November 19-20 Report

November 19-20 Report

The stats listed are unofficial but are close to what the players accomplished on the court (mostly because I run my mouth too much and don’t pay the closest attention the entire game).

This report will cover the following games (15) or events: River City Challenge (Winston Academy, Riverside, Shaw, Magee, Pearl, Mendenhall, Brandon, Greenville, Terry, Forest Hill, Yazoo City, Lanier, Clinton, Columbus, Jim Hill, Vicksburg, Warren Central, Crystal Springs), New Albany Thanksgiving Classic (New Albany, New Site, South Pontotoc, Independence, Pine Grove, Hickory Flat, Hatley, East Union), Byers at Holly Springs, Oxford Charger Classic (Oxford, Pontotoc).

Monday November 19, 2018

River City Challenge

From Warren Central HS

Vicksburg, MS

Notes: This was my second year to be able to attend this event. It wasn’t looked like I would be able to make it but it was a blessing to be back. Coach Bruce Robinson and his staff have done an outstanding job with this and they have plans of it being even better next year.

(B) Riverside Bulldogs 1-0 (2A Avon, MS) 87

Winston Academy Patriots 6-2 (AAA Louisville, MS) 48

Notes: This was the first game of the season for Riverside. You couldn’t tell it at all. They looked like they were in January form. Before you say how crazy I am I got this confirmed from another source that knows way more than I do that was watching the game, Riverside looks better this year than they did last year. I thought I was crazy too. It all starts with a very much improved Brennan Buchanan (6-2 ’19 PG Riverside). His game has developed and he has transformed into an all-around player that can run point on the next level. He can shoot or can get to the basket plus he rebounds well for a guard. He works his magic and finds the open shooters with his newly developed handles. He has plenty of weapons to distribute to as Riverside is loaded with shooters. In fact, they had 7 different players knock down long balls. Myles Edwards (5-9 ’20 G Riverside), D’vonta Gatson (6-0 ’21 G Riverside), Jay Humphrey (6-0 ’20 PF Riverside), Jonathan Richardson (6-2 ’20 G Riverside), Ozell Clay (5-8 ’19 G Riverside), Jonovan Tyler (5-9 ’19 G Riverside) and Buchanan all drained three’s. Humphrey and Edwards are both very solid players. Richardson and Demario Bonney (6-0 ’21 G/F Riverside) both looked really smooth on the court. Clay, Tyler and Gatson are knock down shooters. Keep an eye out for Steen Buchanan (5-9 ’22 G Riverside). He looked like a developing version of his older brother. Coach Justin Childs just couldn’t get his Patriots awake and going for the early game. It would be a much closer game if he were to meet his former school again.

Riverside (traveled 73 miles)


Ozell Clay 5-8 G 11 pts

Jonovan Tyler 5-9 G 11 pts


Myles Edwards 5-9 G 8 pts

Jay Humphrey 6-0 PF 9 pts

Jonathan Richardson 6-2 G 18 pts


D’vonta Gatson 6-0 G 13 pts 3 3’s

Winston Academy (traveled 132 miles)


Blake Peterson 6-2 F 17 pts

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Brennan Buchanan


6-2 ’19 PG

15 pts 6-6 ft 9 reb 9 ast 2 st 3 blk

(B) Shaw Hawks 6-0 (1A Shaw, MS) 71

Magee Trojans 0-4 (3A Magee, MS) 37

Notes: Shaw has jumped out to a very hot start and it’s easy to see why. They play tough defense and they play very hard on defense. They also like to pass the ball. Every time they get a steal or rebound it can almost be counted as an assist. They get up the floor in a hurry. Shaw will be a team that has a chance to make a long playoff run. Jamarion Walker (6-3 ’20 G/F Shaw) is a very solid player that has a good mid-range and outside game. Montrelli Finley Jr (6-1 ’20 F Shaw) shot the ball really well and just missed a double-double. Everyone knows I love finding surprises and I found one in this game. Javo Thurman (6-4 ’19 G Magee) can play. He is like a mini KJ Williams (Cleveland Central/Murray State) from last year. He has size, strength and length. He has a soft touch with range and is a good passer from the high post. He is a great looking physical specimen and needs to be a immediately looked at by next level Coaches.

