November 20-26 Report

November 20-26 Report

This report includes notes from November 20-26. Included in this will be the Inaugural River City Challenge from Warren Central HS, Leake County Shootout from Leake County HS and the 8th Annual MS Hoops Challenge Thanksgiving Showcase from Forest Hill HS.

Player Notes


Tommy Washington 6-3 F Yazoo City HS (Yazoo City):  18 pts (15 in 2nd half) vs Brandon. He played hard and it showed in his production. He made the best of his scoring opportunities. Post grads might want to take a look at him.

Walter White 6-7 C Brandon HS (Brandon): 2 pts, 7 reb, 3 blk vs Yazoo City. He has the look of a player. Long, strong and athletic. He rebounds and protects the rim. He will be a good fit for a post grad program needing length and size.

Kevin Taylor 6-5 F Brandon HS (Brandon): 14 pts, 10 reb, 5 ast, 3 st vs Yazoo City. A great stat line and he did it very quietly. He is lanky and athletic. He needs to be checked out by post grads and JUCO’s this season.

Dewayne Stewart Jr 6-6 G Riverside HS (Grace):  19 pts, 7-10 fg, 2 3’s, 10 reb, 3 ast vs Wingfield. DJ, why you do that man like that? DJ had several high flying dunks on his way to his 19 points. The best play of the day might’ve been a missed dunk by DJ. The look on the defenders face when DJ went up on him was priceless. He is a must see player this year for any basketball fan.

Chavis Smith 5-10 G Warren Central HS (Vicksburg): 18 pts, 5 reb vs Pearl. Great defending guard. He plays with full effort. He can create contact around the basket and score after the contact. Post grads need to check him out this year.

Chris Early C Warren Central HS (Vicksburg): 11 pts vs Pearl. A good size presence down low on the defensive end. He’s strong and contested shots all night. He scores when he has the opportunity on the offensive end. Another good player for post grads to check out.

Brandon Payne 6-0 G Newton HS (Newton): 25 pts, 5 3’s, 2-2 ft, 3 reb, 2 st, 1 charge taken vs Morton. Good shooter from outside and all-around scorer. He showed high energy on both ends. He needs to be seen this season by JUCO Coaches.

Austin Sigsworth 6-4 G/F Bay Springs HS (Bay Springs): 10 pts, 3 reb, 1 charge taken vs Forest. Here’s an update from the Magnolia Hoops Senior Showcase. Austin did not play that well as reported from the Showcase. Update, he can play. He showed he can play multiple positions. He has some handles, he rebounded and he showed he can score. He’s a shooter and he can also get into the lane and score on pull up jumpers. He can definitely play on the next level and needs to be checked out by JUCO’s.

Michael Barber 6-8 G/F Jackson Academy HS (Jackson): 19 pts, 12 reb, 2 st, 5 blk vs Laurel. That was the best performance I’ve seen from him in several years. He lived up to the Dandy Dozen potential on both ends of the court. He scored 19 (I think they were off because I had him with 20 at the half myself). He handled the ball very well. He rebounded hard on both ends and played defense with some energy. He contested shots and created havoc down low. He displayed skills of a D1 guy today.

Bryson Mills 6-4 G Mendenhall HS (Mendenhall): 15 pts, 12 reb, 2 3’s vs Lanier. Bryson is back from his injury. He has his hops back and his lateral movement. He crashed the boards hard on the offensive end. He should be a high priority for every JUCO around.

Miles Miller 6-3 PG Meridian HS (Meridian): 25 pts, 6 3’s, 7-8 ft vs Callaway. D1’s, what in the world are you waiting on? Coach Norman should get tired of schools calling to check on him. High, high academic player. He can shoot. He can handle and distribute. He plays some sneaky good defense. He is equally as smart on the court as he is in the classroom. Big time players show up in big time games and it didn’t get much bigger than that one.

Tyron “Ty” Brewer 6-7 F Meridian HS (Brookville): 20 pts, 4-5 ft, 9 reb vs Callaway. Ty had a good game on both ends of the court. He scored and snagged offensive boards. He was everywhere defensively. The low to mid major is set to have a good season.

Damian “Diggy” Dear 6-2 PG Murrah HS (Jackson): 18 pts, 3-4 ft vs Raymond. Diggy had a good game scoring on multiple levels. He handled the ball with confidence. He played hard on-ball defense. He is a steal for JUCO’s.

