We Got Game Tidal Wave 2021 Report

We Got Game Tidal Wave 2021 Report

Saturday September 28, 2019

From Columbus HS

Columbus, MS


Joseph “Joe” Holloway 6-4 G/F North Forrest: Joe got my attention at the Rodney Hood camp with his athleticism. I knew he had a very good season down at North Forrest. He not only got everyone’s attention at the Tidal Wave camp but also woke everybody up. He showed that the is in contention for that top level of the ’21 class. The long guard did everything on the court. He got to the rack easily and killed it on both ends with his hustle. He defended very hard and crashed the boards. He made a case for being one of the top JUCO prospects in the state or even crossing that line to the D1 level. He scored 32 points on the day with 18 of them coming in the top 20 game to help Team Magnolia Hoops get the win. He was also right there in the conversation as one of the best players at the camp. I expect him to have a blow up season this year and his recruitment should take off immediately.

Bol Nyuon 7-0 C Grace Baptist Academy: When you are 7-0 and long you just have an advantage sometimes. There are some that take advantage of that and some that let it pass by. Bol took advantage of this opportunity on this day. He scored 24 points and probably had 30+ boards on the day. He was an absolute beast at protecting the rim. He has a good understanding on the defensive end and is improving rapidly on the offensive end. His movement without the ball on the pick and rolls to go with his hustle getting up and down the court make him a high target for the next level. He was very efficient offensively going 5 for 5 in the top 20 game. He left fingerprints on just about every rim in the gym. I heard him mentioned as possible best player there. I can see that with his size and next level potential. He already holds a couple D1 offers and I expect many more to come his way.

Matthew Smith 6-3 G Desoto Central: Matthew arrived as an unknown player for most of the people there. Not for me. I saw his last season and have been a big fan ever since. He didn’t play like a sophomore last year. He plays with poise and looks like he is an experienced veteran on the court. He runs his teams very well and can either play a 1 or 2. He scored 13 points on the day from all levels. He connected on a three, was 2-2 fro mthe free-throw line, scored around the paint and also scored above the rim. That above-the-rim basket was one of the best of the camp too. He went the full length of the court and took it to the center of the lane and silently just rose above everybody. It came out of nowhere. He didn’t look like he was going to elevate or anything. He slammed it so hard and made it look effortless. He is another that should see a big jump in his recruitment this year.

Keithean Brooks 6-2 SG Lake Cormorant: 6-2? He looks more like 6-3 or 6-4. The long shooter from Lake Cormorant is deadly from behind the arc. He scored 9 points on the day with a mixture of outside and inside baskets.

Destaan Buchanan 6-2 G Okolona: Every time I watch him play I see more glimpses of his game emerging. He does all the little stuff that other plays won’t do. He defends hard, rebounds and is all over the court. He has a high motor and is developing athletically.

Antonio Harmon 6-4 G/F Kosciusko: He got to the gym early that morning. He only scored 6 points on the day but was more of an all-around force. Last season he was more of a 4/5 type of player but he’s developing into a 2/3 or 3/4 player.

Phillip Hughes 6-0 G Madison-Ridgeland Academy: Every single time I watch him he gets better. He really wowed scouts and coaches with his elusive play and play making ability. I expect him to have a really productive season this year.

Logan Coker 5-10 PG Lewisburg: Logan was undersized but he sure was elusive and explosive. The true point has a knack for getting open and making plays. He managed 12 points during the day and he had a lot of assists. He is a fun point to watch the way he plays with a high confidence level. He will be a valuable asset for Lewisburg this year.

Damian McKnight 6-5 F Lake Cormorant: When we were going over the invites his name came up under the category of defensive stopper and rim protector. Lumping him into those categories is selling him short now. He has turned into a really good wing that can play inside and out. He’s still that defensive stopper but he can now handle guards and post players. His offensive game has transformed tremendously. He can handle and get into the paint as well as step back and shoot. He scored 17 points on the day with from all levels.

