Jamboree Reviews

I had the opportunity to visit two jamborees on October 29. Here are my notes from both places along with video highlights from both events.

Myrtle Jamboree

Desoto Central and Ripley had a mid season feel as both teams looked to be in good form. So good they even went into overtime to finish it.

Desoto Central: Desoto Central is going to make some noise this year. They are ten deep and look to be in December form.

Kyler Carter 5-8 2018 PG: He will be a key cog this season for Desoto Central. He will run the offense and the team will go as he goes this season.

Trae Burcham 6-0 2017 SG: Very much improved from last season. A super smart shooter that has also turned into a leader. His basketball IQ has been a key in his development as a player.

Ripley: Another team that looked very crisp and in mid season form. Ripley was still missing football guys and looked like they didn’t skip a beat.

Dewayne Cox 6-0 2017 G: Cox displayed excellent passing skills as well as the ability to get shots off and score. Expect him to have a great season.

Myrtle Jamboree Highlights

Independence Jamboree

Potts Camp: As I watched Potts Camp I was confused. They didn’t look like a good warm-up team but they looked really good in the game. You look at this team and think that they ain’t gonna be any good then they tip the ball and it’s on. Potts Camp will have some big surprise wins this season. They played under control and looked solid.

Byhalia: Aggressive full court defense. A solid PG and 2 bigs to go along with plenty of athletes seems to be a formula for success. Byhalia was another team that looked to be in December form.

Avion Graham 6-0 2017 G: A fast and shifty guard. He scored when need be and had several highlight reel passes.

Independence Jamboree Highlights

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