Ladarius Anderson 6-2 G Provine HS (Jackson): 19 pts, 3 3’s, 2-2 ft, 5 ast vs Terry. He scored easily Saturday and shot the ball good. He was really impressive in the loss. He played top notch defense and worked the guy he was guarding hard. JUCO Coaches need to check him out this season.

JaQuondre “Dre” Bethany 6-0 G Provine HS (Jackson): 15 pts (10 in 2nd half), 9-10 ft vs Terry. Explosive. He created opportunities for his guys. He got into the lane and dished for shots or got to the free-throw line. He hit this free-throws at a high percentage. He played fast on defense. A great JUCO option and he keeps improving.


Anthony Ratliff Jr 6-3 G/F Jim Hill HS (Jackson): 12 pts, 7 reb, 2 blk vs Northwest Rankin. He didn’t play so well in the first half but played a big role in the second. All of his points, rebounds and blocks come in the second half and OT. A long lanky wing with that is a great athlete.

Kolby Moore 6-4 G/F Clinton HS (Clinton): 16 pts, 2 3’s vs Vicksburg. He showed that he can score from outside and mid range with some jumpers.

Xyshan Jenkins G/F Clinton HS (Clinton): 8 pts, 4 reb, 2 blk, 1 st vs Vicksburg. Great looking prospect. He showed he can defend and contest shots. He can rebound and get the ball up the court if he needs to. Keep an eye on him to develop.

Kevin Grimes 6-3 G Bay Springs HS (Bay Springs): 20 pts, 6 reb, 1 blk, 1 st vs Forest. The long and lanky guard has added several inches since last season. He is elusive and athletic. He can put up some points in a hurry and is hard to guard. He rebounds hard.

Damien Wheaton 6-7 F/C Bay Springs HS (Bay Springs): 2 pts, 10 reb, 2 ast vs Forest. Good size, athletic and long post. He is a defensive specialist. He contested shots at a high level and rebounded with ease.

Diwun Black 6-4 G/F Forest HS (Forest): 13 pts, 5-7 ft, 5 reb, 1 blk vs Bay Springs. He plays with high energy. He is long and strong with adequate handles. The MS State football commit can clear the board and get up the court in a hurry. He scores easily after contact.

JaMarie Weathers 6-3 G Leake County HS (Walnut Grove): 12 pts, 5 reb, 4 blk, 4 st, 2 ast vs Leake Central. He has an elusive burst of speed of is great at getting into and attacking a zone. He can create opportunities. He played all out of defense. He was blocking shots and getting steals. He continues to improve at a good level.

Jamarious Williams 5-7 G Leake County HS (Walnut Grove): 12 pts, 3 3’s vs Leake Central. He is a great scoring option for Coach Bloodsaw. He shot the ball really well.

Earl Smith 6-4 PG Lanier HS (Jackson): 21 pts, 7-9 ft, 9 reb vs Mendenhall. The lefty can stroke it with the best of them. His shot is so nice looking that you will be surprised when he misses. He can create his own shot anytime he wants to. He handles the ball smoothly. He rebounded at a high rate for a guard also on Saturday.

Vontrel Pringle 6-6 F Meridian HS (Meridian): 10 pts, 2 3’s vs Callaway. He stepped out and showed his range by knocking down a couple 3’s.

Traemond Pittman 6-2 PG Meridian HS (Meridian): 6 pts vs Callaway. A true point that can score. He ran the point and did what his team needed. A great prospect that Meridian has in the making.

Cam Drake 6-5 F Murrah HS (Jackson): 6 pts vs Raymond. He played a great game. He played with high energy on defense and rebounded hard. He’s one I’d like to see play again.

Jakorie Smith 6-5 F Raymond HS (Utica): 8 pts vs Murrah. Jakorie played hard all night. He was a force around the basket as a rebounder. He scored down low. He made several nice passes from the high post.


Matthew “Matt” Mackey 6-1 G Northwest Rankin HS (Flowood): 21 pts (14 in 4th qtr and OT), 13-17 ft, 5 reb, 2 st, 1 ast vs Jim Hill. He played on cruise control until the fourth quarter and then the ball found its way to his hands. He played as a patient passer and waited for his moments to strike. The free-throw line was his friend. He was clutch when it counted.

Jaque’vias Tarvin 6-3 G Brandon HS (Brandon): 12 pts, 5 reb, 3 st vs Yazoo City. A nice looking young guard. He has great length and athleticism. He’s a good one to keep an eye on in the future.

