South MS All-Star Games

5th Annual South MS All-Star Showcase

Senior Boys Home

Stacee St. Julian: 6-1 G St. Martin, 10 pts. Smooth guard with the ability to get in the lane and create for him or his teammates.

Carl Terrell: 6-5 F Gulfport, 6 pts. Long, lanky g/f. Good range on his outside shot. Massive ups.

Tyrell McArthur: 5-10 G Gulfport, 14 pts. Good outside shooter. He can get his shot off easy.

Senior Boys Away

DeAnthony Bowie: 5-9 G West Harrison, 16 pts. Strong guard  that has a good shot outside.

Biscuit Floyd: PG Harrison Central, 10 pts. Jet quick guard.

Zach Scales: 5-10 PG D’Iberville, 10 pts. Has the ability to get to the rim and get the ball up with his speed and quickness.

Conner Ladner: 6-0 G Bay, 6 pts. Shooter, shooter, shooter. If it were a tied game and it came down to a game winner, I would want the ball in his hands.

Joshua Hayes: 6-4 F Hattiesburg. Did not score in the game but he was the key to winning the game. He played with all-out effort and hustle. Decent ball handler and he crashes the boards hard. Garbage man.He could be a steal for some college team.

Underclassmen Boys Home

Fred Ramsey-Thompson: 6-4 Jr F Biloxi, 14 pts. Big man has a really soft touch on his shot. Smooth release.

Daetran Bivens: 6-0 Jr G St. Martin. Ice cold 3 point contest winner. The best shooter on the coast? Possibly so.

Noel Jones: 6-0 Jr PG Pascagoula, 15 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast. Garbage man that creates baskets. His effort and hustle was great.

Drelon Pittman: So F West Harrison, 10 pts. Long and lanky forward with plenty of potential to improve over the next 2 years. Very talented.

Underclassmen Boys Away

 Tyrese Fryfogle: 6-2 Jr F George County, 2 pts. Slam Dunk Champ.

5th Annual South MS All-Star Showcase Results

(G) Senior Girls Home (Robin Sikes, St. Martin)

Savannah Jones 6-0 G St. Martin: 39 pts, 8 3’s

Chabrevia McMillian 5-8 F Pascagoula: 15 pts

Adyn Strickland 5-8 Harrison Central: 7 pts

Mercedes Brown 5-6 G St. Martin: 6 pts

Deonna Morgan 5-6 G St. Martin: 4 pts

Asia Riley 5-6 George County: 3 pts

Senior Girls Away (Scott Landry, Biloxi)

Tamia Stinson Hattiesburg: 19 pts

Ameshya Williams C West Harrison: 19 pts

Alexis McDaniel 5-9 G Biloxi: 6 pts

Jatiah Lathan 5-7 G Gulfport: 6 pts

Beth Owens 6-0 F Stone: 5 pts

Aarmanii McDaniel 5-10 C Gulfport: 4 pts

Vin’Sha Hatcher G West Harrison: 2 pts

Madisyn Collier 5-7 G Gulfport

Amari Graves G West Harrison

Constance Evans 5-6 G Stone

South MS All-Star MVP

Savannah Jones 

St. Martin

6-0 G

39 pts, 8 3’s

Sun Herald Player of the Year

Ameshya Williams

West Harrison


19 pts

(B) Senior Boys Home (Seber Windham, Biloxi)

Tyrell McArthur 5-10 G Gulfport: 14 pts

Jaylen Peters 6-3 F Pass Christian: 13 pts

Stacee St. Julian 6-1 G St. Martin: 10 pts

Aaron Whavers 5-11 G Pass Christian: 9 pts

Carl Terrell 6-5 F Gulfport: 6 pts

Marques McGee 6-6 F Biloxi: 5 pts

Nic Brewer 6-2 F Vancleave: 5 pts

Johnnelius Anderson 6-5 F St. Martin: 4 pts

Maliq Leaks 5-10 G Pass Christian: 2 pts

Jadarius Holloway 5-11 G Biloxi: 1 pt

Jalen Lett 6-5 G St. Martin

Senior Boys Away (Randy McCrory, Bay)