Shaw (traveled 98 miles)


Grosby Thomas G 7 pts 3 reb 1 ast


Montrelli Finley Jr 6-1 F 19 pts 5 3’s 9 reb 2 ast 4 st


Orlando Truss 5-9 G 7 pts 2 reb 1 ast 3 st

Jelani Jackson 6-2 G 9 pts 4 reb 1 st

Magee (traveled 83 miles)


Trey Haynes 6-2 F 6 pts 4 reb 1 ast

Javo Thurman 6-4 G 11 pts 9 reb 2 ast 2 st 1 blk

Adrian Durr 5-9 G 3 pts 2 reb 3 ast 2 st


Jaylon Sims 6-0 G 6 pts 3 reb 1 ast

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jamarion Walker


6-3 ’20 G/F

20 pts 5 reb 3 ast 6 st

(B) Pearl Pirates 1-4 (6A Pearl, MS) 57

Mendenhall Tigers 0-5 (4A Mendenhall, MS) 40

Notes: Pearl has been suffering from the football bug and they are just now starting to get players trickling in. One is a big time surprise for Coach Don Moore. Jeremiah Gill (6-2 ’20 G Pearl) is a Louisiana transfer that immediately made an impact. He is a very solid and stocky guard. Kadarius “K.D.” McIntyre (6-4 ’19 G/F Pearl) had a good game. He’s a long guard with handles and a mid-range jumper. Pearl also has a load of horses that look like linebackers in Leo McIntyre (6-3 ’21 F Pearl),  Colby Mozee (6-3 ’19 C Pearl), Julius Brown (6-3 ’20 F/C Pearl) and Ke’Andre Woods (6-5 ’21 F/C Pearl).

Pearl (traveled 51 miles)


Kadarius “K.D.” McIntyre 6-4 G/F 16 pts 9 reb 1 ast 2 st 2 blk

Colby Mozee 6-3 C 2 pts 4 reb 1 st

Cameron Tate 5-10 G 7 pts 2 reb 1 st


Ke’Andre Woods 6-5 F/C 2 pts 4 reb 2 blk

Leo McIntyre 6-3 F 12 pts 5 reb 1 ast

Mendenhall (traveled 73 miles)

O. Lee 6 pts 5 reb 2 st


Tauari Buckley 5-11 PG 16 pts 2 reb 2 ast 4 st 1 blk

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jeremiah Gill


6-2 ’20 G

6 pts 6 reb 2 ast 3 st 3 blk

(B) Brandon Bulldogs 6-1 (6A Brandon, MS) 59

Greenville Hornets 4-2 (6A Greenville, MS) 57

Notes: This was a battle of two of the best 6A teams in the state and it lived up to the hype. Brandon has a team with some length and some good size wings. Danarius Harper (6-5 ’21 F Brandon), Jacquez Jackson (6-3 ’19 F Brandon) and Jaque’vias Tarvin (6-3 ’20 G Brandon) are a very good trio for Coach Ben Barnes. Leading the athletic wings is a good point in Tyree Cochran (5-9 ’19 G Brandon). Danny Washington (6-0 ’19 PG Greenville) is just developing just fine. His speed burst is one of the best in the state.

Brandon (traveled 56 miles)


Devontae Lyles 6-2 G 11 pts 8 reb 1 st

Tyree Cochran 5-9 G 5 pts 2 reb 4 ast 3 st


Jaque’vias Tarvin 6-3 G 17 pts 6 reb 1 ast 3 st 2 blk


Danarius Harper 6-5 F 12 pts 2 reb

Greenville (traveled 85 miles)


Danny Washington 6-0 PG 20 pts 5 reb 4 ast 1 st

Favion Chaney 5-11 G 11 pts 4 reb 2 ast

Jyveone Merrill 6-5 F/C 8 pts 1 reb 1 ast

Edmond Ekanem 6-2 F 4 pts 6 reb


Morgan Green 5-10 G 9 pts 2 reb 1 ast 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jacquez Jackson


6-3 ’19 F

14 pts 13 reb 1 ast 2 st 3 blk

(B) Forest Hill Patriots 3-1 (5A Jackson, MS) 59

Terry Bulldogs 3-4 (6A Terry, MS) 47

Notes: Another big time battle with big time teams. Marc “Ken” Evans Jr (6-4 ’19 PG Forest Hill) will probably not be noticed because he isn’t the flashiest player on the court but he continues to prove that he can be a silent force on the D1 level. He might be one of the best steals in the state right now. Keondre “Dre” Montgomery (6-7 ’20 G/F Forest Hill) had the best performance I’ve ever seen him have showing he has the ability to plan on a very high level. Terry has a very talented team. Darien Newchurch (5-11 ’19 PG Terry) is a very speedy guard that plays with a high motor. Anthony Ratliff (6-4 ’19 G/F Terry) is very underrated and will be a good get for next level Coaches. Terry also has two young studs getting big time experience. Omarion Walker (6-0 ’22 G Terry) is a very good young guard that plays with poise. Devin Ree (6-5 ’22 G/F Terry) is a stud in the making with unlimited potential. He could end up being a high major target if he progresses in the right direction over the next few years.

