Da House Combine

Da House Combine

At Northeast MS CC

Below is a list of invited participants along with measurements and highlights.

Cameron “Cam” Smith

Okolona High School

6-6 200 lb 2018 G/F

6-7 wingspan

10″ hand

The long and lanky guard showed the ability to knock down the long ball. He possesses good ball handling skills for 6-6 and he is a good passer also. He is still working his way back from a leg injury and is a little timid on the court. He will be unstoppable once he gets fully recovered and gains his full mobility.

Cam Smith Highlights

Jon D Warren

Corinth High School

6-0 165 lb 2018 G

6-3 wingspan

10″ hand

Jon D is a good pass first guard that can score when needed. He showed up defensively with steals and block shots. He can score off the drive or shoot outside.

Jon D Warren Highlights

DeAnthony Tipler

Ashland High School

5-10 151 lb 2018 G

6-0 wingspan

9.25″ hand

Tipler is a lightning quick guard that can score at will. He can get a long range shot off at any time. He can also score well around the basket in traffic. Tipler is also an above average passer.

DeAnthony Tipler Highlights

Daquan Smith

Holly Springs High School

6-1 167 lb 2018 G

6-3 wingspan

9″ hand

I heard one of the players say, “He is the best player at the combine.” Daquan used his leaping ability to rebound, block shots and get shots off above other defenders. He uses his speed to get around defenders, steal passes and get to the rack. He can score on any and all levels. He can pass with the best guards and can lock down opponents.

Daquan Smith Highlights

Ma’Darius Hobson

Houlka High School

6-2 177 lb 2018 G/F

6-5 wingspan

9″ hand

Maday is truly a special player. He is a garbage man that can score in masses. He can pass well and defends above average. He crashes offensive and defensive boards. He hustles for loose balls. Hobson moves well without the ball and always seems to find the spot to get an open shot off. He might be 6-2 but he plays more like 6-6.

Ma’Darius Hobson Highlights

Tylandrius “Ty” Parks 

Middleton High School TN

6-4 165 lb 2018 G/F

6-6 wingspan

9.5″ hand

Ty is a board killer. He tries and grabs every single one of both ends of the court. He can get up over defenders and finish above the rim. Parks can get up and block shots defensively.

Tylandrius Parks Highlights

Dewayne Cox

Ripley High School

6-2 155 lb 2017 G

6-5 wingspan

8.5″ hand

Dewayne can score with ease around the basket. He rebounds very well for a guard and he showed off his passing ability with some highlight reel passes. He is very elusive when handling the ball and can stop guards on the defensive end with his speed.

Dewayne Cox Highlights

Tyjil Hereford

Tuplelo High School

5-7 127 lb 2017 PG

5-11 wingspan

9″ hand

Tyjil is fast. His speed allows him to hold the guards and he can get to the rack to get shots off. His ball handling his superb. His passing is crisp and precise. Tyjil got out there and showed that he can play and hang with the “big boy” D1 talent with no problem. He can really run a team and control the game.

Tyjil Hereford Highlights

Ty McDonald

East Union High School

6-3 218 lb 2017 G/F

6-3 wingspan

8.75″ hand

Ty can step out and shoot the long range or mid range shots. He rebounded and got up with the more athletic and bigger guys. His passing is well above average for a g/f combo. He is a very smart player and limits his mistakes on the court.

Ty McDonald Highlights

Ty Jones

Pontotoc High School

6-6 216 lb 2017 G/F

6-8 wingspan

10″ hand

Ty has some great hands around the basket and can score with ease in the lane. He is a big mismatch. He is faster and can abuse the bigger guys and he can post up and abuse the smaller guys. His speed and ball handling is well above average. Ty is very shifty and elusive with the ball.

Ty Jones Highlights

Felix Hayes

Baldwyn High School

6-2 193 lb 2017 G/F

6-7 wingspan

9.5″ hand

Felix plays more like 6-6 than 6-2. He is a very above average rebounder. He can get up and finish above the rim. He can shoot from an extremely long range. His defensive clamps are above average as well.

Felix Hayes Highlights

Reggie Miller

Saltillo, MS

6-6 179 lb G/F

6-8 wingspan

9.5″ hand

Reggie is a long athletic guard that can jump higher than anybody around. He can pull off dunks that will win most dunk contests. He can shoot very well outside. He can finish around the rim and can shoot a nice mid range jumper.

Reggie Miller Highlights

For a highlight from all players click on the link below

Da House Combine Highlights

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