Johnson 6-3 G Murrah: A very pleasant surprise here. You hear of young Murrah players and it’s Esco, Big Joe or now transferred out Mason. Here is one everybody needs to know about. The young lefty scored scored 26 points and was a killer from behind the three-point line. He earned the “Best Underclassman” award with his stellar performance. His shot selection will improve with time and he will be a killer piece for the Murrah squad this year.

Other 2022 players that attended the camp and will be ones to keep and eye on down the road are Marquavous Jones (6-1 G Holly Springs), Lebron Lewis (6-2 F West Point), DedDrick Faulkner (5-10 G Holly Springs)  and Javon Hopkins (6-0 G Columbus).

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

The best player, in their respective class, that I saw during this time period.

2022: Avaughn Johnson

6-3 G Murrah

Magnolia Hoops Starting 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period.

Avaughn Johnson

6-3 G Murrah

Joe Haze Austin

6-5 G/F Pontotoc

Tremayne Dixon

5-11 PG Raymond

Jaquaries Williams

6-2 G Columbus

Parker Henry

6-8 F West Lauderdale

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