Forest Hill (traveled 39 miles)


Keondre “Dre” Montgomery 6-7 G/F 23 pts 3 3’s 8 reb 1 ast 1 blk

Tre’Voin Bass 6-2 F 6 pts 6 reb 1 ast 1 st 2 blk


Jayme Mitchell Jr 6-2 G 6 pts 4 reb 2 ast 2 st 1 blk

Terry (traveled 41 miles)


Darien Newchurch 5-11 PG 5 pts 5 reb 3 ast 1 st

Anthony Ratliff 6-4 G/F 18 pts 4 reb 1 ast 1 blk


Omarion Walker 6-0 G 11 pts 2 reb 1 ast 2 st

Devin Ree 6-5 G/F 7 pts 8 reb 3 ast 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Marc “Ken” Evans Jr

Forest Hill

6-4 ’19 PG

13 pts 3 3’s 6 reb 6 ast 1 st

(B) Lanier Bulldogs 3-3 (4A Jackson, MS) 36

Yazoo City Indians 0-6 (4A Yazoo City, MS) 32

Notes: This should’ve been a blowout and it ended up being a really interesting game. Lanier starts and ends with Earl Smith (6-4 ’19 PG Lanier). The stats I have on here are only from a few quarters and not the complete game so he probably had a triple-double. Earl is just a stud that is hard to stop. You might slow him down from scoring but he will contribute in every area of the game. Yazoo City played very solid defense. William Grayson (5-8 ’23 PG Yazoo City) is a very, very nice young player. He doesn’t play like an 8th grader. He looks like an experienced veteran on the court.

Lanier (traveled 43 miles)


Octavius Neal 6-0 G 14 pts 3 3’s 3 reb 2 ast

Yazoo City (traveled 49 miles)


Kory Price 5-11 G 9 pts 1 reb


William Grayson 5-8 PG 4 pts 1 ast 2 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Earl Smith


6-4 ’19 PG

7 pts 4 reb 5 ast 4 st

(B) Clinton Arrows 4-3 (6A Clinton, MS) 54

Columbus Falcons 1-3 (6A Columbus, MS) 44

Notes: Xyshan Jenkins (6-5 ’19 G Clinton) has the potential. He has the motor. He finally put the two together and looked like a next level stud. He looked like a dominant player. Clinton also has good size and length in Tyshawn Armstrong (6-6 ’19 F Clinton), Tailor Anderson (6-3 ’19 F Clinton) and Kolby Moore (6-4 ’19 G Clinton).

Clinton (traveled 34 miles)


Tyshawn Armstrong 6-6 F 7 pts 1 st

Kolby Moore 6-4 G 11 pts 3 3’s 4 reb 1 st

Columbus (traveled 192 miles)