Damarion Arrington 6-4 G/F Wingfield HS (Jackson): 20 pts, 9-11 fg, 2 3’s, 10 reb, 2 st, 1 blk vs Riverside. Long and lanky with high potential. He showed a little outside and mid-range touch. He is really good off the 2nd and 3rd bounce. He plays fast on the defensive end.

Jabari Bowman 6-4 F/C Warren Central HS (Vicksburg): 4 pts, 2 reb vs Pearl. Nice up and coming big man. Good size body with soft hands and good footwork.

Antwan Hatten 6-3 G Laurel HS (Laurel): 8 pts, 2-2 ft vs Jackson Academy. Strong guard scored with ease in the first quarter. He finishes around the rim and draws contact.


Damon Haynes 6-1 SG Wingfield HS (Jackson): 3 pts vs Riverside. A nice looking prospect for Coach Gatlin.

Omarion Luss 5-11 PG Clinton HS (Clinton): 11 pts, 6 reb, 1 st vs Vicksburg. He played some great on ball defense. He was very aggravating to his man. He has very fast hands on defense and knocks a lot of passes down. He is very smart on offense. He used a variety of moves to get open shots. He played with maturity and composure.

Abraham Mckenzine 6-4 F Laurel HS (Laurel): Nice looking future Laurel stud. He has a frame of being like another Crosby or Drummond.

Reggie Clark 5-10 G Holmes County Central HS (Tchula): 5 pts vs Madison Central. Coach Patrick is riding with his freshman guard this year and it’s for good reason. He had a rocky day Saturday shooting the ball but he can score in bunches when his shot is falling. He is a smooth play maker and will be a staple in the Jaguars offense for years to come.

Daeshun Ruffin 5-9 PG Callaway HS (Jackson): 20 pts, 2 3’s, 2 reb, 5 ast and the game winning And1 vs Meridian. Real deal freshman came thru in the clutch. He can score on all levels. He has good handles and runs the Chargers team nicely. The sky is the limit for the Ruffin with a game winner under his belt now.

Jamaal Esco 5-11 PG Murrah HS (Jackson): 12 pts, 3-4 ft vs Raymond. Here’s a freshman that I didn’t know anything about going into Saturday but he will be added to the list of highly touted ’21’s. He played like an upperclassman and handled himself with composure. He will be a good one to keep an eye on over the next several years.

Team Notes

Bay Springs Bulldogs: A bit of bad news for 2A this year. Bay Springs is deep, talented and good. Coach Mackey might be able to bring another title home this year and with only 2 seniors on the team, may be a couple more titles.

Madison Central Jaguars: Coach Speech has a really good young group coming along. He has size and talent on the way. A couple of the guys contributing this season are David Brown (6-5 ’19 F 17 pts), Justin Storm (6-6 ’20 lefty C 12 pts), Holden Grimes (6-5 ’20 G/F 7 pts), Logan Landis (6-5 ’20 C 3 pts), Sam Meadows (6-5 ’19 F 2 pts) and LaKevin Dixon (’21 G). Keep an eye for Madison Central to be special in the next few years with this much size and talent.

Meridian Wildcats: Coach Norman played several young players in the game. Some key young players he has coming up that played big minutes are Makeem Roberts (5-10 ’20 G), Azerious Ellis (5-8 ’20 G 2 pts) and Ke’Edrick Armstead (6-4 ’20 F 5 pts).

Murrah Mustangs: Coach Riley started 2 freshmen and played another quality minutes. The before mentioned Esco, Joseph Dupree (6-5 ’21 F/C 4 pts) and Jaylen Bolden (6-0 ’21 G 5 pts) will be a big part of the future at Murrah.

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

2018: Michael Barber

6-8 G/F Jackson Academy

2019: Earl Smith

6-4 PG Lanier

2020: Damarion Arrington

6-4 G/F Wingfield

2021: Daeshun Ruffin

5-9 PG Callaway

Magnolia Hoops Starting 5

Michael Barber

6-8 ’18 G/F Jackson Academy

Damarion Arrington

6-4 ’20 G/F Wingfield

Dewayne “DJ” Stewart Jr

6-6 ’18 G Riverside

Daeshun Ruffin

5-9 ’21 PG Callaway

Miles Miller

6-3 ’18 PG Meridian

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