Chase Rose 6-3 G Kirk Academy: Chase is a player that I was telling people to watch for going into the camp. He is really athletic and can get up. He is also a really good shooter from outside. He scored 13 points while knocking down 3 three’s on the day. He has decent handles. He showed glimpses into what he can do during the day but didn’t blow up. I fully expect the track and cross country star to have a blow up season this year at Kirk.

Rock Robinson 6-5 SG Pontotoc: Rock has had a light come on. He played like he is seeing the court in a different way now. You can tell he is starting to develop into a experienced player and his confidence level is starting to rise. He scored 20 points during his games with several long balls and tough play around the basket. Rock will be a high priority for next level coaches in the next couple years.

Donovan Sanders 5-11 PG Lake Cormorant: Pillow was another player that I had hyped coming into the camp. Pillow? Why you call that man pillow? Everybody walks around talking about being slept. I haven’t heard a word from him about being slept on but he is slept on more than a pillow. He is one of the most underrated players in the state. He’s a high level guard that can do it all. He can score on all levels and is even more dangerous when getting his teammates involved. He is so shifty and smooth with the ball. He scored 21 points on the day to go along with several highlight reel plays. Is anyone noticing a trend here? If you didn’t catch it, you better get on board with Lake Cormorant this year. They will make some noise coming out of Desoto county.

Tyson Smithey 6-3 F Ingomar: The garbage man. Tyson is a gym rat that just does all the small stuff that other players don’t want to do. He sets the picks, dives for loose balls, defends on and off ball. He scored 10 points on hustle baskets by not giving up on plays. He’s one of the main reasons that Ingomar will be predicted to win 1A this year.

Keandre Woods 6-5 F/C Pearl: The big, strong post didn’t score a basket all day. No problem, that’s not what he does. He bangs down low on both ends and cleans the glass. He is such a physical force in the paint.

Eric Green 6-2 G Starkville: Eric looked good in the drills session of the camp. He is a natural scorer that will be a weapon for Starkville this season.

Caleb Rawls 6-6 F East Marion: It is no surprise that Caleb was in mention for player of the day. I’ve touched on it before that he is a silent assassin. Most of the time he does his deal and you don’t even realize he just filled the stat sheet on you. He made himself noticed just about the entire day. Was it scoring? Not really. He did score 32 on the day but it wasn’t his scoring that set him apart. It was his defensive pressure and rebounding. He is rising to the level that D1’s need to get eyes on him this season.

Cameron Smith 6-5 F Falkner: Cameron is one of the players that I wanted to see tested against the top players in the state to see exactly where he fits. I had an idea and he didn’t surprise me. He is right there with them. He is another version of Caleb Rawls that is not that well know about. He only scored 11 points on the day but he saved his best 8 for the top 20 game. His hustle was one of the main reasons that Team Magnolia Hoops came away with the victory. He crashed the offensive boards and came away with multiple 50-50 balls. Coaches, get to see him ASAP this year.

Max Zizmann 6-3 F Lewisburg: He was a borderline top 20 player and was also in the conversation for the Hustle Award. Max scored 21 points as he connected on 3 3’s and scored from all over the court. He had a very good day. Lewisburg will be a tough team this year with Max and Logan Coker running the show.

Donavan Parker 6-1 G Heidelberg: He has turned into Mr. Steady and Consistent. His level of play is solid for a guard running a team. He keeps a level head on the court and doesn’t get rattled with pressure.

Other 2021 players that attended the camp and will be ones to keep and eye on down the road are Drew Keeton (6-1 SG Amory), Jaeshon Nugent (6-3 G Grace Baptist Academy), Robert Rice (6-0 G Starkville) and Chase Parker (6-0 F Tremont).

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

The best player, in their respective class, that I saw during this time period.

2021: Caleb Rawls

6-6 F East Marion

Magnolia Hoops Starting 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period.

Caleb Rawls

6-6 F East Marion

Bol Nyuon

7-0 C Grace Baptist Academy

Donovan Sanders

5-11 PG Lake Cormorant

Cameron Smith

6-5 F Falkner

Joseph “Joe” Holloway

6-4 G/F North Forrest

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