Greg King 6-0 G 8 pts 1 reb 2 ast 2 st 1 blk

Rod Grays 6-6 F/C 6 pts 5 reb 1 st


Eric Caldwell 6-0 G 15 pts 3 3’s 2 reb 2 st

Blake Burnett 5-10 G 9 pts 1 reb 4 ast

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Xyshan Jenkins


6-5 ’19 G

23 pts 7 reb 2 ast 1 st 1 blk

(B) Vicksburg Gators 4-1 (5A Vicksburg, MS) 90

Jim Hill Tigers 3-4 (6A Jackson, MS) 55

Notes: Vicksburg is big and physical. They bring monsters to the court and let them run. One of the best monsters didn’t even start for them. Devan Kiner (6-6 ’19 G/F Vicksburg) came off the bench and delivered a solid performance. The big guard is athletic and strong. He can handle and has some range on his jumper. He is a must see for next level Coaches. Next we go to the future. Keshawn Brown (6-5 ’21 G Vicksburg) and Jaden Williams (6-6 ’21 F/C Vickburg) are two up-and-coming dominant forces in the state. Brown is a shifty and has a nice looking jumper. Williams is a beast down low with his bulky frame. Jaymeson Norfort (6-4 ’19 G/F Vicksburg) is added size and strength coming from the bench. Gregory Jenkins (6-2 ’19 G Vicksburg) is a very solid guard that contributes in all areas on the court. Vicksburg has the size, skill and depth to make a long playoff run. Jim Hill has some nice size of their own. Robert Smith (6-4 ’19 F Jim Hill), Joshua Moore (6-6 ’19 C Jim Hill), Chanceton Woodall (6-5 ’19 G/F Jim Hill), Jaylin Marshall (6-5 ’19 F/C Jim Hill), Cameron Madison (6-5 ’21 G/F Jim Hill) and Deontae Williams (6-6 ’22 F/C Jim Hill) all provide bulk and length for the Tigers. Woodall is a very nice player that works hard on the court. Jim Hill also shot a very nice 31-42 from the charity stripe.

Vicksburg (traveled 6 miles)


Jermiyah Brown 5-9 G 24 pts 3 reb 3 st 1 blk

Tyron Moore 6-4 SG 12 pts 3 reb

Gregory Jenkins 6-2 G 11 pts 4 reb 3 ast 1 st 1 blk

Jaymeson Norfort 6-4 G/F 2 pts 3 reb 1 st 1 blk


Keshawn Brown 6-5 G 5 pts 1 st 1 blk

Jaden Williams 6-6 F/C 4 pts 3 reb 1 st 1 blk

Jim Hill (traveled 40 miles)


Robert Smith 6-4 F 3 pts 5 reb

Jaylen Smith 6-0 G 8 pts 8-8 ft 4 reb 2 st

Joshua Moore 6-6 C 3 pts 4 reb

Chanceton Woodall 6-5 G/F 17 pts 7-8 ft 3 reb 1 st

Jaylin Marshall 6-5 F/C 8 pts 3 reb


Cameron Madison 6-5 G/F 2 pts 1 reb 1 ast


Deontae Williams 6-6 F/C 5 pts 5 reb

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Devan Kiner


6-6 ’19 G/F

15 pts 3 3’s 5 reb 1 ast 1 st

(B) Warren Central Vikings 3-2 (6A Vicksburg, MS) 53

Crystal Springs 2-1 (3A Crystal Springs, MS) 48

Notes: Jalen Glass (6-2 ’19 G/F Warren Central) was “Mr. Do It All” for the home team. He did everything he could to ensure his team the victory.

Warren Central (home)


Jalen Curry 6-2 G/F 14 pts

Crystal Springs (traveled 42 miles)


Kadadrius Crisler 6-3 G/F 15 pts 3 3’s

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Jalen Glass

Warren Central

6-2 ’19 G/F

18 pts

Tuesday November 2-, 2018

New Albany Thanksgiving Tournament

From New Albany Middle School

New Albany, MS

(B) Hatley Tigers 2-4 (3A Amory, MS) 58

Hickory Flat Rebels 3-6 (1A Hickory Flat, MS) 51

Notes: Hickory Flat had a good comeback but it was a little too late as Hatley held on for the win. Drew Wilson (5-7 ’22 G Hickory Flat) is a solidly developing shooter and player.

Hatley (traveled 58 miles)


Keller Wren 5-10 G 21 pts

Hickory Flat (traveled 15 miles)


Ty McGregor 5-11 F 13 pts 3 3’s


Lane Gordon 5-11 G 11 pts


Drew Wilson 5-7 G 13 pts 3 3’s

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Chance McNeese


5-9 ’19 G

15 pts (all in 2nd half)

(B) South Pontotoc Cougars 4-4 (3A Pontotoc, MS) 66

Independence Wildcats 1-5 (3A Independence, MS) 62

Notes: Alex Collins (’20 G South Pontotoc) had the game saving offensive rebound and nailed a free-throw for the four point cushion which earned him Player of the Game honors. Brett Riley (6-6 ’19 F/C South Pontotoc) had an outstanding game. He completely dominated the entire game from the low and high post. He scored easily down low and passed very well from the high post. Next level Coaches need to put eyes on him. Calvin Mays (5-9 ’20 G Independence) is another one for Coaches to keep an eye out for. His court vision and passing are at a high level. Randy Rucker (6-5 ’21 C Independence) is one to keep an eye on his progress as well.