DeAnthony Bowie 5-9 G West Harrison: 16 pts

Biscuit Floyd PG Harrison Central: 10 pts

Zach Scales 5-10 PG D’Iberville: 10 pts

Evan Howard 6-8 F/C D’Iberville: 10 pts

Illyan Scott 6-4 PF Pascagoula: 9 pts

Conner Ladner 6-0 G Bay: 6 pts

Jacques Belford 6-3 SF Pascagoula: 6 pts

Mike McWilliams Gautier: 5 pts

Gabriel Barber 6-3 G West Harrison: 4 pts

Tyler Butler 6-1 C Hancock: 4 pts

Marcus Brown 6-0 Moss Point: 3 pts

Joshua Hayes 6-4 F Hattiesburg

South MS All-Star MVP

DeAnthony Bowie

West Harrison

5-9 G

16 pts

Sun Herald Player of the Year

Stacee St. Julian

 St. Martin

6-1 G

10 pts

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Joshua Hayes


6-4 F

(G) Underclassmen Girls Home (Wes Brewer, East Central)

Daphne White 6-3 So C St. Martin: 18 pts

Casey Ferguson 5-10 Jr G/F D’Iberville: 16 pts

Chyna Allen So Harrison Central: 13 pts

Brianna Riley 5-6 So G Biloxi: 13 pts

Anna Thigpen 5-11 Jr F/C Biloxi: 5 pts

Arie’Anna Norwood Jr Harrison Central: 3 pts

Deseree Moore So G West Harrison: 2 pts

Madison Pearson Fr F East Central

Maliyah Bullard Pass Christian

Underclassmen Girls Away (Terry Bradley, George County)

Jalin Cherry 5-8 Jr G Pascagoula: 27 pts, 5 3’s

Alexis McBeath 5-6 Jr G Pascagoula: 8 pts

Jamaya Galloway Bay: 7 pts

Celia Rodgers 5-7 So Moss Point: 6 pts

Lamiracle Sims 6-0 Jr Moss Point: 4 pts

Marshee Grayson 5-7 Jr George County: 2 pts

Amari Pittman Bay

Morgan McCrea 5-8 Jr St. Patrick

South All-Stars MVP

Daphne White

St. Martin

6-3 So C

18 pts

(B) Underclassmen Boys Home (Charlie Pavlus, St. Martin)

Quieran Gray 6-0 Jr G West Harrison: 15 pts

Noel Jones 6-0 Jr PG Pascagoula: 15 pts

Fred Ramsey-Thompson 6-4 Jr F Biloxi: 14 pts

Malcolm Magee 5-11 So G Ocean Springs: 13 pts

Drelon Pittman So F West Harrison: 10 pts

DQ Proby 5-9 Jr PG Biloxi: 8 pts

Trevor Davis 6-1 Jr G Vancleave: 5 pts

Keevon Oney 6-3 Jr G Gulfport: 4 pts

Daetren Bivens 6-0 Jr G St. Martin

Dilyn Neely 5-9 So G D’Iberviile

Underclassmen Boys Away (Kelton Thompson, Picayune)

Dayquan Perkins So F Harrison Central: 16 pts

Labarious Williams 6-2 Jr Moss Point: 11 pts

Darrius Little 6-3 Jr C Picayune: 11 pts

Laraymond Spivery 6-1 Jr G George County: 9 pts

Chris Moody 5-10 Jr G Bay: 9 pts

Enrique Whaley 5-11 So PG Stone: 6 pts

DD Cook 6-0 Jr G Long Beach: 6 pts

Reed Gamble 6-1 Jr F East Central: 4 pts

Tyrese Fryfogle 6-2 Jr F George County: 2 pts

Tucker Santiago 5-8 So G St. Patrick

South All-Stars MVP

Noel Jones


6-0 Jr PG

15 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast

MagnoliaHoops Player of the Game

Noel Jones


6-0 Jr PG

15 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast

3 Point Contest Winner

Daetran Bivens

St. Martin

6-0 Jr G

Slam Dunk Champion

 Tyrese Fryfogle

George County

6-2 Jr F

MagnoliaHoops Head of the Class

The players, by grade, that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the South MS All-Star Showcase

So: Drelon Pittman F West Harrison

Jr: Noel Jones 6-0 PG Pascagoula

Sr: Joshua Hayes 6-4 F Hattiesburg

MagnoliaHoops Starting 5

The 5 players that had the best day or made the best impression (on me or the contributors of MagnoliaHoops) at the South MS All-Star Showcase

Noel Jones 6-0 Jr PG Pascagoula

Joshua Hayes 6-4 Sr F Hattiesburg

Fred Ramsey-Thompson 6-4 Jr F Biloxi

Tyrell McArthur 5-10 Sr G Gulfport

Conner Ladner 6-0 Sr G Bay

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