South Pontotoc (traveled 23 miles)


Eddie Ivy 5-7 PG 16 pts 2 reb 6 ast 1 st

Carson Newell 6-1 SG 14 pts 4 3’s 4 reb 3 ast 1 st

Brett Riley 6-6 F/C 29 pts 8 reb 3 ast 1 st 2 blk


Channing Lackey F 5 pts 3 reb 2 ast 1 st

Independence (traveled 62 miles)


James Rodgers 5-11 F 9 pts 1 reb 1 st

Calvin Mays 5-9 G 10 pts 4 reb 11 ast 2 st 1 blk

Dawson Ragsdale 6-1 G 19 pts 7 reb 1 st 1 blk

Tristen Newson 5-11 G/F 4 pts 5 reb 2 st


Kylan Garrett 5-8 G 8 pts 2 reb 1 ast 3 st

Randy Rucker 6-5 C 10 pts 8 reb 1 ast 1 st 2 blk

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Alex Collins

South Pontotoc

’20 G

2 pts 5 reb 6 ast 4 st, game saving rebound and free-throw

(B-JV) New Albany Bulldogs (New Albany, MS) 38

New Site Royals (New Site, MS) 34

New Albany (home team)


Mason Simmons 5-9 G 10 pts

New Site (traveled 45 miles)


Ethan Eaton 5-11 17 pts


Kamron Carter

New Albany

5-9 ’22 G

10 pts

(B) East Union Urchins 5-2 (2A Blue Springs, MS) 53

Pine Grove Panthers 1-6 (1A Ripley, MS) 46

Notes: This game had two of the best freshman guards in north Mississippi. Hayden Roberts (5-8 ’22 PG East Union) and Carson Rowland (5-9 ’22 PG Pine Grove) will be names to remember for the next several years.

East Union (traveled 12 miles)


Joseph Yaeger 5-8 G 18 pts 6 3’s 1 reb 1 ast


Josh Henderson 6-4 C 2 pts 8 reb 1 blk 1 st


Hayden Roberts 5-8 PG 1 reb 2 ast 1 st 1 blk

Pine Grove (traveled 22 miles)


Scott Smithey 5-9 G 14 pts 4 reb 1 ast


Mason Bullock 5-10 G 10 pts 4 reb 2 st


Carson Rowland 5-9 G 14 pts 3 reb 2 st


Keaton Wilkerson 3 reb 1 ast 3 st 1 blk


Weston Mallett

East Union

’19 G

6 pts 3 reb 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Haygen Richey

East Union

6-0 ’19 SG

21 pts 5 3’s 3 reb

(B) New Site Royals 3-4 (2A New Site, MS) 75

New Albany Bulldogs 1-3 (4A New Albany, MS) 52

Notes: New Site is just plain New Site. They bring the same effort and intensity every year. They are one of the most aggravating teams around and can never be counted out of any game. New Albany physically and mentally locked Walker Moreland (5-11 ’20 SG New Site) down. So he stepped out a little further (around half court) and started shooting from there. He was still the high scorer even being locked down and physically battered like he was. New Site has another weapon and an elusive point guard in Bryton Smith (5-10 ’20 PG New Site). He almost messed around and got a triple-double. He actually would’ve if they hadn’t started playing stall ball in the 4th quarter.He does it all for the Royals. Colby Lindsey (5-8 ’19 G New Site) really caught my eye the way he put his heart into the game. He refused to lose and has a super high motor. He’s the garbage man that does everything no one else wants to. New Site also shot an amazing 17-20 from the free-throw line. New Albany connected at a high rate too going 8-10. New Albany was also playing with sharp-shooter Mitchell Shettles (6-0 ’20 G New Albany). He is currently injured and missing playing time but he’s still a big factor for his team as he cheers on and coaches from the bench.

New Albany (home team)


Troy Payne 6-4 F/C 6 pts 9 reb


Isaiah Ball 5-10 G 12 pts 3 reb 1 ast 1 st

Reed Harris 6-2 F 8 pts 3 reb 1 ast 1 st


Arteveion High 6-2 G/F 8 pts 7 reb 1 ast

New Site (traveled 45 miles)


Colby Lindsey 5-8 G 10 pts 6 reb 3 ast 4 st


Carson Fitzsimmons 5-11 G 18 pts 5 reb 1 st 1 blk


Dalton Pounds 6-4 C 8 pts 6 reb 1 st 2 blk


Walker Moreland

New Site

5-11 ’20 SG

21 pts 5 3’s 1 reb 1 st

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Bryton Smith

New Site

5-10 ’20 PG

18 pts 7 reb 9 ast 1 st

Byers vs Holly Springs

From Holly Springs HS

Holly Springs, MS

(B) Holly Springs Hawks 2-3 (3A Holly Springs, MS) 75

Byers Lions 3-2 (1A Holly Springs, MS) 57

Notes: Tyhem Reaves (6-1 ’20 G Holly Springs) looked like he couldn’t miss and it looked as if Holly Springs really needed him playing well. They looked kinda slow and sluggish on the court but when the stats were added up it looked impressive. The trio of Cori Bell (6-1 ’20 G Holly Springs), Derek Fountain (6-8 ’20 G/F Holly Springs) and Deveon Miller (6-5 ’19 F Holly Springs) looked as if they had bad nights but they were actually solid showings. Devin Moore (6-3 ’22 G Byers) is an upcoming stud for Byers. Kaderious Rhyan (5-10 ’20 G/F Byers) is one that needs to be considered for next level play also.

Holly Springs (home team)


Deveon Miller 6-5 F 13 pts 12 reb 1 ast 1 st 1 blk


Cori Bell 6-1 G 15 pts 1 reb 4 ast 3 st

Derek Fountain 6-8 G/F 11 pts 2 3’s 9 reb 3 ast 3 blk

Byers (traveled 16 miles)


Kaderious Rhyan 5-10 G/F 23 pts 12 reb 2 ast 1 blk 2 charges taken

Kendric Stephen 5-11 F 3 pts 5 reb 1 ast 1 st

Julian Moore 5-8 G 3 pts 2 reb 4 ast 2 st


Malik Glover 5-10 F 17 pts 2 reb 1 ast 5 st 1 blk


Devin Moore 6-3 G 5 pts 7 reb 3 ast 3 st 2 blk

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Tyhem Reaves

Holly Springs

6-1 ’20 G

27 pts 8 3’s 3 reb 1 ast 1 st 1 blk

The Oxford Charger Challenge

From Oxford HS

Oxford, MS

(B) Pontotoc Warriors 5-1 (4A Pontotoc, MS) 71

Oxford Chargers 3-1 (6A Oxford, MS) 69

Notes: Austin Nickson (6-3 ’20 F/C Pontotoc) snagged an offensive board off a free-throw and banged in the put back to help the Warriors win.

Oxford (home team)


Tykel Owens 6-1 G 14 pts

Kylan Blackmon 6-3 G/F 16 pts


Tristan Shorter 6-1 F 12 pts

Pontotoc (traveled 33 miles)


Kourtland Armstrong 5-8 G 10 pts 3 3’s

Manoj Nickson 5-9 G 17 pts 3 3’s


Rock Robinson 6-4 G/F 21 pts

Dajerious Scott 5-9 G 12 pts

Magnolia Hoops Player of the Game

Austin Nickson


6-3 ’20 F/C

4 pts, game winning offensive board and put back

Magnolia Hoops Fantasy Head of the Class

The best players in their respective classes that I saw during this time period based on stats.

2019: Brett Riley

6-6 F/C South Pontotoc

2020: Kaderious Rhyan

5-10 G/F Byers

2021: Malik Glover

5-10 F Byers

2022: Devin Moore

6-3 G Byers

2023: Keaton Wilkerson

Pine Grove

Magnolia Hoops Fantasy 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period based on stats.

Brett Riley

6-6 ’19 F/C South Pontotoc

Brennan Buchanan

6-2 ’19 PG Riverside

Kaderious Rhyan

5-10 ’20 G/F Byers

Bryton Smith

5-10 ’20 PG New Site

Montrelli Finley Jr

6-1 ’20 F Shaw

Magnolia Hoops Head of the Class

The best players in their respective classes that I saw during this time period based on performance.

2019: Earl Smith

6-4 PG Lanier

2020: Keondre “Dre” Montgomery

6-7 G/F Forest Hill

2021: Keshawn Brown

6-5 G Vicksburg

2022: Devin Ree

6-5 G/F Terry

2023: William Grayson

5-8 PG Yazoo City

Magnolia Hoops Starting 5

The top five players that I saw during this time period based on performance.

Earl Smith

6-4 ’19 PG Lanier

Marc “Ken” Evans Jr

6-4 ’19 PG Forest Hill

Devan Kiner

6-6 ’19 G/F Vicksburg

Xyshan Jenkins

6-5 ’19 G Clinton

Javo Thurman

6-4 ’19 G Magee

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